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"Now you know"

What was Liam thinking? As he held Louis infront of Isla she didnt know what to do apart from try and hid under the covers, but Liam kept pulling them back. He was scaring both of them, Louis the most because he was under his grip, he wished this was over and done with.

Isla looked up at the ceiling but seeing nothing, Louis then felt something passed his area he looked down to find Liams hand covering it. He wanted to melt in Liams arms but he couldnt Isla was infront of him, Louis got pushed on the bed on top of Isla. She was going to scream but Louis' hand cover her mouth, he obeyed Liams comman.

"Be a slut and strip her!"

Louis removed his hand and whispered into Isla's ear, even though she couldnt see him, she could hear him.

"Im sorry.. Please forgive me?"

Louis' hands went over her body and pulled off her Pj top and then her trousers to reveal her fine body, She started panting even though, she was scared, she wanted more. Liam looked at him and saw that ass he fell in love, he slapped it and Louis moaned.

"Shut it slut!"

Louis found away of forgeting what was happening to him and started kissing Isla, she didnt know who he was or is but she kissed him back. Louis felt a cold breeze hit his ass, he was now naked from head to toe.

So was Isla and he looked behind and saw Liams body, he shook his head when he saw the thing that was going to destroy him. Louis felt his ass scream for help but what could he do Liam was going to wreak it, Isla holded onto Louis' shoulders.

She pulled Louis on top of her and so Liam followed, he leaned past Louis brushing his cheek and place a kiss on Isla's lips then she knew there were two of them. Liam looked down Louis' back and found that ass, he travelled down his back, kissing his spine until he reach his pink hole licking over it once.

Louis moaned at the feeling, Isla's hand followed the wet trail to Liams head and gripped onto the short strains of hair. Louis and Isla kissed each other as Liam was wreaking Louis' ass, Liams hand found Isla's leg and began stroking it softly like a kitten, his face was still in Louis' ass cheeks.

Once Liam had finished he crawled back up to become level with them, Liam looked at Louis and he kissed him. Louis kissed Liam.

After so long Liam finally got that kiss he wanted.


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I really like this story

Hello1Dkitty Hello1Dkitty
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It should be on PC