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All Is Not As It Seems (Harry Styles Fanfiction)


Britain and America are at war, starting the third World War.

Katie Bell is one of the youngest american agents ever.

She soon must go on a mission undercover at a school as a student. Information has leaked that the British Agency has a spy at the school, slowly worming his way inside the government but not to raise suspicion is attending a high school in Washington D.C as a teacher.

Kate Bell must stop him at all cost.

Though at school, Kate meets a student called Harry styles, a shy, clumsy and sweet guy.

Will he distract Kate enough that her enemy will find out about her and when Harry gets involved by mistake can Kate protect him from this invisible threat?

Thought Kate should of of learnt by now...All is not as it seems.


"I should have known" I whispered then giving a bitter laugh, not turning to look back, aware the gun pointing at my head, finally knowing who the spy was and knowing my death was near.

"You should have" He agreed coldly, his voice emotionless and surprisingly different, though no sympathy but no arrogance or cruel laughter either.



Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Harry is a student at the school in Washington. Both being new, Harry and Kate become fast friends. Harry is shy and caring guy, but with Kate being distracted trying to protect him, he could lead her to her demise. Accidentally of course...Right?

Kate Bell

Kate Bell

Top Secret Agent, Working for America Agency. She is confident and a great actor. Though when feelings arise inside her that she's never felt before, will she choose her head or her heart? Though choosing her heart could get her killed...

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

He is Kate's fellow Agent that comes to help her find the spy. He is work focused and quick witted, though very soon he starts acting very suspiciously....?


  1. Chapter One


  2. Chapter Two

    First Meeting

  3. Chapter Three

    At Least It Was A Start

  4. Chapter Four


  5. Chapter Five

    The Challange

  6. Chapter Six


  7. Chapter Seven

    Protective Friends


MAWAHAHAHA I get to be a secret spy YEEEEEEE-AHHHHHHH (excuse me while I party with a lampshade)

That_Pizza_Life That_Pizza_Life

Thank you, I'm so glad you like it :D :D And I know right!!! ;) And thats so cool I used to watch totally spies to! And if you want it to :)) lol :)


Omgerd i love this booookkkkkkkkkkk like SPIES HAVE ALL THE FRICKING FUN!!!!

I watched totally spies when I was younger... does that count as spy training??

That_Pizza_Life That_Pizza_Life



ur welcome :)

MimiMalik MimiMalik