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All Is Not As It Seems (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Chapter Five

"Why are you with them?" I asked Harry as in my last class, science, I was sitting next to them.
Knowing who I was talking about Harry flushed.

He shrugged as he said "One of my best freinds joined them, then I lost my temper with someone one day, a nobody or nerd never does that and they excepted me into their group, I think my former friend was behind it though"

I frowned, Harry loosing his temper with someone? I couldn't imagine that...

"I'd thank your former friend then, who is he?" I said.

Harry smiled slightly as he said "His names Louis, great guy really, his dating on of the most popular girls in school, Eleanor"

I blinked startled then gave a chuckle "Wow, the nerd falls for a populer and she returns the feelings, quite a cliche story, don't you think?'

Harry shrugged and said, smiling as he thought back to it and said "It was a couple of years ago, she would never of given him a chance though he came back one summer and puberty did him loads of favours including for her to notice him finally, then they went on a date and boom, almost never seen apart since"

"Harry, who's come here this year?" I asked him. Trying to get some more information about my suspects.

"One of my friends has, Zayn and Mr Horgans newish, why?" He asked curiously.

I shrugged "No reason"

Harry chuckled "Right..."

"What?" I asked, pretending to be hurt.

Harry said with a smile "You're a bit of a mystery aren't you?"

I said teasingly "Maybe, do you like mystery?"

Harry said just as teasingly, I'm not sure where his confidence had come from "Maybe, I'll look forward to be figuring you out"

Half of me couldn't believe I was flirting with him but hey, if he has useful information whatever works right?

I said with a teasing smirk as the bell rang "I bet you won't be able to"

I quickly left before I heard Harry say after me jokingly "I'll take that as a challenge"



MAWAHAHAHA I get to be a secret spy YEEEEEEE-AHHHHHHH (excuse me while I party with a lampshade)

That_Pizza_Life That_Pizza_Life

Thank you, I'm so glad you like it :D :D And I know right!!! ;) And thats so cool I used to watch totally spies to! And if you want it to :)) lol :)


Omgerd i love this booookkkkkkkkkkk like SPIES HAVE ALL THE FRICKING FUN!!!!

I watched totally spies when I was younger... does that count as spy training??

That_Pizza_Life That_Pizza_Life



ur welcome :)

MimiMalik MimiMalik