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Behind Closed Doors {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 5


Today went by quickly and I couldn't be happier about it. We would be heading home tomorrow morning and I really miss everything about home. I miss my family, my bed, Louis' bed, my usual restaurants, my other friends, and just having a more normal schedule. After the show, we all head back to a local resort near the airport and find our suites. We always reserve two, one which Niall, Zayn, and Liam gladly share giving Louis and I space, which we are always grateful for. We already agreed to celebrate the end of the tour with everyone but we still need to take a shower and I think we can get away with taking a long one. Once we bring our bags upstairs, Louis and I slip into our room, immediately finding each other in the dark. We haven't been able to get more than a quick peck in since yesterday morning and I have been craving his touch ever since then. He roughly slams me into the wall and grinds his body into me, pinning my arms to my sides. Not being able to pull him into me more drives my senses mad while he lowers his head to my neck, nipping along the veins that are beginning to show. His breath on me tickled and sent chills down my spine. I used all of my strength to push him off of me and toward the bed, flinging him on top of it, onto his back.

"Don't even think about moving."

I point at him in the dark, which I know he can see because my eyes are adjusting. I reach into the side pocket of my bag and pull out a tube of lubricant before walking back over to where I left Louis. I sit the lube down on the bed and crawl on top of him, straddling his hips. When he tries to bring his hands to my hair, I catch them mid air and hold them with one hand above his head.

"No touching, baby. Just let me make you feel good."

He bites down on his bottom lip and squirms underneath me. I know he likes it when I dominate like this and it's a big turn on to see him vulnerable. When I let go of his hands, he grips them onto the headboard post, letting me do as I please. I begin by ripping his shirt open, breaking all of the buttons at once, and running my tongue down his chest, all the way to his belt. I take off his belt and unbutton his pants within seconds, pulling them down and off of his ankles. When I return to do the same to his boxers, he groans in delight, making me want him even more. I use my teeth to grasp the elastic on his briefs, growling as I pull them down. As I do, his already hard member flies up to hit his stomach and I know I won't have patience for foreplay.

"Lou, I want you now. Are you ready?"

He nods his head, just as impatiently as I feel, and I stand up one more time. I pull my pants and boxers down in one motion, flinging them onto the ground. I pull my shirt over my head and join it with the rest of my outfit. When I climb back onto the bed, I roll Louis onto his side, facing away from me, so that I can easily access him. I wrap my arm around his chest and he snakes his arm to wrap it around my neck, pulling my head in so he can turn his to kiss me. While he does, I reach for the small tube and pour some of the liquid into my hand, rubbing it onto my cock and then wiping my hand on the sheets. Continuing to press my lips into his, pushing my tongue into his mouth, I guide myself to his entrance and he automatically puts one leg forward to make it easier. I slowly push myself into him, only making it about halfway in the first thrust but pushing all the way in by the third. He breathes roughly into my mouth as I begin to pull out and thrust back in. He feels tighter than before since we haven't actually had sex in weeks and it feels amazing, almost like the first time. He re-adjusts to my size quickly and we pick up a pace that is extremely satisfying for us both. His head returns to face away from me but I pull his hair with one hand to make him turn toward me again so I can see his face and continue to tenderly kiss him. My other hand finds his length and cups him so that he pushes into my hand with every thrust. At this, his body shakes a bit, making me feel his ripples of pleasure through my own body. I nibble on his ear and pick up speed a little, wanting to feel my release.

"Oh, Harry, harder!"

I begin to pull out slowly and thrust into him sharply, gaining moans of delight from his mouth that push me closer to my climax.

"Shit, Louis. I'm almost there."

"Me, too."

He can't muster any other words but I don't need any. His moans are more than enough to turn me on and I feel myself hitting my high.

"Fuck, I'm coming, babe."

I let out a loud groan from deep in my throat as I sloppily sink into him a couple more times as I ride out my intense orgasm and he begins his, bucking into my hand more fiercely. I pull away and flip him onto his back to finish him up. I sit on my knees between his legs and quickly take him into my mouth, sucking powerfully as his eyes roll back in his head in pleasure.

"I'm coming, Harryyy-ahhh!"

My eyes grin as he screams my name, releasing into my mouth, which I swallow down easily, licking him clean. As we both continue to come down from our moment of extreme ecstasy, we lay face to face, holding each other close, leaving soft kisses in between short, shallow breaths.

"I forgot what I've been missing. That was incredible, Lou."

I can feel his smile against my jaw, which he kisses gently before speaking.

"It really was. I can't wait until we're home. You're not leaving my bed for days."

"Mmmm. I like the sound of that, but right now, we should probably shower and join every one else."

"Yeah, I guess we did promise."

We reluctantly leave the bed and shower quickly so that our absence isn't as noticeable. When we finally knock on the door to the other suite, a very drunk Zayn opens it for us.


He laughs at his own joke and leads us into the kitchen. Niall and Liam are sitting on bar-stools with about ten empty shot glasses in front of them.

"I'll get you two some tequila. Sit down!"

Louis and I take a seat on bar-stools as well and Niall lives up to his word, pouring three shots for us each. Louis smiles at me and we clink our glasses together before throwing each of them back, one right after the other, Niall filling them up again as we set them down.

"Here's to the end of another tour and the precious time that we have before the next one!"

I raise a shot in the air and everyone else grabs one and joins in my toast. When that one sinks in, the room starts to spin and I decide to take a break, resting my head on Louis' shoulder.

"Harry, let's go on the balcony."

Louis begs me until I finally agree and we walk out the door to the large balcony. The breeze is warm and I breathe it in deeply. We walk to the edge and look over the side. We're not extremely high up; probably on the tenth floor or so. Louis grabs my hand and turns me to face him, lacing his hands behind my neck, kissing me tenderly. It feels so romantic to be with Louis this way, so comfortable and real. I wish we didn't have to hide our relationship.

"I love you so much, Harry."

"I love you, Lou. I'm so happy to be with you."

I leaned down to kiss him again, more passionately this time, pressing my body into his and slipping my tongue between his lips. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a bright light. Was that lightning? Louis answers my thoughts and his eyes open wide.

"Shit! Paparazzi."


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Love this

Boomelouu Boomelouu

Omg I've been reading ur story for 2 days now trying to get thorough it and it's amazing i love Larry more now then ever before and that was a lot before

#96903 #96903

Omg its 5 a.m. where I live. I've been reading your story all new night. Its AMAZING! You are a brilliant writer. I've fallen in love with Larry... More than I already was lol I hate to stop reading but I should probably get to sleep. I can't wait to finish this story tomorrow and start the other one.

JessStylinson95 JessStylinson95

this should be made into a book !!!

this is the best chapter ever

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