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Behind Closed Doors {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 7


Arriving at the airport, Louis takes my hand in his, kissing the back of it softly. We won't be able to speak to each other until we arrive at Heathrow after last night. Management has already called, yelling furiously through the phone. They sent a detailed email of instructions, forbidding us from touching, speaking or looking at each other at the airport. I know that the airport will be flooded with paparazzi but I could never expect what we see when we pull up.

"I love you, Lou. See you on the other side."

He nods back at me, not in an aggravated way, just shocked at what is in front of us. A mob. Fans and paparazzi alike crowd the airport doors, forcing security to push people out of the way so that it's even possible for us to walk through. Liam stepped out first, followed by me, then Zayn and Niall and lastly, Louis.

"Harry, is it true that you and Louis came out?"

"Louis! Are you two fighting now?"


We stay close and quickly pace to the doors, entering to more people being shoved aside by security. Once we enter a private security check, things finally calm down. I can't wait to get home and lock ourselves in my flat for a week. My favorite part of negative publicity like this is the hiding process. The worst part was the 'social with new, random girls' phase that directly follows. It's the same every time. We disappear for a week. We reappear, seeming to forget the other's existence, while I'm set up with models, painted as a womanizer, and Louis spends every waking moment with Eleanor. After about three weeks of that, things calm down a bit. I have a feeling that this process is going to be a lot longer. It's been a long time since something this monumental has happened and Modest wasn't going to take it with a grain of salt. I honestly don't know what is going to happen. We finally get on the plane and take our sits; I'm glad I'm sitting with Liam if it can't be Louis.

"Liam, this is such a fucking mess. What's going to happen?"

"Probably the same as usual.... times 10."

"That's what I'm afraid of. Why can't they just let us come out. Did you see one person outside the airport putting down the idea? No, nobody. Sure, we would have some non-supporters but most of our fans would be supportive if it came straight from us!"

"I know, Harry. I don't get it either. The amount of time you guys have been fighting them on this, you would think they would just give in already. Louis is so stubborn, too; It really surprises me that they haven't budged."

I sigh and look past Liam and Louis. He is blankly staring out the window, probably angrily wishing I was next to him, Niall already talking his ear off. As we sit on the plane, awaiting information on take-off, I pull my phone out of my pocket with one email and one new message.

From: Modest!
To: Harry Styles; Louis Tomlinson; Zayn Malik; Liam Payne; Niall Horan; Eleanor Calder; Simon Cowell
CC: Jason Parrish
Subject: Mandatory emergency meeting

Dear recipients,

This email is to inform you of a mandatory meeting to discuss the events of last night. As soon as you land, you will be taken to our offices to discuss a plan to fix everything that has gone on. This will be a group effort so you all need to be there. Eleanor will meet you guys there instead of the pre-arranged airport meeting. A car will get you from your house, Ms. Calder. There will be absolutely NO posting on social network sites until after your meeting with Mr. Parrish and a committee of his peers. Action will be taken immediately, so prepare for sudden changes in schedules. We look forward to seeing you!

Karen Marsh
Executive Assistant of Jason Parrish
Modest! Management



"Check your email, guys," I say a little louder so that they can all hear.

Within moments, I hear moans and sighs from all of the guys.

"Fucking assholes," Louis exclaims, dropping his phone onto his lap and resting his face in his hands. I want to hold him so badly but I'm restrained on the other side of the plane.

The message on my phone is from my mum, just telling me to have a safe flight and that she hopes this will all blow over soon. I create a new message to Louis.

*We're going to make it through this. I promise, as soon as we leave that office, we will take a bath and watch movies all night. Just try to contain yourself at the meeting. I love you.*

I hear his phone beep, notifying him of a message and watch his face as he opens it. He glances at me, finally smiling for the first time today before typing back. When my phone vibrates, I open the message quickly.

*I know. They just make me so angry. Why should they be able to tell us who to love? But, I will behave... only so you'll fulfill that promise. I love you more.*

I look up and he's still looking at me, waiting for my reaction. I wink at him and blow him a small kiss.

"Okay, passengers, welcome aboard flight 1567 with direct service to Heathrow airport. We will be taking off in about ten minutes so please give the Amber your undivided attention as she reviews safety procedures. Thank you for flying British Airways, enjoy your flight."

When the nasally voice is no longer over the speakers, I buckle my seat belt and pull out a crossword puzzle that I bought at an airport before a previous flight. I try so hard to pay attention, but my mind is filled with our upcoming meeting. What the hell are they going to do this time?

When we reach the car, even more paparazzi are gathered, trying to get some information from us. We all walk, completely focused on getting into the awaiting car. Finally getting inside, the driver silently pulls away, heading downtown. I lay my head on Louis' shoulder, so glad to be next to him once again. He puts one arm around me, running his fingers through my curls, kissing my forehead.

When we pull up to the offices, I pull myself off of Louis, ready to push through even more crowds separately. Once we make it inside, Eleanor is waiting anxiously, standing up from the lounge chair when we arrive, immediately embracing Louis, followed by me and the rest of the guys.

"Mr. Parrish will see you now."

Karen points toward the elevator, irritably, and we reluctantly follow her direction. Walking into Jason's conference room, I notice 5 men sitting on one side of the table, Simon on the end of it, leaving room for us all on the other side.

"Please, have a seat."

Jason motions for us to sit on the empty side of the table, Louis and I sitting close to him, Eleanor next to Louis, and Zayn, Niall and Liam on the other side of her. This was obviously about Louis and I so we were meant to sit front and center.

"We all know what this is about, but to review, Harry and Louis here decided it would be a good idea to lock lips for the entire world to see, isn't that right boys?"

Simon was shaking his head, obviously irritated by Jason's rude tone.

"I wouldn't say we thought it was a good idea. We just weren't thinking properly."

I know that Louis' respectful streak won't last, but for now, he is behaving as promised.

"Well, look at where that moment of stupidity has put us. Now, I am required to take serious action and you aren't going to be happy about it, but that's kind of the point."

What is he going to do? I don't know what he CAN do that will be worse than the usual plan.

"Louis. Eleanor. Congratulations, the two of you have won an all-expenses paid romantic trip to the South of France. For a month."

I thought too soon. He slaps his hands down on the table, obviously pleased with himself.


Maybe it won't be Louis who explodes this time. I'm surprised by my reaction.

"Yes, Harry. A 'fucking month'. Any questions? You guys have a plane to catch tonight, so you should probably start packi-."

"Jason, isn't this a little extreme?" Eleanor doesn't seem to happy either and why should she?

"Sorry, it's necessary. Maybe these two will think with the right head next time and it won't be."

"What do we have to do with this?"

"Glad you asked, Zayn. You will all being signing new contracts to not share any of this information with anyone. You will also be keeping an eye on Harry. Harry," he turns to me, a sparkle in his eye, "you will be going out, making appearances, agreeing to interviews. You will be right in the spotlight, acting as if nothing is wrong. Nothing at all. In fact, we want you to be excited about all of the new people you are meeting. Speaking of which, tonight you will be having a 'secret' meeting with Cara. Show up to her flat at 11; she will be expecting you."

"You're enjoying this, you prick." I guess Louis feels no need to restrain himself when tonight obviously isn't happening. "Fuck you, Jason."

I can see the veins popping out of his neck and place my hand on his thigh to calm him down a little, despite the fact that even I want to punch Jason.

"Thank you, Louis. Alright, well these fine men have some papers for you all to sign and then you can be off. I need to go plan some interviews for our dear Harry. Au revoir, guys."

He walks out cockily, not turning once to see our reactions. I'm at a loss for words, standing there in complete shock. Louis will be gone for a month. In a different country. While I have to act happy as I've ever been, pretending to sleep with woman after woman. Louis and I sign our contracts first and I can't control the tears pouring down my face. Simon walks over after signing his sheet and pulls me into a hug.

"I'm so sorry. Please, let me know if you think of anything I can do."

I nod and pull away, only wanting to hold Louis. I pull him closer to me and he rests his head on my shoulder.

"Harry, I don't wa-" I shut him up with a deep, passionate kiss. Words will never make this okay. There is simply nothing that will.


I feel like crying after this chapter :'( Keep commenting and please rate/subscribe if you have not yet.

Do you think Louis and Harry are going to follow the rules? Will they find a way to see each other? Or will they suck it up for a month and stay away? How would that affect their relationship?


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this should be made into a book !!!

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