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Behind Closed Doors {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 8

"I know, El. I just hate to think what he's really doing. He tells me he's okay, but I know he isn't. At least I was exiled to France with one of my best friends. He's been stuck in London, pretending to have fun with all these models that he can't stand."

"I know, Lou. But, you guys talk every night and we only have two weeks left here. I think we've taken enough pictures to make management happy for the rest of our lives."

"HA! As long as Harry and I are gay, there could never be enough."

We laugh and I take a sip of my pina colada.

"El, do you know how much of a life saver you've been for us?"

"Yes, Louis, I do. And it was worth it, even before Modest started to pay me."

I gave her a knowing look and she corrected herself.

"Okay, the money is nice, since I can't really have a steady real boyfriend and all, but I got 5 best friends out of the deal, 7 if you count Perrie and Gemma."

I still can't believe everything Eleanor did for us before management found out that all of the rumors were true.


"Harry," the sound of my alarm stirs me but I don't feel awake at all. I force my eyes open and look at the clock. 7:21.

"FUCK, Harry. Get up, now! We woke up late."

Harry jumps up in bed but looks around the room sleepily. I crawl over and place a light kiss on his lips, bringing him to reality.

"Babe, come on. We really have to go. Jason's going to kill us. We're supposed to be at the meeting by 8 and it's almost 7:30."

He finally realizes what is going on and rips the sheets away from his body, revealing his tight
boxer briefs. I growl at him playfully while putting on my own pants and he rubs his eyes, trying to wake up fully. Last night was incredible. We stayed up until 4, making love over and over, talking in between about everything and anything. I never thought that I could be so happy because of another person, but just watching him walk over to my dresser, opening the drawer dedicated to his clothes, makes my heart skip a beat. He pulls a pair of black skinnies over his hips, buttoning them before shuffling through for a shirt. I walk over and wrap my bare arms around his, pulling his back into my chest and kissing his neck.

"Lou, we're never going to leave if you start that."

I pull away and grab one of his shirts out of the drawer. A tight black V-neck; that always looks
sexy on him.

"Wear this one."

He pulls it on over his head and starts to push his hair out of his face a little.

"Do you have a hat or something? I don't feel like doing anything to my hair."

I pull out a gray beanie from my drawer and toss it to him before finding a shirt of my own. Once we're both dressed, we walk down the stairs to my car. Once inside, Harry grabs my hand I pull it onto my lap, resting it on my thigh.

"So, do we know what this meeting is about?"Harry is finally waking up.

"Probably the tour and whatever other shit they wanna give us."

I shrug because I really don't know. We were emailed yesterday about a meeting with the whole band at 8 am. I have no clue what it pertains to. We park in front of the building and immediately pull our hands away from each other, getting out of the car nonchalantly to walk to the office door.

"Everyone is already up there. You can go on up."

Karen brings the phone back to her face and waves us onto the elevator. When we walk into his office, Jason has two empty seats in front of him, the rest of the guys standing behind them.

What is this about?

"Ah, the men of the hour have finally arrived. Together."

Jason waved his hands toward the two chairs, motioning for us to sit and we complied.

"What's going on?"

"Well, Louis, you tell me."

He throws down 5 separate newspaper and magazine articles, all containing a picture of Harry and I walking into my apartment building, holding hands. This was two nights ago, when we entered that building and only just now came out. News travels fast. This shouldn't even be considered news though. Why is it a big deal because we're both guys? If I was spotted doing the same with Eleanor, management would be patting me on the back. It doesn't help that they don't know me and Harry are together. They think they're covering up false rumors.

"Well, that picture looks like me and Harry walking into my flat."

I look at Jason, pretending to be dumbfounded.

"That's exactly what it looks like to me, too. You know, it kind of looks like two people coming back from a date, doesn't it?"

"Where are you going with this, Jason?" It's Harry's turn to play stupid.

"You two aren't gay, are you?"

I look at Harry and the color drains from his face. Modest has never actually asked us this. They just assume that the rumors are false and force us to change peoples' minds. This can be our chance to fight back. He's asking. I start to open my mouth to speak, but Harry beats me to it.

"Yes. Louis and I are together."

Jason's mouth drops open and he looks to the other guys behind us.

"Did you all know about this?"

Liam, Zayn and Niall are astounded by Harry's confession but nod their heads, 'yes'.

"GOD DAMMIT! If we knew this earlier, we would have been working much harder to cover your tracks! You guys have to be honest with us about these things and we will work out a plan together."

Did he just say worked harder to cover your tracks. What if we want everyone to know. Sure, Harry isn't quite ready yet but the second he gives me the ok, I'm shouting it from the rooftops of London. Now, it seems like I'll need more than Harry's ok.

"So, what happens if people find out?"

"What happens? You guys lose everything. Your contract is shit and you'll owe us a lot of money."

"For being who they are? You would do that?!"

Liam is getting angry and that doesn't happen very often, especially on my behalf. I look at him in admiration for standing up for me and Harry's relationship, even though it had to take some getting used to for them as well.

"Yeah, I would. You all signed a contract. We make the decisions to make you all look the best that we can. That isn't the type of publicity we want."

"No, who would want that?" Harry says sarcastically. " Since when is making me look like a womanizer better than letting our fans know that I'm in love with another man?"

"Since always. Homosexuality is beginning to become more widely accepted but it isn't where it needs to be for you gain anything from it."

"That's just the fucking thing, Jason. We aren't trying to gain anything from it. We're in love and you couldn't even pretend to give a shit, could you?"

"No, I couldn't. I'm way too busy wrapping my head around how I'm going to make you two look straight."

"That's not what we want."

"That's not what we want," he mimics Harry rudely, "news flash, no one cares. You chose this life and now you're going to have to get used to not always getting what you want."

"This isn't a fucking car! You're telling them they can't be together like it's nothing!"

Zayn is pacing across the room furiously now. I never knew how much they cared.

"What if we all spend more time in the same area? It'll just look like we're together as a group at someone's flat and then they can do whatever they want!"

Niall came up with this idea and it's touching that he thought of doing that for me and Harry.

"I don't care what the hell you do behind closed doors, but the next time I see shit like this, major action will be taken. Do you hear me, boys?"

We all nod silently, still exasperated from the rest of the meeting.

"Just go. We'll talk about other stuff another time. Just get out of my office."

He shakes his head dismally, putting pressure on his temples. When we make it to the lobby, we all stand in a tight circle, no one else around us, besides Karen the assistant.

"What the fuck do we do now?"

"I don't know. I can't believe Jason knows now. Was that a bad idea?"

Harry looks upset with himself and I reassuringly stroke his lower back.

"No, I was about to say it when you did. It was going to happen sooner or later."

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but," Niall looks down like he's thinking deeply, "it's time for
breakfast and I'm starved."

We all erupt in laughter and decide to get brunch.

Present Day:

I grab my phone from the poolside table, creating a new text message.

*TO: My Love <3

I miss you so much, babe. Anyway you could sneak over here for a night or something? I know it sounds crazy, but I need you.*

I chug down the rest of my drink and stare off into the sunset. It hasn't even been a minute when my phone buzzes in my hand.

*FROM: My Love <3

Look behind you.*

I frantically look around and stop at the curly-haired boy sitting at the bar, 20 feet away from me.


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this should be made into a book !!!

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