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Blood Angels


Cassidy's POV
"I-I don't think I can do it, Ariana!" I pulled my hair and looked at her.

"It's your decision. Your family or the boy." She looked at me.

"I guess I have to do it." My family was taken by someone and they refused to five them back unless I bring back some boy, and I'm going to find out who. I walked out her house and snatched the note from my pocket. I read it and gasped.

Ha ha! I see you have decided to save your family! Well, the boy you need is a boy with blue eyes and beach blonde hair. Meet you there!


Ugh! I crumpled the note and threw it on the side walk. Fuck this! I zipped up my leather jacket and put my hair in a bun. Lets do this. I crossed the street, checking my surroundings, then going on the block that Starbucks is on. I slow walked there, not wanting this to happen. How am I gonna get his number? I'm not even slightly cute!

I walked in the little shop, ordering two coffee's for me. A regular coffee and a Grande Cappuccino. I ordered two because I plan on actually having a coffee.

I turned around to see the blonde boy walking in. I swiftly turned back around to the cash register, gripping my regular coffee. I felt a tap on my shoulder as I sipped the regular coffee. I spun around, to have my coffee collide with his new shirt.

"Shit! Let me help you," I dabbed his shirt with my napkin and he laughed.

"It's not gonna come out." He said, looking at me.

"I am sooo sorry! Let me buy you another shirt," I handed him two twenties, not knowing how much the shirt cost.

"No no no, I didn't even like the shirt, and I'm pretty sure I'm pretty cape able of buying my own shirt with my own money," He gave me back the money. I smiled and gave it to him.

"No no, here,"

"No, what about you give me your number and we'll be even." He shoved back the money. That was easy.I looked at the clock, almost time for work.

"Here, I gotta go to work." I wrote my number quickly on the napkin and shoved it in his shirt pocket. I waved bye and ushered out the door. That was easy, almost to easy. That was so cliché. I don't even want him to have my goddamned number. But someone did.


I walked in my parents house, with a opened door.

"Weird," I muttered.

"Honey! I'm home!" I yelled childish. No one here. Now this is freaky. I walked the house to see a note on the kitchen table. I looked at it and my moth dropped.

Well, lets cut to the chase. I took your family. Don't call the cops either, bitch, because Melody looks like she needs some help. I need you to seduse a boy, then bring him to me. Meet at a coffee shop, the cliché way and get his number. If you choose to not do this, you and your family will pay. Yay! You will get a note in your purse or something with a good luck note if you choose to do it. After you do it if you choose to do it, relax until you get another note. An do exactly what I say. Or else.


I dropped to the floor and sobbed. Shit. What am I gonna do?


This is my first story... Tell me if you like the idea of it or just like it!


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