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Liam POV

We had to sit down there for ages until she came out of the bathroom and went downstairs to watch the music channel we just sat looking at each other, i mean i know he has to do what daddy tells him too because he wants his father to like him but still not trusting me is a bit far.

After all he was the one that left me to rot in hell, yes you got that correct. Louis Tomlinson is not what he seems to be, being a count he reckons he rules you sorry arses he might do but he dont rule mine.

"How could you?"

He looked at me, his one eyebrow rose and looked at me confused.

"How could i what?"

I leaned against the wall and crossed my arms, oh he knew i was pissed off. Harry used to say it was my face that gave it away if i was pissed off and Zayn used say that i was a completely ass for being mad. Louis' eyes went red with anger.

"You know what i mean! How could you left me all alone? You knew i needed your help and you just walked out like i was not good for you"

Louis leaned forward so his elbows was on his knees.

"How could i stayed with you? Why should i?"

I standed up, he stood up at the same time. Our heights was always different i was always taller then him by a mile, Louis was short but not so short to be classed as a child. I pushed him and he landed on the wall, he was really angry now and that was my plan.

"You walked out on me because i told you that i fell for you!"


I saw those blue eyes and thought of nothing but them, he was beautiful and i guess i couldnt help myself but to say what i thought. He did help me from being killed by his father and teached me to be scary, i wanted to repay the same debt.


He looked at me and smiled, the fangs wasnt showing but them white teeth shown all. He wasnt evil or cunning, just a huge teddy bear which i loved.

"Yes Liam"

Then all the sudden it slipped out, i knew i lost him.


His eyes suddenly changed and he saw me coming towards him, i wanted to kiss him right there but he pushed me away. The last thing i remember was when he said he never felt that way about me, saying that he loved me like a brother but not a lover. Then he walked out the door.

"Louis? Please come back"


Louis POV

I knew one day he would bring this back up again, i wanted to sort it out of course but i dont feel that way for him. At the moment my eyes are set on that girl not him, he saw it and grabbed my clothes pulling me up the stairs onto the hall.

"Liam what are you doing? Your gonna wake her up"

He pulled me up to the bedroom and pushed me right at the door, he stood me infront of her. Thank god she was still asleep. Liam pushed me up the wall again.

"So you got your slimy eyes on her?"

How did he knew? Of course it was earlyer when she was getting changed infront of us. Please i didnt want this to happen and then she woke. She looked where we was and was going to turn on the light but Liam pushed her and she landed on the bed.

She was scared and so was i!


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What the fuck is wrong with Liam?


Grammar and spelling are NECCISSARY.

Thank you ;-) ;-)


I really like this story

Hello1Dkitty Hello1Dkitty
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@Sami's Babe Phillip
It should be on PC