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Behind Closed Doors {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 49


“Want the rest, babe?”

Harry holds out the nearly-empty bottle of merlot, waving it in front of my face.

“No, s’okay. You can have it, love.”

I lean over and press a gentle kiss to his lips as he drunkenly pours the remnants of our second bottle into his own glass. He takes a long swig, emptying a quarter of the glass in one go.

“You’ll never learn that you just don’t chug wine, will you?”

I scoot closer to him and end up positioning myself conformably between his legs, my back against his chest.

“Well, boo, the way I see it,” he sets his glass down at the foot of the fireplace, which is heating the room nicely, and wraps his arms tightly around my waist, kissing the back of my neck, “the sooner I finish this, the sooner I can start with you.”

I nuzzle into him and smile, although he can’t actually see my face. It’s not a smile that I can quite control.

“Then, maybe you should hurry up on the rest.”

He tuts at me and reaches for his glass, downing the rest of the dry wine in less than thirty seconds.

“You’re very indecisive. One second it’s wrong of me to chug it and then a few moments later, I’m not drinking fast enough. Good god, Lou, I can’t-“

I spin around and shut his smart mouth up with a messy, controlling kiss.

“Shut up.”

I mumble quickly against his lips without breaking away.

He doesn’t respond with words; rather nodding and letting soft moans transfer from his mouth to mine. The way our noises mesh together reminds me of a song. Everything about us goes well together. Harry’s definitely the melody; the attention-grabbing part that you just can’t miss. I’d consider myself the harmony, complimenting him even though I can be easy to miss. We just work together.

And that’s even more evident as Harry lies back, pulling me along with him onto the soft blanket covering the rug. The way my body fits perfectly with his completely boggles my mind. I can’t say that I’m much of a believer in God, but if a God exists, then he definitely made Harry and I for each other. Maybe it was just fate that we actually met. Maybe that’s why so many people end up in shit relationships. They weren’t lucky enough to find their soul mate. The least I can do is appreciate the fact that I did meet mine and never let him go. I’ll hold onto him until the day I die. Or as long as he’ll let me.

Harry’s arms snake around my waist and his hands splay across my lower back, slipping under my sweats, under which I’m bare. We’re both barely dressed and have been ever since we got back with our food. Harry’s only in briefs and I’m only in a pair of his sweats. He grasps a handful of my arse and kneads his fingers into my flesh. One finger presses dryly against my rim and I hiss into his mouth.

“Sorry, baby. Are you sore?”

I nod, because yeah, I don’t bottom often and I have twice in the past twenty-four hours.

“Wanna top?”

He kisses me again before I can answer, pulling his hands away from my hole.

“No,” I peck his lips again and lean up, “Too tired. We can just keep it simple tonight, yeah?”

Harry rolls us both over so that he’s hovering over my body in front of the fire.

“Of course, sweetheart. Tell me what you want.”

He kisses me again, moaning against my lips as I pull his hips into mine.

“Want your mouth, Hazza.”

He moans again, nibbling on my bottom lip and kissing my jaw.

“And where do you want it, love?”

And I’m pretty sure he’s going through the line of adorable pet names pretty quickly, but it’s
endearing and so very Harry.

“Anywhere; everywhere. Just need it.”

He nods as if taking orders, gladly moving his body so that he’s positioned between my legs,
spreading them enough for his broad shoulders to fit. He mouths at my clothed cock, paying special attention to the wet-spot where some pre-come has leaked though.

“Can taste you already, Lou. So good, babe.”

Another pet name. He’ll be running out soon enough.

“Don’t tease, H. Get on with it.”

He chuckles and I can feel his hot breath on me, sending shivers through my entire body.

“Yes sir.”

His fingers hook under my joggers, pulling them down swiftly and continuing to leave open-mouthed kisses up and down my length. It’s sloppy and so incredibly sexy. Harry licks a thick stripe from my balls up to tip and stares up at me seductively. My jaw drops and I whimper as he pulls away, standing up and walking to the couch to retrieve two thick, decorative pillows.

“Ass up.”

His voice is raspy and deeper than normal, just like it always is when he’s turned on. I plant my
feet flat on the floor and lift my body as he places the pillows under my lower back until I’m comfortably laying with my hips propped up. Harry kneels in front of me, keeping his eyes locked with mine as he starts to slowly jerk himself off while biting at my inner thighs gently. I’m about to complain about his teasing again, until he uses his free hand to lift my legs over his shoulders. He leans over and clenches his teeth into the thick flesh on my bum, sucking a bruise in a thick area. I dig my heels into his back and he stops, using both of his hands to spread me apart, revealing my sore, desperate entrance.

“Please, please, please...”

Maybe I’m just desperate in general. He complies without another word, delving in tongue first to lick over my hole greedily. He moans against me, nibbling at the sensitive skin. He works his tongue against me until I’m slick enough for it to pass my rim. He sucks and licks, his hands leaving my arse cheeks to return to what I assume is him pumping his hand over his own cock. Then his other hand comes from around my thigh, caressing my leg and then my side and stomach, before finding my throbbing member laid thick across my abs. He wastes no more time with teasing as he grabs it, wrapping a tight fist around me and quickly moving his hand over me. It slides easily with the remnants of spit from his previous actions. He thumbs over the tip, gathering pre-come to act as another natural lubricant.

“Fuck... I’m- I’m close, darling. Already.”

He moans again and quickens the pace of his hand, as well as his mouth. He pulls his tongue out,
but his face is still buried in my ass, licking and biting and kissing until I’m coming hard all over my stomach and his fist. My body convulses from the intensity and Harry slows his hand, pulling away from my hole. He sits up and carefully places my legs on the floor at his sides before sitting up on his knees. His face is flushed and his lips are wet and bright pink. He continues to pump his own cock and within minutes, he’s adding to the pool of come on my chest and stomach with a loud moan before collapsing at my side. He rolls onto his side and repeatedly kisses my face; cheek, forehead, nose, lips.

“Love you. Love you. Love you.”

I’m out of breath but mumble something of a reply to him, trying to regain my mindset. After we lay there for about twenty minutes, holding each other close, Harry stands up and leans over to lift me off of the ground. I wrap my arms around his neck and lay on his shoulder as he walks us toward the bedroom.

“Shower and then sleep, yeah?”

“Yeah. Sounds perfect.”


Our shower is fairly quick after exhausting ourselves throughout the day and drinking. As soon as we lay down, Harry is practically asleep, but my mind continues to wander.


He hums sleepily, pulling me closer.

“I was thinking earlier. We’re like a song, ya know? You’re the melody; the catchy tune that
everyone’s so enthralled by. And I’m your harmony. We go together well.”

Harry seems to disagree with my observation, scoffing and kissing my forehead.

“No, Louis. You’re the whole damn song and I’m just the luckiest guy alive who gets to listen to
that song every day. You’re my everything.”

Normally, I would argue with him that, no, he was more important, but right now, hearing those
words makes me feel on top of the world and maybe I’m too selfish to give that up. So, instead of retorting, I press my body closer to his and sloppily kiss his lips.

“I love you so much, boo. I can never say it enough.”

He mumbles against my lips and wraps his arms around my waist tightly.

“Well, I think the day I don’t hear it, I may keel over.”

Because, honestly, I think I would.

“I’ll die before I go a day without saying I love you. You could piss me off so bad that I’m seeing
stars and I’ll still tell you I love you before bed; even if it’s through gritted teeth.”

I chuckle because I’ve seen him do that before and it’ll definitely happen again.

“And, Lou, if I die before you, which I hope happens because the thought of losing you makes me nauseous, I’ll leave you daily reminders of how much I love you; all romantic-like,” he softly brushes his thumb along my shoulder, “I’ll leave enough to last another lifetime because I’ll be expecting you to live until you’re like a hundred and twenty-“

I clasp my hand over Harry’s mouth to make him stop talking about a hypothetical time where I’d have to live without him.

“I don’t wanna think about that. Just shut up and kiss me.”

And he does. We kiss lazily until I start to drift off and lay on his chest instead. Harry’s large hand caresses my back as I fall asleep, breathing in Harry’s scent and feeling more content than I ever thought possible.


School and everything else has been SO hectic...

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