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Story Reviews


For a review comment down below the name of your book, and I'll give you a review!

**********************PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU MAKE A REVIEW***********************
You can't request more than one story at a time. Once you're first review is up you can request another one. If you request more than one story I will review the first one in the list.

Click the first chapter if you would like to see the grading scale and layout!

I'm gonna be pretty honest so if you're super sensitive, then bye.

Perla1D: Dangerous
Loganparis283: All's fair in love, war, and life
Lovem: Knockout
Miracle_Monet: Dare to Love
Simply Perfect: Who is it going to be?
Amber Lucore: 30 Days to Die
Savanna and Niall: I knew it was true
Zaynlove: Visiting Hours
Allessandra: Dream
on wattpad ~ sosCrazy:Michi Rosemary
Toughlove101: Midnight
PVRIS: Resolution
Liv_for_payne: Cross Country
Aaliyah_Styles: Living in the past
MCAL5SOS_Micheal is mine_: Crime Scene
Harrygirl13: Never is a Promise
esmiestyles: B.U.L.L.I.E.D
FuTuRe_Ms_HoRaN!: The lucky one
OneDfanfiction: Distinction
jaymeeee xxx: Everything you do is magic
iceskatez: In a heartbeat
Luke's Bae: New Beginnings
Miss Direction: My little secret
punkrock: Black and White
Born_To_Die: The Vampire Diaries
CaitlyncX: Through the Dark with You
sammie_1d_fan: Starting Ever After
HeLooksSoPerfect: We Can Make it Out Alive
kkgal14: Picture Perfect
authenticbeing: School Affairs
Niallers Nandos: My Summer Love
AshtonIsBae: The Only Reason
MichaelsBabe1914: Everything I Didn't Say
Arobrxin: Girl
XSmallGirlBigDreamsX: Love in Denial
Lukesgirl_forever: The Summer Memory
Briana.Horan: Love Will Remember
SageShadows: It's Okay, I Promise
Im Here!: The Best of Friends.
PunkRainbows: Stockholm Syndrome
One Direction 101: Human Monster
LouiGirl: New Love
Luke's my penguin: How You Changed My Life
Sam.Andrews: Rivals
Joslyn hemmings: Perks of Being a Hood
MikeyAndScrubs: Go Away
Elicia_Felix: Boy Meets Girl
luke's-one-and-only: Love at First Sight
BEEbeautiful: Save Me


  1. Grading scale and layout!

  2. "Things I can't forget" Review

    for: XxNataliaxX

  3. "THE DEATH OF ME" Review

    for: raylee

  4. "Cambridge" Review

    for One_Direction_Infection

  5. "30 Days to Die" Review

    for: DrowningButBreathing

  6. "Ribs" Review

    for: mattyOMG

  7. "One Direction and the Creators of Horn" Review

    for: Piper charms

  8. "His or Mine?" Review

    for: Missesonedirection94

  9. "Stripper Secrets" Review

    for: the girl next door

  10. "Fallen Angels" Review

    for: MCAL5SOS_Micheal is mine_

  11. "Alter" Review

    for: wonderful .

  12. "Plunge" Review

    for: A girl with a dream

  13. "The Hitman" Review

    for: Or Nah...Zayn

  14. "Good Enough" Review

    for: Darcie.Niall.Horan

  15. "Love at First Type" Review

    for: ThatRandomUnicorn

  16. "Hired for Harry" Review

    for: AyeeeBriii

  17. "Just a Weekend?" Review

    for: BellaRooney

  18. "Keep Holding On" Review

    for: Kay_Baby

  19. "Are You Sure?" Review

    For: BellaRooney

  20. "Will I Ever See You Again?" Review





omg my story is the first on the list ahhhh :3

Perla1D Perla1D

Cool Thanks

I'll remove it when I get the chance :)

JordynHoran JordynHoran

wow thanks for asking for someone to review my story I was actually looking for one and I saw my name at the bottom of the list and was like woah

but your name is attached and it looks like your a coauthor and it kinda bugs me don't mean to sound rude tho

Can u review a story called save me by @BEEbeautiful