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Nice to meet you

Louis POV

Ever since last night its been werid and Liam hasnt spoke to me since, the girl is in pain but she fell asleep once i got off her. Liam went back in the wardrobe and i had to get her to sleep, she looked up to find my hand which was on her cheek.

She fell suddenly to sleep and just watching her eyes shut, there wasnt no pain but lust and hope. I stroked her hair to came her and it made her even sleepy, there was one thing she needed to say.

"What are your names?"

She knew there was two of us, well of course she would, i mean she felt Liam as well. I kissed her once and looked back at her.

"My name is Count Louis Tomlinson, the other one is Liam Payne. Whats yours?".

Her eyes were closing and i thought i should leave it at that because i could always find out tomorrow morning, but she wanted to talk even though she was in such pain.

"Isla, Isla James"

What a pretty name for such and beautiful girl, she is so sexy at the moment and i know that she cant breath properly cause ive fucked her a bit to hard but she wanted to talk.

"So are you a..."

I put my finger on her mouth and she looked up at me, or trying to find me.

"Shhh come on, leave 21 questions until the morning. We are both tired and we have a busy day tomorrow."

She nodded and i removed my finger, i didnt think of it much but i crawled in bed with her, i just lifted the covers up and she moved across. Covering us both with the fibble blanket, she shuggled up to my chest and then she knew.

"Your a vampire?"

I looked at her even thought she couldnt really see me.

"Dracula not vampire, we are two different kinds"

Then i heard Liam, he came out of the wardrobe and looked down at me. He saw my arm around her body, then Isla whispered in my ear.

"He can join if he wants"

Liam can hear Isla but not talk to her because she wouldnt hear, Liam is dead like slient and im half so i can still talk to people nomarl.

"Come on mate, she said you can join"

I saw a smile rise to Liams face, he jumped over us and lay the other side. Isla turned a bit and hugged him, Liam hasnt felt like this in ages and you could tell. He just lay on her chest and she hugged him to her.

We was still all night, i did fell asleep and when i woke in the night i saw that Liam had also fell asleep, ghosts never sleep but Liam did.

Nice to meet you at last Isla James.


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Grammar and spelling are NECCISSARY.

Thank you ;-) ;-)


I really like this story

Hello1Dkitty Hello1Dkitty
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@Sami's Babe Phillip
It should be on PC