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Im currently working on my new fanfiction called 'Dollhouse' and its based on a true story, its a love triangle, there's a saga to it 'Forever always, For eternity' and if you want to know more you better read it.

I am currently mad on 5SOS, One Direction.

Just enjoy my blog and the fanfics 'In our true words saga', 'I hate that i love you' and 'Dollhouse :) the sequel to it 'Forever always, for eternity'. Gonna start a new story soon called '13 going 30'.

My song list:-!
-She looks so perfect by 5SOS
-Diana by One Direction
-***Flawless by Beyonce
-Roc me out by Rihanna
-Pretty hurts by Beyonce
-You and I by One Direction
-Come and get it dupstep by Jump smokers

P.S. this is the only way to get my points across. so yeah..
P.S.S. If you need songs to listen to or advice I'm here.

Message me over kik: elmo1499 or even snapchat: ELMO1499 or twitter:@SparkyEllie and of course Tumblr: mrs-sparky-direction or misselioliver

♥Niall James Horan
♥Louis William Tomlinson
♥ Harry Edward Styles
♥Liam James Payne
♥Zayn Javaad Malik


Dollhouse saga; "Forever always, For eternity "

Dollhouse saga; "Forever always, For eternity "

NC-17 Romance Drama Horror

Isla James won the soul of the Count Louis Tomlinson and Victorian ghost boy Liam Payne. They fight over the one they love and suffering is caused, but will they make it together?. (heartbreak, sm*t, violence, rape). (SLOW UPDATES)


10.0 34 Votes
In Our True Words - Young

In Our True Words - Young

NC-17 Romance Drama Teen

Part of 'In our true words saga'. When One Direction met Sparky and things changed alot! But no one said fame was going to be eazy!


9.8 15 Votes


NC-17 Romance Mystery Horror

When a young girl gets a dollhouse. Someone haunts her. Someone warns her. Someone falls in love. But who are the extra 2 figures?(Contains; sm*t, Rape, Murder, Horror, Killing)


Completed ✓
9.9 85 Votes
In Our True Words  - Take Me Home Album!

In Our True Words - Take Me Home Album!

NC-17 Romance Adventure Tragedy

They are now together and now moving on in there life. Join Sparky, Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall and Liam on there new journey to find fame as a couple.


Completed ✓
9.9 9 Votes