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Blood Angels

Zayn The B*tch

We walked around the restraunt until we found a seat.

"How the fuck did you do that!" I gaped.

"Im Niall Horan." he said proudly.

"And Im Cassidy Sparrow, nice to meet ya," I shook his hand.

"You really don't know who I am?" He whispered.


"Im in a really famous band, One Direction."

"You are?!!!" I gaped.

"Yes???" He said uncertain. I glared at the window and stood up from my seat.

"Im going to the bathroom." I walked in the bathroom and balled my eyes out.

"Are you alright?" I heard. I kicked open the stall I was in to see Aalayla.

"M-my o-I-old friend Z-Zayn M-Mal-l-Malik dumped m-me f-f-for th-t-the e-X-Factor years a-ago and I m-m-miss him and about a m-month a-ago I realized h-he was I-in a bandd. One week l-later I went t-to a auto-g-graph sign-ning and he d-didn't even recognize me! T-then me SENT SECURITY ON ME!" I cried I front of Aalayla. Aalayla and I worked here. I dried it up, in embarrassed about my little out burst, fixing my makeup, then walking oh the bathroom, after thanking Aalayla for listening. Zayn is a real bastard.

I walked to the table to see Niall, worried. It was so cute, he thought I left. I scared him by playfully missing him on the cheek. He jumped and I laughed.

"Got ya," I smiled.

"I ordered for you, hope you like it." He said nervously. I tried it and I 'Mmmmmmm'ed.

"This is so good." I smiled. "You know Zayn?"


"Well we used to be friends."

"Oh my gosh! Come to my flat with me an see him again!"

"That's the thing, he doesn't remember me. I saw him once, claiming he was my best friend and he called security on me."

"That was you!"


"You tried to punch him!" Oops, forgot about that.

"I was mad he forgot me! He knew me since I was born!"

"Oh, I didn't know Zayn could be so mean."


"Do you have a picture of you and him?"

"Yea, on my on my phone." He picked me up and carried me out of the restaurant.

"What the hell!"

"You need to see him!"


After we got to his flat, I was so nervous. I am not going to handle being rejected again.

"Zayn!" Niall yelled.

"Yea?" Zayn came down the stairs. Niall shoved me at Zayn and Zayn looked confused. Niall shover a picture from m phone of Zayn and I.

"How did you get my phone!" I yelled.

"Well, with your arse right in my face when I was carrying you, it wasn't hard to find." He smirked.

"Cassidy?" Zayn warily asked.

"Yea bastard?" I asked angered.

"I am so so-"

"Shove it." Then I stormed out his house.


Yeps, Zayn is such an arse in this chapter. Next chapter Cassidy will find out about the Dark World.


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