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Pages Of Pretend


Sophia is an innocent girl who always dreamed of becoming an actress so when the opportunity comes she doesn't need to think twice until she meets her co-star, the heartthrob Harry Styles from the infamous band One Direction.

Harry was questioned by management to clear his image by releasing a movie to prove he's not the womanizer everyone thinks he is.

So when they spend everyday together pretending to be in love, it's hard not be fall for real.

Unfortunately, from the beginning they signed a contract which restrictively says they CANNOT fall in love in real life...

Oh well... there's only a thin line between fiction and reality.


Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Management told Harry to make a romantic movie to prove he's not the womanizer everyone thinks he is. What he didn't expect was the movie to turn into real life.

Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis

Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis

Will keep making music and support each others like brothers no matter what.

Miranda Rodriguez

Miranda Rodriguez

She's the woman behind the action, director of the movie. Forbides Harry and Sophia to have a real love. In fact what she wants is Harry for herself.

Nate Miller

Nate Miller

Nate is a very wealthy and influent man in politics currently working in the UK. He's the one who launches Sophia's career in London and who also hired Miranda to keep an eye on his naive daughter. Yup, Nate is Sophia's father.

Sophia Miller

Sophia Miller

Sophia always dreamed of becoming an actress. What she didn't expect was to launch her career in a movie with a boyband's heartthrob. Her father is very rigid and rarely allows her to do anything by herself without someone to watch her.





Good to hear!!! :)

I will, don't worry! ;) I've just been reallyyy busy, I'll update as soon as I can!!

DreamLand DreamLand

I've been reading this for so long! I love it! Please, carry on with this story! xo

Love it!

camryn_malik1 camryn_malik1