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Blood Angels

My Hero

I woke up the next morning, in My roommates & I's house, with a major headache. Shit. I walked down the hall to see Ariana, my roommate, making eggs.

"Hi," I mumbled, grabbing some Captin' Crunch.

"What crawled up your ass?" She asked.

"More like in my brain," I mumbled and poured milk in a bowl.

"Oh, here," she handed me two pills and a water. I drank it up and ate my cereal.

"What time is it?"

"About 11:00,"

"What!!! Why did you have cereal!"

"Bitch please, this is my lunch, and just because I usually have breakfast early, doesn't mean I can't eat it late." she slurped her cereal. Ugh.I shook my head and walked upstairs. I put a white tanktop with a peach lace shirt over it, with black skinny jeans and some jean blue combat boots on the sink and stepped in the shower.

I got dressed, then adding some natural makeup and a small catipillar bun in my hair. I stomped down the stairs, walking out the door. I stepped in my yellow slug bug:


Driving to work, I jammed to my favorite song, Timber by Ke$ha.

"Timberrrrrrrr!" I pulled in my work; Nandos, to meet my ex-boyfriend. Shit. I didn't need this today. I walked fast to pass him, then he dragged me to the side of the restraunt. He gripped my arms an pushed me on the wall. He stroked my cheek before attacking my neck. Not. Another. Hickie. At. Work. I tried to pull away, no use. He started at my shirt until I heard a faint voice.

"Stop that bastard!" I opened my eyes to see the boy at Starbucks, knock Christian over the head. Holy Hell. I staggered back, trying to click the pieces in my slow mind. He saved me.

"Thank you!" I jumped a hug at him and he hugged back, smiling.

"Your welcome." I pulled back smiling as he asked," What about that date here?"

"Who said anything about a date?" He then blushed and I playfully punched his arm."Just kidding, but I have work." I pulled away and he grabbed my arm.

"I can work around that." He dragged me into the restraunt, then seeing my boss.

"Can she have work off today?" He asked.

"No," she said, before looking up. He pulled her bin up then she smiled at him.

"Of course, would you like a table here? A booth and a window are available?"

"That would be great," What the fuck just happened.




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