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Behind Closed Doors {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 6


"Bloody paps totally got pictures of Harry and I and I don't know what to do. Management is going to flip shit and who know what they'll make us do."

The other lads are in shock and tears start to sting my eyes as I think about the first time management got involved in our relationship.


"Look, you guys look way too close and it's beginning to make the fans think you're a couple so cut it out."

My head shoots up to look at Jason, our manager at Modest. I looked to Harry, who's eyes are just as stunned open as mine.

"They're just joking, Jason."

"No, Harry, they aren't. All we're asking is that you stop touching each other all the time; it does come off a bit... gay!"

"So what if it does? What's wrong with people who are gay, Jason?"

"Louis, you guys are under this contract and we're going to do it our way. Just get girlfriends or something and it should all blow over."

He continues to just look at the papers in front of him, not realizing what he's telling us. He has no idea that our fans are 100% right. We are gay an we are together. I want to say it so badly but I don't want them to know; they'll ruin things even more.

"I don't know any girls that I want to date, though. Can't we just try to keep our hands to ourselves?"

I can't stand the thought of Harry with someone else, even if it was just for publicity.

"I don't care. Find someone or we will. At least one of you, for god's sake. Just something!"

I want to start crying but I know that won't help my case so I nod and turn to Harry, who's eyes are glazed over.

"Can we go now, then?"

"Yeah, just know that if this get's any worse, we will take action."

We nod and turn away, walking to the elevator and make our way outside before we talk about what just happened. We get into my car and just sit there with the doors locked.

"Lou, what the hell are we supposed to do? I don't want to have a fake girlfriend. Hell, I don't want to stop touching you in public."

"It's so ridiculous! Most of the time, we ARE joking, which you can tell by our stupid grins. I just can't control myself around you sometimes."

"But, our fans just see love."

"I hope they at least continue to see us for who we are. Where the hell are we going to find girlfriends?"

"Well, I was actually thinking... I knew this girl back when I was still in Holmes Chapel. Eleanor. She called me a couple days ago and said she was moving here. I don't know, we could talk to her. She's really nice and we can make it look like I set you guys up, like mates do all the time!"

"You're alright with that? I know I couldn't stand seeing pictures of you with a girl but since you know her, I guess it could be easier."

Harry pulls out his phone and finds her number, immediately pressing send.

"Hey, El. Are you busy for lunch?... Okay, great.... Yeah, me and Louis... Yeah, we'll see you there."

He ends the call and looks back at me.

"It's totally going to work, Lou. We're going to meet her at noon at 'The Square'."

He shoots me a smile and I can tell that he's confident about this as we pull away from Modest.

"I really hope you're right, Hazz."

After going back to my flat and changing into something nicer, we get back in my car and head over to meet Eleanor.

"So, let me start talking about it and we'll just see how she reacts. I think it'll be fine."

When we give Valet the car, we walk into the restaurant, refraining from touching each other.

"Harry! So good to see you!"

A brunette walks over and drapes her arms around Harry's neck, hugging him excitedly.

"You, too El! This is Louis, by the way."

"Pleased to meet you, Eleanor."

I extend my hand but she hugs me as well, only less excitedly.

"Okay, they said a table would be ready as soon as you guys got here."

She walks over to the hostess and informs her that we're ready to sit down. We are guided back to a table that is in a secluded room, next to the kitchen. When we sit down, I point for Harry to sit next to Eleanor and me across from him so that we could be off to a good start at appearing straight.

"So, Eleanor, what's new with you?"

Harry looks at her, waiting for a response, and she starts to talk a mile a minute about school and work, family and old mutual friends. After our food arrives, she finally stops talking.

"Eleanor, I... we need to ask you something."

"Of course, Harry, what's up?"

He looks at me and back to Eleanor who is patiently waiting for him to speak.

"Well, long story short. Management is forcing at least one of us to have a girlfriend. But, we... we're,"

Eleanor chimes in.

"a couple, right?"

"Erm... Yeah, how did you know?"

"Well, it's all over the place and I've seen pictures and knowing Harry, I could spot it immediately."

She doesn't even stop eating. She just looks to us for the next part of the conversation.

"Well, we were kind of hoping that you could pretend to be Louis' girlfriend for a little bit. Just until this whole thing blows over."


She still hasn't stopped eating. Harry looks at me in disbelief and I mirror his expression.

"Really? Eleanor, this would mean the world to us. I don't want to see Louis with some woman I don't know and I know you! Plus, it would be believable that I set up my best mate with an old friend."

"Yeah, why not! I'll help you guys. I need friends here anyway, so it'll be nice."

Right then, I gain such an amazing respect that woman.

Present Day:

"Looks like we're going to need to call Eleanor in."

Harry looks at me and I nod in agreement, pulling out my phone to call her.

"Hey, El. Erm, we have an emergency."

"What? Who's hurt?"

"No, no. Pretty sure Paparazzi got a picture of me and Harry... kissing."

"Oh, god. Um... What should I do? Don't you guys get back tomorrow?"

"Yeah, think you could like meet us at the airport to welcome me home or something?"

"Absolutely, text me your flight info and I'll be there with my best horny girlfriend smile."

"You're the best, El."

"No problem. How's Harry? Is he really upset?"

"We haven't really had the chance to talk about it too much but we're both stressed. Modest is going to kill us."

She sighs deeply into the phone.

"We'll figure it out, Lou. I'll see you tomorrow, have a good flight. Kisses to all."

"Thanks, see you tomorrow, love."

I put my phone back in my pocket and Harry grabs my hand firmly. Niall places a hand on my shoulder.

"It'll be alright, with Eleanor's help, it'll all work out."

"I hope you're right, Niall. Thanks."

That's one way to ruin a celebratory buzz.


AHH! What do you think is going to happen? Comment your opinions and feedback, please <3 xx. Also, message me any one shot requests!


Love this

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Omg I've been reading ur story for 2 days now trying to get thorough it and it's amazing i love Larry more now then ever before and that was a lot before

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Omg its 5 a.m. where I live. I've been reading your story all new night. Its AMAZING! You are a brilliant writer. I've fallen in love with Larry... More than I already was lol I hate to stop reading but I should probably get to sleep. I can't wait to finish this story tomorrow and start the other one.

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this should be made into a book !!!

this is the best chapter ever

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