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All Is Not As It Seems (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Chapter Seven

The school reopened in the next three days. Not suprisingly the mood was somber. I even saw some teachers close to tears.

Niall and I were outside in the field that was attached to the school.

I noticed Harry walking towards us, two other boys walking behind him, chatting.

He greeted us sadly "Hey, you heard what happened?"

I gave him a small smile "How could we not?"

I looked at the two boys behind him. They both looked hansome, defiantly populers I thought.
Harry introduced them "This is Louis and this is Zayn"

I stiffened at Zayns name, looking at the dark skinned boy who looked like a model. He grinned at me, flashing his perfect teeth.

"Hi" He said.

I felt Niall tense then I blurted the thing we'd both been thinking "You're british?"

Zayn reddoned slighly then, looked a little hurt but also angry, Harry scowled.

Zayn asked "Yeah, you got a promblem with that?"

Harry said frowning at me "There's no need to take that tone, his fathers American, thats why they're here. They chose to move to America, they chose America over Britain. His parants are both fighting against Britain, they're in the Army"

I made myself look sorry and apologised "Oh sorry, force of habit, you know?"

Louis told me, a little angrily "Harry told me a lot of good things about you. I didn't think you would be one of those people, who only thinks were they come from matters. His a good guy, I don't care where he comes from"

You should do, I thought grimly, thinking of the spy among us...

Niall spoke up for me "We don't! Seriously, it was just a mistake, right Kate?"

I nodded and told Zayn, making myself look sorry "Yeah, I didn't mean anything by it, sorry-"

Zayn relaxed slightly, then nodded as he said "No...Its okay, when I first came here I got a lot of hassel for it." He smiled as he said "I was so suprised when they asked me to join their group"

I frowned, I'm not I thought, looking at him. He was drop dead gorges with an accent to match. I'm sure quite a lot of the populers were drooling over him.

In school what you looked like, always seemed to matter more than where you came from and you're personality.

Harry chuckled as he said kindly "Because you're awsome, thats why"

Zayn grinned back at him.

Louis introduced himself to me. He his accent was easier to know, it was obviourse he came from this part of America.

Though to my suprise Louis said "I do come from Britain to, though I was born there then moved here before the war, when I was a baby"

Ah, that was easier to get along with.

Niall said smiling "Like me then? I was born in ireland"

Louis grinned "Hey we're brothers"

Niall chuckled.

Then the school bell rang and we had to go inside.

Harry, Louis and Zayn walked on ahead of us.

Niall groaned when they were out of ear shot "We shouldn't be getting this close to students. We're here to find the spy, not make friends!"


Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I had to focus on my grades. Hope you enjoy the chapter :)


MAWAHAHAHA I get to be a secret spy YEEEEEEE-AHHHHHHH (excuse me while I party with a lampshade)

That_Pizza_Life That_Pizza_Life

Thank you, I'm so glad you like it :D :D And I know right!!! ;) And thats so cool I used to watch totally spies to! And if you want it to :)) lol :)


Omgerd i love this booookkkkkkkkkkk like SPIES HAVE ALL THE FRICKING FUN!!!!

I watched totally spies when I was younger... does that count as spy training??

That_Pizza_Life That_Pizza_Life



ur welcome :)

MimiMalik MimiMalik