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Echo into pain

Isla got home from school that day, little did she knew there was two monsters in her house. One in her wardrobe and the other in the basement. She was alone like she always was on a school day, her father was at work making his millions and mother somewhere 20 miles away working. Only her sister Julia was supose to be here but when she was walking to school this morning Julia went to her

"Im stopping at Ryans tonight ok? Dont tell mom and dad".

Julia always stopped at Ryans if her parents was away, Isla never wanted to know what happened to her. She walked up the steps and got the keys out of her jacket, she placed the key in the hole and turned it. Everything was quiet and downstairs in the basement Louis just woke up by the noise, he stood up and heard the door shut.

Walking up the basement stairs he opened the door to see what it was and it was her.. the girl who Liam was to scare, Louis looked at her from head to toe and saw the beauty. Her golden tanned legs, her long brown hair trailing down her back and them green eyes. Louis thought she was a work of art. He shut the door again and went back down the steps, he couldnt stop thinking about her it was crazy.

Isla shut the door and toke off her jacket placing it on the hook, her burberry bag was put on top of the draw with had everything on it. She ran into the living room and turned on the TV, she kept changing it until she found the MTV channel, it was the best music channel to her and when her parents are around they dont let her have it on because they always have guests around like nearly everyday. But today it was just her, the TV and the fridge.

She started dancing to the music and went up the stairs to her bedroom, she pushed open the door and it swung open with a BANG, kicking off her black shoes and loosing her tie from around her neck. All this noise woke up Liam, he shook his head and stepped out of the empty space behind the wall to see her. He stood still and watched her singing, dancing around the bed.

He stood off closed his eyes... Just then Louis couldnt stop thinking about her and went upstairs to the hall, he looked around and saw she was gone then her heard banging from up the stairs. Louis walked up to find she was in her bedroom, he saw Liam and Liam saw him. Oh crap!. Louis walked into the bedroom and Liam grabbed him pulling him into a corner so Isla doesnt know they are there, Liam looked at him.

"What are you doing here?! Trying to ruin me, hoping i would get killed".

Louis looked at him.

"No! You idiot, my father doesnt trust you and he sent me so you dont get into trouble with this girl".

Just as the boys looked at her she was stripping her clothes off, Louis' eyes wided and Liams too. First the tights came off, then the blouse and the skirt until she was left in her bra and pants. Liams breathing started to quicken, Louis looked down to see a tent in his boxers. They didnt know what to do.

Oh she was hot, so fucking hot, so slim, so tanned. Louis wanted to destroy her on the spot, Liam wanted ram her up the wall. They had to walk out now or they would ruin her to much, they would kill her anyway. Liam pushed Louis towards the door but Louis tripped on something and went into the door. BANG!.

Isla turned around to face the door, she couldnt see them but she could hear them. She quickly put on her jeans and top, still looking at the door and Liam put his hand over Louis' mouth to stop him from breathing because she would hear, she couldnt hear Liam though cause he was dead but Louis was still very much alive.

Then when Isla walked into her bathroom Liam moved his hand and pushed Louis quickly out of the door, they rushed downstairs and went into the basement. Liam was mad.

"Why the fuck did you follow me?".

Louis looked back at him.

"You think i wanted to do this? I have no choice Liam".

Daddy must of told him to come and follow me, Louis always does what Daddy tells him too, always has done. Nothing has changed then in the last 100 years, still following his fathers rules.

"I know we dont see eye to eye anymore Liam but i still care about you, your my best friend. The only one who understood me and you know i was the one of stick up for you!".

Its true, when Liam was called to the castle once it was because he had shown his face to a human and was sentenced to death but Louis stopped them from killing him and said he would train him up himself to make Liam stronger.

So what are they going to do about this girl then, how will they scare her?


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Grammar and spelling are NECCISSARY.

Thank you ;-) ;-)


I really like this story

Hello1Dkitty Hello1Dkitty
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@Sami's Babe Phillip
It should be on PC