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Behind Closed Doors {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 47


“Alright, so tomorrow we get started setting up, right? Like what exactly are we meant to do?”

Liam hums a chuckle as he takes another sip of his beer.

“This is why he didn’t give you the details. I love you, but you’re a shit planner, Nialler.”

“Oi, come off it! I’m asking now, aren’t I?”

Liam nods a frank apology and glances over at Zayn and Perrie. She’s seated on his lap, arms crossed and resting on the table in their kitchen.

“Don’t worry about it, boys. El and I have it all planned out; we just need your muscles for the brunt work.”

Eleanor rolls her eyes and stirs her drink with the tiny cocktail straw sunk in her vodka.

“They’re worthless and you know it. But, yes. We should plan on getting there at like seven, alright?”

“Fucking ‘ell! Seven? In the mornin’?”

Zayn looks positively destroyed at the thought of waking up that early, causing Liam and I to laugh
hysterically at his facial expression.

“Yes, seven, babe. I’ll make sure you’re up, don’t worry.”

“You better wake me up with a blowie or I ain’t gettin’ out of bed.”

Perrie scoffs in exaggerated terror at her fiancé’s choice of words.

“No promises love, but you will be getting out of bed at six.”

“Six?! I thought El said seven!”

We laugh again at the spectacle he’s making over what time his alarm will go off.

“We’re gonna be there at seven, mate.”

Liam reminds him kindly but Zayn is still pouting as if it’s the end of the world.

Anyway, to answer your question, Niall, we need to set everything up. There will be tables, chairs, and other furniture delivered at eight, so before that we can just make sure everything else is in place. We’ll have to ensure that there is room for all the stuff they’re delivering. I don’t know exactly how everything is set up at the house. We’ll see when we get there.”

“So, you haven’t been there either, El?”

She shakes her head before Liam’s even done asking.

“I feel hella special then.”

Liam and I practically shoot daggers at Zayn.

“He took you?”

Zayn chuckles and Perrie slaps his arm.

“You weren’t supposed to tell them. Besides, you know he only took you because he knew you could keep it a secret from Harry.”

I laugh as his own fiancé shoots him down, but it serves him right for being a right ass.

“Whatevs. It’s awesome, though. There should be plenty of room.”



I woke up to an intercom telling us that we had arrived in our port and the time we spent gathering our things and making it back to the car seemed like a blur. I’m finally waking up by the time we are driving on an Irish back road.

“So this is Rosslare?”

Louis nods his head, obviously still a bit sleepy from our nap.

“I can drive, babe. You drove the whole way in the UK and you look tired.”

“Nah, it’s alright Hazza. This is my surprise for you. You aren’t supposed to work for it.”

I stroke his thigh with my hand, squeezing gently.

“Nonsense, boo. Pull over and let me drive. It’s not far anyway, right?”

Louis shakes his head.

“No, it’s only about a half hour,” he yawns loudly, “Alright, fine. You can drive.”

I grin and lean over to press a soft kiss to his cheek as he pulls off of the road. I unbuckle my seatbelt and walk to the front of the car, meeting Louis in the middle.

“Thank you, by the way.”

He wraps his arms around my waist, hugging me gently, the bright headlights shining directly on us.

“For what?”

“This trip. You obviously spent a lot of time planning it out. It means a lot.”

He leans up on his toes to kiss my lips.

“You deserve every bit of it.”

I close the small space between our hips and cup his cheeks with my hands.

“Love you.”

I kiss him before he can respond, moving my lips fluidly against his as I roll my hips into him. Sure, this is a terrible place to do this, but I can’t help it since it’s the first time in ages that we have been somewhere else without the public eye watching our every move.

“Harry, c’mon. We can do this at the cabin. Let’s just get there, take a shower, or bath, and then we will do whatever your precious little heart desires.”

I peck his forehead and nod in agreement. I’ll definitely take him up on that. I walk over to the
driver’s side and slide in, buckling my seatbelt and checking that Louis does the same.

“Are you checking if I’m buckled, Mum?”

“Shut it, Lou. Yes, I am. Can’t have anything happening to my baby Lou.”

He rolls his eyes in adoration, licking his lips before leaning over and kissing my neck. He pulls away and leans on the door, staring out the window and reaching over for my hand. There is a lingering silence for a while as I cup his hand in mine.

“So, we’re going to a cabin?”

“Fucking hell. I am the absolute worst.”

I chuckle and intertwine our fingers, bring his hand up to my mouth, kissing it lightly.

Well, I can’t wait.”


Louis doesn’t fall asleep during the car ride and keeps up with the GPS the entire way. After about twenty minutes, we are driving down empty winding roads to what seems like an entirely rural area.

“Are you going to save me from monsters and killers out here, boo?”

He chuckles and continues to rub his thumb over my knuckles.

“Of course I will,” he looks at his phone and then back at the road, “put on your brights, will ya?”

I nod and turn on the fog lights as I continue down the dark, vacant road.

“Alright, turn left up there. That should be the drive.”

I put on my blinker for no one in particular and turn left onto a small dirt path.

“I sure hope you’re right because I don’t know how I’d back up if we needed to turn around.”

I chuckle nervously and continue slowly down the path. After a few hundred feet, there is a sharp curve to the right and as soon as we turn, there is a large clearing with a beautiful cottage surrounded by a picket fence and gorgeous flowers.

I can’t help but to gasp. It’s so perfect. The seclusion only makes it better because it feels like
you’re appreciating something secret; something that other people don’t get to see. I can’t wait to see it in the daylight.

“Lou, it’s absolutely stunning.”

He smiles to himself, obviously proud and I can’t say that I’m not too. This is a lot for Louis to have
planned and it’s a bit unlike him.

“I’m glad you like it, love. Let’s get inside.”

We gather our things from the trunk and approach the front door. Louis types in a code to the lock and a key falls out of the box attached to the door. I bend over to collect the key while Louis removes the box and waits for me to unlock the door.

The inside can best be described as warm and cozy: just like any cabin should be. The combination of dark and light colors create an unequivocal harmony that could lift any mood. I set down the bags I was balancing and Louis leaves the keys on the small table near the door. I flick the light switch on and take in the gorgeous, tiny living room. The soft rug in front of the fireplace looks inviting, a cushioned love-seat a few feet back.

I shrug off my coat and hang it on the free-standing rack to the right of the door, where Louis has
already left his. We smile at each other for a good thirty seconds before our bodies pull together like magnets. I lean down and nibble gently at his earlobe.

“Can we make love in front of the fire?”

He giggles against my neck and trails his hands over my ribcage.

“Some romantic sap you are-”

I pull back and do my best to give a convincing pout.


He smirks and kisses my jaw.

“You didn’t let me finish. I was gonna say, ‘good thing I am too because I can never say no to
you’, but just for being a whiny twat, I almost want to say no.”

He sticks his tongue out to tease me and I lean down quickly to capture it between my teeth. I nibble on his tongue before closing the gap between our lips. I lick along his bottom lip and he moans against my warm mouth.

“Let’s just go take a shower. I’m still nasty from when you fucked me on the boat.”

I stroll down the hall that I assume leads to the bedroom and Louis follows behind with the small
bag we had on the boat.



“It’s not a boat; it’s a ferry. There’s a difference.”

I chuckle and open the first door on the right, turning on the lights immediately. It’s a small bedroom, but I think it mainly seems that way because the bed takes up the majority of the space; which is perfect, because what else do you need the bedroom for? I walk through a short archway into a pristine white bathroom with a tub larger than the one we have at home. It’s practically a jacuzzi and it’s the perfect compliment to the cold weather.

“You’re impossible, Lou. You never stop teasing me. How about you use that pretty mouth of yours for something more suitable, huh?”

I pull my shirt off and walk over to the tub, turning the nobs so that hot water begins to fill the white porcelain.

“Hmm. Whatever could you mean?”

He taps his chin sarcastically and I stalk over to him, gripping the belt loops on his trousers. I yank his hips close to mine and cover his mouth with my lips filthily. I try so hard to keep up my dominant demeanor, but it’s just impossible to avoid smiling into a kiss with Louis. He notices the way I give and his arms snake around my waist, nails digging into my back as he slides them down to my jeans. He reaches around and unbuttons my pants, leaving them loosely on my hips as he reaches around again and slides his hands under the waistband. His hands grasp my bare bum as he kneads his fingers into my skin.

“Never put your briefs back on. Naughty boy.”

He grins and leaves a quick kiss on my chest before biting my collarbone harshly.


Then he pulls away, strutting toward the bathtub as if he hadn’t just aroused me beyond return. He pulls out a bottle of lube and sets it by the tub before leaning over and feeling the water.

“Bath’s ready.”

His tone is cheery and without strain. He slips his shirt off and I stare in awe as if he isn’t my boyfriend of four years. The real kicker is when he slides out of his trousers and pants in one motion, bending over for me to soak in every last inch of him. My breath hitches as I intently watch the perfect rise of his backside, because- fuck- he has an incredible arse.

“Are you gonna stare all day or are we taking a bath?”

I clear my throat and push my jeans off, kicking them aside along with my shoes. Louis climbs in
first and I dip my toes in to check the temperature before sliding into the hot water.

“So, what are we doing this weekend?”

My question is sarcastic and Louis knows that.

“This. Being together. Unless you’re already tired of me.”

I scoff and scoop Louis into my arms, pulling him to me so that he’s seated on my lap, straddling my thighs.

“A little, but I think I can handle one more weekend.”

A flash of terror runs through Louis’ eyes, as if he doesn’t catch on to my satirical tone. I brush his long fringe aside and kiss his lips.

“I could never get tired of you. I want to be doing this when were ninety years old. Well, I suppose
you’d be ninety and I’d still only be in my eighties.”

Louis laughs sardonically.

“Stop trying to make me feel old, babe.”

He kisses me and I lightly press my fingers against his bum, spreading him ever so slightly. He mewls against my lips.

“Do you mean it?”

My eyes are shut in desirous focus.

“Mean what?”

“That you want to be with me until we’re old.”

I open my eyes fully and stare at him in disbelief.

“Are you kidding, Lou? I want to be with you forever.”

I press my fingers against him harder and he moans again, his hands crawling up my arms and hooking around my neck.

“Forever is a long time.”

His tone is serious and it almost comes out as a warning.

“More like not long enough.”

He’s glowing; smiling more than I ever thought possible and I begin to wonder if he thought I had
any other intentions: than to stay with him forever.

I wouldn’t survive long.

I reach over with one hand as he kisses me, leaving the other against his arse, my fingertips
tickling his hole. I pull that hand away as well so that I can pour a generous amount of lube on my fingers. I ball my hand in a fist to maintain as much lube in my hand as it is submersed in the water. I lay my hand flat against Louis’ entrance and lather with lubricant before pressing one fingertip barely past his rim.

“Shit- Harry, I love you.”

I grin and breathe heavily as he moves his lips to my neck, already rocking his hips down onto my finger. His hardening cock skims across mine and I grown harder with every movement. He sucks my skin between his teeth, running his tongue along the sensitive bruise forming on my neck. I open him impatiently, but gently as always. By the time I have three fingers comfortably inside of him, he’s practically screaming for me to hurry.

“Now, Hazz. Please-“

I nod breathlessly and uncap the lube again, pouring more in my hand. I lift us both above the water and spread the liquid along my length. Louis moves up so that he is squatting over me in the tub, spreading his ass apart. He holds my gaze as he slowly guides himself onto my cock as I hold it firmly below him. As he slowly sinks down, both of our mouths drop from the initial surges of pleasure.

He’s practically fully seated by the time my legs give out and I lower back down in the tub. Louis rests on his knees and takes me in the rest of the way, clutching my shoulders for support. I cry out helplessly as he lifts up and immediately slams back down on my lap.

“Oh my god! Louis!”

My voice sounds wrecked and both of us are glimmering from the heat and moisture around us. My hair is stuck to my forehead and Louis leans forward to kiss me, but it ends up with our mouths just hovering next to each other as he bounces in a quick rhythm. I can’t formulate actual words, but I also don’t stop making noise. I can’t.

“Harry, oh fuck, please- touch me.”

I nod and waste no time in fisting his erection in matching succession with his hips.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!”

I buck my hips up and a strangled cry emits his lips as I hit his prostate again and again. I feel absolutely worn out, but the sounds coming from Louis and the sight of his glistening body on top
of me could keep me going for hours. Except that I’m so fucking close to coming.


“I know- me too!”

He can always tell by the way my motions change and my breathing shifts. His chest rises and falls frantically and he leans over again, resting his slick forehead against mine.

I move my hand quickly, but slow my upward thrusts, leaving Louis to roll his hips against mine with me deep inside of him, sending me over the edge. I spill into him and choke back tears of overwhelming passion. Louis cries out a loud ‘I love you, ‘arry’ as he comes hard across my chest, a bit landing on my chin and the back of the tub.

After moments of laying on top of me, completely blissed out, Louis begins to wash us both off. I’m
hardly coherent and feel myself slowly fading away as he washes my hair. After we’re both clean, Louis gathers towels from the closet and wraps one around his hips before holding one out for me. I stand up and pull the plug so that the bath water can drain, stepping onto the cold time to be wrapped in a white cloth towel. Louis retrieves our toothbrushes and we reluctantly brush our teeth before leaving the bathroom.

We dry off lazily and collapse onto the fluffy, white bed. When we crawl under the blankets, Louis pulls me close to him so that we are only occupying the middle of the bed. He strokes my damp hair and I rest my palm and head against his warm chest, listening to his steady heartbeat.
My eyes are shut and my breathing has steadied when I am nearly asleep, dreams already beginning to fog my mind when I hear Louis’ last words of the night; words that perhaps I’m not meant to hear.

“I can’t wait to spend forever with you.”


THANK YOU FOR BEING PATIENT <3 I'm sorry I've taken forever. I've been soooo busy!

Anyway, my birthday is on Friday (feb. 28) and I'm so freaking excited. It's my 21st and here in the states that is like THE birthday. I'll update this again asap.. but I can't promise I'll be sober much this weekend. :P hehe

anyway, I know that this chapter was sorta a filler, but it's all leading up to the big proposal and the final chapters of this book!!! Only three more to go + an epilogue! THEN, I will begin writing the sequel,


so make sure you subscribe.
Love you guys!!! xx

THIS is the cabin Louis and Harry are staying in <3 :


Love this

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