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Teach Me How To Kiss (1D AU)


Brynn lives in the shadow of her best friend Izzy while crushing on her classmate Louis, but she doesn't have the courage to tell him. One night she gets a taste of "college culture" and meets a guy who just might help her win her crush's heart. What's in it for him? Well, that's the best part and it might just change her mind towards who she wants in the end.

This is a One Direction rendition to a story I wrote a year ago on Watt Pad. It's a short book so I thought it would be fun and refreshing to share it here. I've been wanting to do this for a while so I hope you enjoy it. Although the story is complete, I will be posting as often as I can.


Brynn Rael

Brynn Rael

Main Character, your ordinary girl with average problems: braces, crushes and a whole lot of inexperience.

Elizabeth "Izzy" Horan

Elizabeth "Izzy" Horan

Brynn's Best friend, gorgeous and confident. Niall's younger sister.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

College hottie, laid back and enjoys surfing when not studying.

Janet Rogers

Janet Rogers

Brynn's friend

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

The Marine. Reserved yet sweet.

Lilah Brown

Lilah Brown

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

Brynn's classmate and friend.

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

Wants to be a pro surfer and has a bit of a reputation with the ladies.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

The bartender. Befriends Brynn later in the story.


  1. The Partner

    First taste of "College Culture"

  2. Kissing 101

    Brynn's first lesson

  3. Sizzling Chocolate

    An official non-date

  4. PDA

    Playing Games

  5. Speechless

    Party at the Horan's

  6. Last Friday Night

    A confusing mistake

  7. Lady And The Tramp

    A picture doesn't lie

  8. The Mess I Made

    Perception vs Reality

  9. The Red Witch

    6 months later

  10. Not Alone

    Big Getaway

  11. Second Chances

    You can either start over or ...

  12. The Birthday Girl

    Sassy Seventeen

  13. Steal Your Heart

    Feelings for two

  14. No Spark No Fire

    "I always have my heart somewhere else."

  15. Crazy Sexy Feeling

    Lust in Love

  16. Pillow Talk

    *mature content*

  17. Desperate Times

    As time goes by...

  18. Winter Break

    The power of attraction

  19. Reindeer Games

    Staying in

  20. Meet Uncle Liam

    Sergeant James Payne

  21. New Year's Kiss

    Who will it be?

  22. Call Back

    "Did he ask about me?"

  23. Date With A Marine

    To kiss or not to kiss

  24. Valentine's Day

    Surprise surprise

  25. Body Combat

    Date 6

  26. Wedding Bells

    Liam and Brynn keep getting closer

  27. Crash Into Me

    The worst timing

  28. Hot Air

    Handsome Hero

  29. Expect The Unexpected

    Two announcements

  30. Subdivisions

    The right thing to do

  31. Janet The Sitter

    Things were going great...

  32. Back Home

  33. Only One

    Too close for comfort

  34. A Different Side Of You

    Last Good Bye

  35. Crazy For You

    The end of a new beginning

  36. **We Can't Be Friends

    ** Crazy For You (1st Chapter to the Sequel)

  37. **Starting Over

    ** Crazy For You (Chapter 2)

  38. **Caught

    ** Crazy For You (Chapter 3)

  39. **I Think I'm Ready

    **Crazy For You (Chapter 4)

  40. **NYC

    ** Crazy For You (Chapter 5)

  41. **An Unsuccesful Proposal

    **Crazy For You (Chapter 6)

  42. **The Stalker

    **Crazy For You (Chapter 7)

  43. **The Journal

    **Final Update for Crazy For You sequel (till further notice)

  44. **Careful Who You Trust

    **Crazy For You (Chapter 9)


Hi, I just finished reading this story and I thinks it's amaze balls!!! But please dont tell me it's finish and ur not gonna carry on.. Coz I really need to know what's gonna happen next. Coz u left us on a cliff hanger!!
I love the story!! plzz update if u can

This is one of the most amazing stories I've ever read. I hope you come back to update soon. Thanks for sharing!

OMG!!!!!! Please update soon the suspence is killing me !!!!!!

Oooh NO! Harry! Brynn! Hope they're both okay! Can't wait to read more!

Nooooooooooo Harrrrrryyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Please don't die :,(