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Blood Angels


Heart Breaker.

Having to spill coffee on the guy at the coffee shop against her will. If she wanted her family to live, She had to follow these directions:

1) Spill coffee on a guy

2) Have him ask you for your number/ vice versa

3) Go on dates

4) Have a relationship. Have him fall in love with you.

5) You absolutely cannot fall in love with him

6) Have sexual intercourse

7) Find away to get him into the creepy ware house, where the scientist that keeps your family in

8) Leave the boy at the warehouse with the scientist

9) Do not come back

10) One day later you get your family and forget about the boy

11) Tell no one

Who would know that boy would be in the hottest, most popular boyband in the world, One Direction?

And Cassidy Sparrow isn't very good with directions.

Why did her bestfriend not let her stay after Midnight?

When she asks why, why won't her friend answer?

Do monsters exist?

Do angels protect?

Can angels shed blood?

Do demons possess?

What is she?

What is Niall?

Why does the Dr. want Niall?

Why does the Dr. need her?

Cassidy isn't afraid of the dark, but she should be. Read as Cassidy tries to survive the horrors from Demons to Fallen angels, Vampires to WereWolfs.

Will she survive?

Find out in Blood Angels.


Aalayla Sweete

Aalayla Sweete

The daughter of Cupid, Cassidy's best friend even though Cassidy doesn't know that Aalayla isn't who she says she is. Cassidy thinks Aalayla is mortal. Not so sweet, protects her friend at all matters. Keeps Cassidy from seeing the Dark world. Being the daughter of Cupid, she is a player. 19 years old and Lloyd's the colors purple and red. Disobeys her father multiple times and takes advantage of her powers of making people fall in love.

Ariana Sweete

Ariana Sweete

Aalayla Sweete's sister, more of a friend to Cassidy. 20 years old, has the power to minipulate ANY emotion, not only love. More responsible than Aalayla

Cassidy Sparrow

Cassidy Sparrow

Main character, Is 20 years old, is or is not a creature from the dark world, unknown, her family is kidnapped, except for her, now she needs to build a relationship with Nuall and bring him back the the Dr. to save her family. She is very shy, but competitive, loves sleep and is the bestfriend of Ariana Sweete, Aalayla Sweete, her sister Melody Sparrow, and Zayn Malik.

Christian Pebble

Christian Pebble

Cassidy's ex-boyfriend, a angel of sorts, used to be her boyfriend until she left, now he is a fallen angel; in training to be a demon

Melody Sparrow

Melody Sparrow

Cassidy Sparrow's kidnapped sister. Likes rainbows and guns.

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

1/5 of the hottest boyband in the world... The victim of the Dr. and Cassidy Sparrow. some sort of a creature from the dark world?

The Dr.

The Dr.

Responsible for Cassidy's family getting kidnapped and is trying to get Niall Horan. Using Cassidy to get him.

Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson

Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson

The boys you all love... 4/5 of The hottest boyband in the world! each individual types of creatures from the dark world.



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