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"Now you know" PT2

Isla POV

What was happening to me? Why have i got two boys on top of me, one must be gay because he is shagging the one that told me not to panik. How can you not worry? I cant see them only feel them so that tells me there dead.

The boy that was on top of me was so sweet, he whispered things in my ear that makes me melt inside, hey i dont know how old they are and why i am giving myself up?. The boy on top of me started to moan and i looked but saw nothing, then i felt moving on the bed and him rubbing himself against me.

If there was two of them why can i only hear the one?

Liam POV

Oh shit! He is so beautiful and hot and... Oh my god. He was so tight and warm, i grabbed his shoulder moving him quicker until the bed was squeaky and the friction was un-believeable. Fuck he was good. I just wanted to know what her face was like now and i looked still thrusting inside Louis.

I looked to see his hand in hers, Louis' face was on her chest, kissing her, leaving her hickeys and lovebites. But not a proper bite. I leaned forward to his ear.

"Put this sexy thing inside her"

I felt the shudder and goosebumps covering his body, he turned to look at me and he just nodded. I pecked his lips and he just went down towards her, she felt him near and reach to grab him.

He must of said something because she nodded or agreed.

Louis POV

She agreed with me told me if it was to calm Liam down she would do it, she was so brave and truthfully i never wanted to make love to her like this. Liam still moved inside of me so it was hard to not groan or moan to the feeling, she moved her hand down her chest to my dick. How did she knew where it was? When i felt the grip, i just moaned, i was filling up badly and i needed to get rid of the pain.

Next thing i knew i was pounding into her body, she was screaming, such beautiful music to my ear. So wet and hot, i grabbed onto her hands and she smiled. She smiled at me and all i could do at the moment was to kiss her, then i had Liam pounding in my ass and that made me closer to cumming, i needed to cum now.

"Im going.. cum!"

I knew she was close i could see it in her face, Liam was close as well. They we all just let loose of everything we had, i felt Liam's cum run down ass and felt it fill me up. I felt myself fill her up. Liam leaned forward to me.

"Now you know"


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Grammar and spelling are NECCISSARY.

Thank you ;-) ;-)


I really like this story

Hello1Dkitty Hello1Dkitty
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@Sami's Babe Phillip
It should be on PC