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All Is Not As It Seems (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Chapter Two

"Dam!" I cursed as I almost fell over myself when someone almost bumped into me.

"Shit, you alright?" A boys voice asked that had walked into me.

My sheets of papers fell to the floor, my brief was in that pile. The brief my agentsy had given me, concerning my mission.

Quickly I hurriedly bent down to pick up the pieces of paper, ignoring the boy in front of me.
He bent down to help me.

"Oh no, I'm fine, really" I said, scrambling over the floor to gather my things.

"Its fine, it was my fault" He said, picking up a few bits of paper,

I winced, hoping none of those files were my brief, I defiantly didn't want a student looking at them. It could put them in danger.

I stood up and looked at him to get the files from him.

My eyes widened as I looked at him, dam he was cute! He that thick, brown curly hair. Bright emreld eyes with glasses. And his smile was sheepish which made him look even more cute!
I then noticed his thick american accent.

"You from Texas?" I asked, noting my accent, like everyone that lived here was defiantly not that thick. (Relax, I know Harry isn't from Texas but there is a reason why I've swapped where he lives around, it'll come up much later in the story)

"Yeah, I got here a couple of months ago, my parents couldn't find any work intill they came here, you?"

Okay, here comes the lie, I hoped it was convincing enough "I live in Washington but my last school I went to, something happened, something nasty, I don't really want to talk about it" I said, sighing sadly, playing for the vote of sympathy.

It worked.

The boy looked warmer and his expression increased in cornern as he asked "You alright?"

"I'll be fine eveantly, it takes time, hopefully Washington will be the new start I'm looking for, I'm Kate" I said with a large smile.

"Harry" Harry said, seemingly to draw into himself more as I told him my name, looking shy.

Then I asked "I'm starting today, I'm meant to sighn in somewhere? Do you know where-"

"Yeah, you're close, just go straight down that corridor and turn right, it should be right in front of you" Harry interupted helpfully.

"Thank you, hopefully I'll see you soon" I said, glad the first person I met wasn't a douche.

Lets just say before I was hired to be a spy, I had a bad expiraince with other kids at school.

Nothing to awful but enough to be glad I didn't have to go to school again, intill now that is.



MAWAHAHAHA I get to be a secret spy YEEEEEEE-AHHHHHHH (excuse me while I party with a lampshade)

That_Pizza_Life That_Pizza_Life

Thank you, I'm so glad you like it :D :D And I know right!!! ;) And thats so cool I used to watch totally spies to! And if you want it to :)) lol :)


Omgerd i love this booookkkkkkkkkkk like SPIES HAVE ALL THE FRICKING FUN!!!!

I watched totally spies when I was younger... does that count as spy training??

That_Pizza_Life That_Pizza_Life



ur welcome :)

MimiMalik MimiMalik