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Behind Closed Doors {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 48


“Lou, baby. Wake up.”

Harry’s soft voice pulls me out of my deep sleep. It’s not his groggy, raspy voice, though, which leads me to assume that he’s been up for a while. I roll over in the direction that I hear him and before I can open my eyes, he leans down to peck my lips, earning an automatic smile from me.

“Mornin’ Haz. Why ar’you up so early?”

Harry chuckles and kisses my forehead.

“Love, it’s noon.”

I bury my face into his clothed chest and groan, upset for missing so much time out of our romantic weekend.

“M’sorry, you should have woken me up sooner.”

Harry squeezes me tightly before walking over to our bags. He retrieves a pair of black briefs for me and joins me under the sheets.

“Well, it was freezing in the living room when I woke up, so I started a fire and then went to this town a few minutes down the road and got
some breakfast from a bakery. Are you hungry?”

“Haaaarry,” I whine as I pull on my pants, “this was supposed to be a weekend of me doing things for you; not the other way around.”

Harry scoffs and starts to pull me closer to the edge of the bed.

“What kind of boyfriend would I be if I let you wait on me hand and foot?”

I lay limp, thinking it would make it difficult for Harry to pull me out of bed. He’s been working out, though, and I seem to keep forgetting that.

“The kind of boyfriend that I usually am!”

Harry swoops me up in his arms easily, my legs draping over his strong forearm.

“I love taking care of my baby.”

I smile and coo into his neck as he walks us to the kitchen. It’s warm and cozy, the fire crackling behind me. He sits down in a big chair
where some food is laid out on top of paper bags at the dining table. I begin to stand up and move to another chair, but Harry holds me on his lap, spreading his legs enough for me to comfortably sit between them.

“They had some of those soufflés that you liked in France so I got you that, as well as a few choices of muffins.”

These are the types of things I need to remind myself of whenever I begin to doubt Harry’s feelings for me. He remembers the tiniest things about me; like the soufflé I enjoyed two years ago in some tiny cafè in Paris and haven’t had since.
“Thank you; it all looks great.”

“Anything for you, boo.”

My smile reaches my eyes without any effort. Harry stretches his large arms around me and starts to break away pieces of a muffin. He
brings the first bite to my mouth and I hum as I chew the moist pastry.

“So good! Here, try some.”

I take another piece of the same muffin and wait for Harry to part his lips enough for take a bite. He shuts his eyes as he waits for the muffin, I set it down and sit up enough to kiss him, my tongue slipping between his gaping lips. He chuckles and then quickly begins to kiss back, his hands trailing down my bare sides and resting on my hips with his thumbs tucked under the elastic band of my boxers. I run my fingers lightly through his hair, pushing his beanie onto the floor and pulling him closer to me, our lips moving unanimously.

“Wait,” I reluctantly pull away, biting his lip as a punishment for ruining the moment, “m’Lou, I want to take you somewhere.”

I shake my head and rest my hand between our bodies, pressing firmly against his bulge. His breath hitches and he tightens his grip on my hipbones.

“Unless that somewhere is the bed, or that lovely spot in front of the fireplace, then I don’t want to go.”

Harry rolls his eyes and leaves a soft kiss on my neck; his provocative tone sending chills through my heated body.

“How’s this- Quickie in the shower and then we save the fireplace for tonight when I can take my time on you?”

I pretend to think long and hard about his proposal, but easily come to a conclusion as he sucks a bruise above my collarbone.



“Y’know, since I brought you to this damn country, I should be the one taking you places.”

I cross my arms in a huff as Harry puts on his seatbelt in the driver’s seat.

“Louis, I already told you... I like doing stuff for you. Besides, it’s not like this is anything exciting. I just want to go to the beach.”

I crack a smile toward the window, still trying to act like I was disappointed. Harry reaches his hand over and squeezes my thigh.

“Babe, I can see your reflection.”

I chuckle and cover his hand with mine; well, as much of it as I can.

“Alright, I’ll stop pretending to be in a bad mood.”

He grins and leans over to leave a wet kiss on my cheek.

“Good, because I’m pretty sure it’s not possible to be grumpy after that shower.”

He quirks his eyebrows and blushes at the same time.

“You’re so cute; You’re the only person I know who can be suggestive and embarrassed at the same time.”

He scoffs and tries to stop smiling. I consider pushing the subject to see just how red I can get him, but I decide that I’ve teased him enough.

“The cottage is gorgeous during the day!”

Harry nods in agreement, admiring the small house with ivy covering the front. He turns the car around and eventually, we find our way to
the main road. Everything is so green in the daylight. There still aren’t any people out on the road, which is nice since the travel agent told me it was a pretty secluded area.

“So, how far is the beach?”

“Like ten minutes. I got directions from a nice woman at the bakery.”

I chuckle and intertwine our fingers together on my lap.

“That’s what our phones are for, babe. No one asks for directions anymore.”

He sticks his tongue out and pulls our hands to his lap instead.

“Well, your cheesy, old-fashioned boyfriend does. Besides, I’m trying not to use my phone this weekend. Just me and you.”

I lean over and peck his cheek.

“I love my cheesy, old-fashioned boyfriend.”

“Good, ‘cos I’m not goin’ anywhere.”

I grin and roll my window down so that the cool breeze can fill the car. I breathe in deeply and enjoy the crisp air.

Harry turns on the radio and sings along to some Miley Cyrus song that I’m not familiar with (because, let’s be honest, I’m not familiar with any of her songs). I could care less, though, because as long as I’m with Harry, especially in a place that we can be ourselves and totally alone, nothing could piss me off.


I pull the car off the road, parking in a patch of grass near a small cliff overlooking the water. I stepped out of the car and walked over to open Louis’ door like a proper gentleman. He just laughs at me like usual, but I really do like doing this stuff for him.

“You’re absurd.”

“Oi, am not.”

He leans against my chest and lifts onto his toes to kiss my lips briefly.

“Are too.”

I don’t try to argue with him, because I know he’s right. After retrieving the blanket I put in the back seat, I reach down and grab Louis’ hand, pulling him toward the beach and locking the car as we walk. Once we start to make our way down the sandy slope, I wrap my arm around Louis, shielding him from the wind. We walk in silence down to the beach and find a flat spot on the small empty coast. I pull out the blanket that I had tucked under my arm. I shake the sheet open and Louis catches the other end, straightening it out and laying it on the ground. We both sit down quickly so that the blanket doesn’t fly away, giggling as it begins to wrap around us from one particularly strong gust. We adjust our positions, ending up cuddled together, Louis seated between my legs with his back pressed against my chest.

“Are you happy, Lou?”

He crooks his neck around and lays back on my shoulder so that he can look at me.

“What do you mean?”

I kiss his forehead and admire his face. His eyes are squinted because of the bright sun and his beard is exactly how I like it; messy and

“Are you happy- like, in general?”

He appears shocked by my question. He seems to think it’s rhetorical as well, since he doesn’t respond.

“I’m serious... Are you actually happy?”

“Yes, Harry! Yes, very happy!”

He sounds offended.

“Good, I just- I don’t know... Where do you see yourself in five years?”

He sits up and turns around, straddling his legs over mine and scooting closer to me.

“What’s this about, Harry? Why all the questions?”

I shrug and wrap my arms around his waist.

“Dunno. I guess we just haven’t talked about our future in a while. It always keeps me going and I feel like we’ve come a long way since the last time we discussed it-“

“Then tell me where you see yourself in five years.”

I smirk and brush my nose against his.

“I asked you first.”

“And I asked you second. You’re the one who brought it up...”

He’s being a bit snappy for a conversation that I’d like him to be excited about. I play with the zipper on his coat and let my eyes wander
over his chest, avoiding eye contact.

“Well, okay... I guess I see myself with you in a world where we don’t have to hide. I suppose that means One Direction will have to be
over. It’s kinda sad to think about, but to be quite honest, it just isn’t the same as it was when we were younger. I mean, we’ll always be One Direction- me, you, and the lads- but, in five years, I kind of hope we aren’t making music and touring anymore. I want to get a place- a house- for just me and you... maybe some kids. We’d have to discuss the timeframe on kids, of course, but we can prepare ourselves for it at least. We don’t have to get married, but I’d like to. I wanna stand next to you at an altar in front of people who care about us and vow to love each other forever. It may be ‘cheesy and old-fashioned’ but we already established that I’m both of those things in the car,” I chuckle lightly and finally look into his eyes. They’re glassed over and he’s grinning faintly, “I don’t doubt that we’d be fine without a wedding and rings and sharing a last name, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want it. I mean, like, if you didn’t want that, I’d compromise and still be happier than ever. It’d just... It’d be nice to call you my husband.”

Once he’s sure that I’m done talking, he brings his hands up to cup my face and presses his lips to mine, tears dripping from his eyes to my cheeks. It’s not a sensual kiss, and it isn’t really a romantic one. It probably doesn’t look nearly as great as it feels. It’s a kiss of need and a kiss full of passion. I pull him closer until he’s seated on my lap entirely and pull away from the kiss. I lean my forehead against his and we sit in silence for a minute before he speaks.

“I want that too. Harry, I want all of that. Honestly, I want anything you want.”

He laughs to himself and i bite my lip to keep myself from crying as well. We’ve come so far since we were younger. We always said we’d get married and have kids, but it was never an emotional conversation. It was just a matter-of-fact mention of our boyhood dreams. Now, it feels so real.

“I love you, Lou,” I chuckle because it feels like I say it too often, “I love you so much.”

Louis kisses me again and mumbles against my moist lips.

“I love you more.”

I lay back and pull Louis down with me, his legs still hooked around my thighs. His tongue slides between my lips and runs along the roof of my mouth. I lift my hips gently and earn an instant moan from Louis. I chuckle and pull our mouths apart.

“It’s much too cold for sex on the beach, love.”

He kisses my jaw and lays on my chest.

“Fine, but now I get you twice in front of the fireplace.”

I laugh and slide my hands under his jacket to warm them.

“I’m great with that.”

He scoots off of my body, only leaving his head on my shoulder. I run my fingers through his hair, listening to the steady rush of the ocean.

“So, what are we gonna name our kids?”

I smile, knowing his can’t see me.

“Well, how many are we having of each gender?”

He shifts next to me and tucks one of his hands in my pocket.

“How about two girls and a boy?”

I nod my head in agreement.

“That sounds perfect. Well, we could name one of the girls Johannah after your mum.”

“I’d like that, but what about your mum? It wouldn’t be fair to just give her a middle name or something.”

I know my mum wouldn’t complain, but I’d hate for her to secretly feel that way.

“What about Annah? Spell it with an ‘H’ like your mum’s and then it’s like a mix of both of their names.”

He croons against my neck and hugs my torso tightly.

“I love it.”

And that’s how Louis and I spend the day picking out our children’s names, laying in the sand and fighting over the boy’s in particular.
‘William’, I’d say, ‘after you!’ He’d disagree and argue, ‘No, Edward is much better. After you.’ We finally settled on Edward William, because Louis always gets his way.

By the time the sun begins to set, we’re astounded that we passed through lunch without so much as a thought. We shake out the blanket in the even colder wind and start to walk back to the car. Louis takes the keys before I can protest and I climb into the passenger seat, tossing the blanket into the back. Louis turns the car on and we drive off toward the pink-orange sky. I reach over and stroke my hand over Louis’ thigh, leaning over to whisper in his ear.

“How about we get take-away and wine and eat in front of that fireplace that you’re oh-so-fond of?”

And I swear, I can feel his pants tighten just from that.


Hello, darlings <3 Sorry that I've been updating slowly (I know that's like my typical author's note lol) but, I've had a really shitty month... Like you can message me about it if you want because I don't wanna post a sob story in my notes. It's been rough though.

Anyway, it's spring break now, so I'm trying to write some during it :) Thanks for being patient!
Only TWO chapters until the sequel!!! Make sure you're subscribed to the sequel so that you'll get updates for it when I post. Here's the link:


Love you all and hope you enjoyed this chapter xx
ALSO, I avoided smut in this chapter because I've had a lot of it lately haha, but if you'd like... i can pick up the next chapter where this one leaves off with floor sex. LMK what you want hehe ;)


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