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Behind Closed Doors {Larry Stylinson} - Comments

Love this

Boomelouu Boomelouu

Omg I've been reading ur story for 2 days now trying to get thorough it and it's amazing i love Larry more now then ever before and that was a lot before

#96903 #96903

Omg its 5 a.m. where I live. I've been reading your story all new night. Its AMAZING! You are a brilliant writer. I've fallen in love with Larry... More than I already was lol I hate to stop reading but I should probably get to sleep. I can't wait to finish this story tomorrow and start the other one.

JessStylinson95 JessStylinson95

this should be made into a book !!!

this is the best chapter ever

#75481 #75481

yay I am so excited for the sequel


Little.things Little.things

that proposal brought tears into my eyes awww :) I wish they can always live happily ever after :) xx you are a brilliant writer honey, sometimes I felt like you have seen their love for each other like being in that spot... simply amazing :)

@Mehtarin Styles

thank you dear <3

that's a really great beginning :)

Yay thank you!!!! :* :*

Every chapter I read it's better than the previous one *-* I´m in love with this!


awesome!!! thanks so much! keep commenting and letting me know what you think :* ily

You have a venezuelan fan right here! Can´t stop reading! I love you!


Okay. Xx I love it so far.

Thanks so much :) enjoy and let me know what you think!

You know for ur first story ur realllly good! I'm only on the second chapter but I love it already

lol well thank you

Yeah, you did, ok, I just wanted to make sure, though. Ok, well just so you know, I do like your story a lot.

charlie2cute charlie2cute

Lol I don't focus on every sex scene. Sometimes it's about the parts that lead up and sometimes I leave the actual sex out altogether. It just depends on what my focus of the chapter is. And yes most scenes are for dramatic effect. I told you that already. It's to make a story... It isn't how I really think the boys are even though they surely have some drama of their own.