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Behind Closed Doors {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 46


“Louis, we’ve been driving west for hours! I give up. Where are we going?”

I roll my eyes because Harry has been trying to guess where we are going for the past three hours. We’re only about an hour out of Pembroke and then we take a ferry from there to Rosslare, Ireland. After that, we’re only a short cab ride away from the cabin we’ll call home for the weekend. I like to think of it as a pre-engagement honeymoon. Assuming that he says yes, that is. I would feel strange to be so presumptuous. No, if anything, I’m more afraid he’ll say no. What if he thinks the timing isn’t right? I hope he understands that me proposing doesn’t mean that we must rush wedding plans. I just want to give him something to look forward to; to remind him of why we deal with so much shit: because our love is real. So real, in fact, that I’m willing to make a fool of myself in front of every last one of our friends and family members.

“Louuuu, please tell me!”

I reach over and squeeze his thigh so that he flinches in surprise.

“I’m not telling, babe. Just take a nap or something. We’ll be there before you know it.”

He huffs and crosses his arms over his chest. He’s reminding me of myself as a little boy whenever my mum would take us on road trips. ‘Are we there yet? Are we there yet?’ That’s what Harry sounds like. It’s sort of adorable, though, so I could never actually chastise him for it. He curls his knees up to his chest and obviously finds that uncomfortable since his legs go on for miles. He turns his body toward me and stretches his legs back out. I face the road, keeping my focus as the sun starts to set. I can feel Harry’s eyes on me, though, and I reach my hand over, tracing little circles on his arm as he continues to stare at me. When I glance over at him, he closes his eyes tightly and moves his arm so that he can clutch my hand in his. He pulls my hand close to his chest and cuddles against it like a little puppy. More like an awkward, over-sized puppy; but, you get the picture. I can feel his body slowly start to relax as he begins to fall asleep.

“Love you a lot, Lou.”

He slurs his words together in a soft, content sigh as he drifts off.

“Love you more, Haz.”

Harry sleeps restlessly in the car and after about twenty minutes of him laying on my arm, it goes entirely numb, but I can’t bring myself to move it. We’re only about a half an hour from our destination and even though I don’t have any actually feeling in my hand, it feels nice to have him so close to me. I can feel the steady beating of his heart through his thin, grey t-shirt and it’s almost a comfort to know that it belongs to me. Well, obviously not his physical heart, but; fuck, I’m getting sentimental and sappy again.

The rest of the drive goes by quickly since it’s only the final stretch of a four hour drive. The sun has set completely and the moon shines brightly above us. I can actually sees the stars over here and it’s stunning. I pull the car up to the short line of people signing in. I put the car in park and stare at Harry for a few moments. His soft skin is slightly flushed along his cheeks and his mouth is parted, gentle breaths coming and going. I grin to myself at his perfect, relaxed features before checking the time. We only have twenty minutes to get to the ferry and these old folks are taking forever to show their tickets and papers. I suppose they won’t leave with a line of cars like this.
Finally, I pull up to the security gate and roll down the window, hoping Harry doesn’t wake up. It’s sort of exciting to think that he’ll wake up and we’ll be on a boat. An older gentleman approaches my open window and begins a loud greeting, until I widen my eyes in motion toward my snoring boyfriend.

“Oh, so very sorry. Tickets and passports please?”

He practically whispers this time and I chuckle to myself. With my right arm, the one Harry isn’t
sprawled across, I reach into the back seat, pulling our passports and tickets out of the front pocket. I made sure to be as organized as possible without Harry’s help. He’ll be proud.

“Here you go.”

I smile kindly and the man takes the papers from my hand, skimming over both. He pauses as he looks at Harry’s passport.

“Harry Styles? Why does that name ring a bell?”

I hum in faux wonder.

“No idea. Common name, I suppose.”

It isn’t a common name. I guess Harry is, at least. I don’t feel tense or nervous, though, like I usually do when Harry or I are recognized in public. Maybe I’ve just stopped caring so much since Harry is the only thing that matters to me right now. Well, that may be a little drastic. He’s just very important, especially lately.

The man nods, still mulling it all over in his head, but he smiles kindly through his confusion.

“Have a good trip, Mr. Tomlinson.”

“Thank you, sir. Stay warm out here.”

It really is cold outside, but it always is on this coast.

“Thanks so much.”

I drive slowly along the road, following the signs that direct me toward the ferry. My numb arm starts to tingle and I glance over to see Harry shifting around uneasily. We finally drive over a small bump that begins the short ramp leading to the boat. I pull forward and park as directed by an attendant before unbuckling my seatbelt and wiggling my trapped arm a bit.

“Harry, babe. We’re here. Time to wakey.”

I mentally slap myself for the baby talk. I hate how hopelessly pathetic he makes me.

“Hmm? Where ar’we, Lou?”

He opens his eyes ever so slightly, probably first noticing the dim lights of the parking garage.

“We’re running off to the colonies, never to return.”

Harry’s eyes widen in shock, glassy and red-rimmed from recently waking up. I can’t help but to laugh hysterically at his momentary lapse in judgement at believing my ludicrous words.

“Fuck you, babe. Where are we really?”

I try to stop my laughter, but end up speaking through it.

“We’re on a ferry. We’re going to Ireland for the weekend.”

Harry’s lips curl slowly into a smile that I wish I could stop time to stare at forever.

“Where in Ireland? Are we staying at a hotel? Or like a cute B&B? Ohh! Or maybe we’re camping-“

“Hush, love.”

I stop his anxious words by covering his mouth with my hand.

“One thing at a time. We have a few hours on this here boat and I have a few things planned. You don’t want to mess up my plans, do you?”

Harry’s jaw goes slack, his eyes darkening and filling with lust. I wink and playfully pinch his side.

“Didn’t think so.”

I step out of the car, opening the back door to pull out the duffel bag with the... items I would like to use. Harry is quite slow getting out of the car, stretching out as soon as he stands up, but he’s much more responsive at my mention of sexual plans. Actually, I didn’t even mention the sexual part, he just assumed... Correctly, I might add.

“C’mon, Lou,” he walks over to my side of the car and tries to take the duffel from me, but I don’t allow it. He stands behind me and slides his hands down my sides, slowly making his way down to the edge of my trousers. He leans down and flicks his tongue over my earlobe briefly, “better hurry up and get me somewhere private.”

His whisper sends chills through my body and I gulp loudly.

“Yeah, let’s, um, go check in.”

I hate how easily he can get me so riled up when I’m trying to make him antsy and desperate. Scratch that; I love it.


After we’ve checked in, I lead the way to our suite. I have to gain the upper hand again because I have very specific plans for this evening and they involve me being domineering, which isn’t possible when Harry continues to make me weak and needy by constantly skimming his bum over my crotch in the elevator. Or maybe by distracting me from finding the room number by stuffing his hand in my back pocket, kneading at my bum.

I can feel myself blushing and I slap his hand, much harder than expected, but I think it got the point across.

“Stop it, Harry. You are far from in charge tonight.”

He bites his bottom lip and I notice that the numbers are going down and that we are, in fact, only a few doors away from ours. I wink cockily and walk faster to the door, leaving Harry to follow behind. He doesn’t have to make as much of an effort, though, with his lengthy legs.
I come face to face with our door and pull the key out of my pocket, sliding the card in easily and waiting for the light to turn green on the doorknob before pushing it open.
I hold the door open, but Harry stands in the hallway, looking down at his phone, unaware of anything else.

“No phones, love.”

I reach over and snatch his phone from his hands, locking it and slipping it into the duffel. Harry stands with his hands in front of him, newly empty.

“I was texting Gemma!”

I roll my eyes and wave him in.

“She can wait.”

Harry scoffs and lets it go easily, walking into the spacious room. Well, it’s spacious for a boat.

“So, what exactly are we doing?”

He plops onto the king-sized bed and I tut disapprovingly at him.

“Nuh uh, baby. Get up.”

Harry raises an eyebrow suggestively and I set the bag down on the floor, opening it up enough to pull out the tight, black, lacy shorts I bought for him. He tries to peak into the bed, but I zip it shut immediately.

“Go into the bathroom and put these on. Nothing else, okay? Can you do that for me?”

Harry stares at the skimpy knickers and nods slowly.

“Yeah, Lou. Anything for you.”

He moves forward in an attempt to kiss me, but I back away, holding the small laced material out in front of me.

“Come back when you’re done.”

He fights a grin and takes the clothing out of my hand.

“Yes, sir.”

God, he’s already loving this and I haven’t even touched him yet. The bathroom door shuts behind him and I hurry to get everything else ready. I kick my shoes and socks off, keeping all my clothes on. Then, I take out three items: a bottle of lubricant, a purple vibrating butt plug, and a camera.

I lay the lube and plug on the nightstand next to the bed, but hold the camera in my hand, turning it on. Harry and I spent a bit of money on this camera when we realized how much we loved taking pictures of each other. Specifically, while having sex. It actually stays in the drawer next to our bed; we have iPhones to take pictures of other things. These are the pictures we want to have the best quality. Sure, that’ll probably change when we have kids one day, but we’ll worry about that then. For now, this camera has a memory card full of incriminating photos of Harry and I in unseemly positions. This camera could be considered my most prized possession; if you don’t count Harry himself. He’s more than a possession, though - So much more.

“Lou? Can I come out now?”

Of course he’s asking permission, even though I told him to come out when he’s done.

“Yeah, babe. I’m ready for you.”

The door creaks open slowly and I hold the camera up to my face, shutting one eye so that I can look through the tiny viewfinder. As soon as Harry steps out, his arms draping down at his sides, I snap a few shots.

“What the-“

I smirk and pull the camera away from my face, finally getting a good look at my boyfriend.


I can’t think of anything else to say. He looks absolutely stunning. A million times better than I even dreamed he would. His tattoos stand out against his torso and arms, with only the simple black lingerie to contrast. The fabric hugs his slim hips perfectly, staying tight around his pale thighs. His bulge is protruding more than in any of the advertisement pictures. He looks like he’s already semi-hard and I can feel my mouth watering at the sight.

“How do I look?”

He walks toward me, shyly crossing one arm over his chest and grabbing his bicep. I force myself to take more pictures, even though I really would like to simply stare. I’ll be glad I took them later, though.

“You look so fucking good, Harry. I can’t even- just- wow.”

He finally makes his way across the room, after I had to watch him strut at a painstakingly slow pace, his lanky arms swaying like a high-fashion model. He stands in front of me, legs close together, in the stance he typically stands in. He tucks a stray hair behind my ear and I watch his eyes closely as he speaks.

“Why the camera? We haven’t used it in forever... Not that I’m complaining.”

I grin and lean forward, kissing his chest briefly.

“Maybe I was a little jealous to think of some photographer in Milan snapping shots of you in your pants all day.”

Harry smirks and rests his hands on my clothed hips, gently pressing his erection against my stomach.

“So you decided to take it a step further? Take pictures of me in girls’ underwear?”

I stomp my foot in sarcastic debate.

“I will have you know that they are technically men’s lingerie.”

Harry smiles in defeat and I can feel his hot breath as he inches his lips closer to mine.

“I would have worn whatever you gave me.”

“I’ll remember that for future reference.”

Harry chuckles and closes the distance between our mouths, kissing me slowly and with intense passion. He breaks away momentarily, working at the button on my jeans.

“Besides, I assume you’ll get some angles that those photographers could only dream of getting; am I right?”

I roll my eyes as he tugs my trousers and pants down in one drag.

“Don’t be so full of yourself, love-“ he pecks my lips softly and I grin against him, “but, yes. I will
get some very flattering angles that are out of everyone else’s realm of possibility.”

I hook a finger under the thin lace along Harry’s hipbones and pull him back slowly toward the bed. I kiss his collarbone along the way, biting on it as soon as I feel my calves hit the bed. I hold the camera tightly in one hand as Harry’s slender fingers trail along my shirt, bunching it up at the bottom and pulling it over my head. I set the camera down in the middle of the mattress and remove my arms from the sleeves before falling back onto the blankets.

As Harry plants his palms on the bed, lifting his knees up to crawl toward me, I bring the camera up so that the lens can capture his flawless body, but I don’t try to look through the viewer. I’m much too captivated to bother with capturing high quality pictures.

The moment his body is pressed against mine, I nearly forget about the camera entirely. I’m only reminded when he straddles my hips, dragging his clothed member against mine in a painfully slow, seductive rhythm. He just looks so fucking hot, the dark ink dominating his milky skin; I have to take pictures. He runs his hands up his chest, putting on a show for me. It takes everything within me to not screw my eyes shut in pleasure. His fingers trail through his hair, tugging on the curly strands impatiently and rocking his pelvis faster. He looks like a fucking porn star, his lips parted to make way for breathy moans.

“Jesus, Harry,” I grip his hips and push him to the right, immediately rolling on top of him, “don’t forget who’s in charge here, baby.”

He groans at my words and I brace his lips with mine, pushing him into the mattress farther. I balance on my arm and continue to kiss him, snapping pictures from an awkward angle. Harry seems to notice and grabs the camera, taking it out of my hand. I rest my palm back on the sheets and he continues to take pictures, most of which I can’t tell the focus; they’re probably of my ass. I grind against the lace of his lingerie roughly and glide my tongue along his bottom lip slowly.

“Mmm-Lou. Please, no more teasing.”

I chuckle and halt my hips.

“Okay, baby. Scoot up for me, yeah?”

He nods obediently and I remove my body from his. He scoots up to the pillows and lays back, skimming his palm over his now-solid bulge. I grin and roll over toward the nightstand, collecting both the plug and the lubricant. I crawl down to Harry’s legs and place the items to the left of his feet. I sit on my knees in front of him, pulling his knees apart from each other and propping his legs up so that his feet are flat on the covers.

“Hand me a pillow?”

He nods again and pull an extra one from beside his head. I take it from him and lightly pat his bum for him to raise his hips. He follows my silent instruction and I place the pillow in the space under him. He lowers back down and wiggles his hips to get comfortable. I lean forward and place a gentle, open-mouthed kiss against the area between his balls and his hole. Harry shivers and releases a shaky breath.


“Shhh. I know, babe.”

I grab the camera from where he left it in the middle of the bed and take a shot of the beautiful view that only I am allowed to enjoy. I set the camera down again and slot my fingers under the elastic band of his extremely short shorts. I pull them down quickly, unable to hold back any longer. It doesn’t help that I’ve been thinking of this the entire four-hour drive. Harry hisses as the cold air hits his manhood. His reaction is opposite of mine because I’m nothing but hot right now. I leave the laced shorts on the edge of the bed and lean forward to lick a thick stripe up the underside of his cock. Harry’s legs shake uncontrollably and I smile as my eyes reach his face. He looks completely wrecked already. This deserves yet another picture.

I open him up slowly, beginning with my tongue and adding three fingers along with it. I feel
beyond impatient by the time I slick my own throbbing cock with lube and slowly guide myself into him. I take picture after picture, expecting most to be blurry in my euphoric state. My favorite ones, though, are of Harry’s face while I slowly jab against his prostate over and over until there are tears dotting the corners of his eyes. I capture the muscles in his chest and arms contracting, his face contorting in immense ecstasy as he comes untouched all over his torso, a bit splattering on his chin. His walls pulsate around me and I quickly spiral into a pleasure I cannot possibly return from. I’m sputtering curses and coming hard as he tries to steady his breath. As I ride out my orgasm, I collapse on his sticky chest, our bodies sliding together in a mixture of sweat and come. I finish and lay my head on his shoulder, remaining in that spot for what seems like an eternity: an eternity that could never be long enough. I lift up slightly, licking the bit of spunk off of his chin before kissing him sloppily.

“I love you, Harry. I can never explain how much I love you.”

Harry has tears in his eyes, but these aren’t tears of pleasure; they’re tears of inexplicable

“You don’t have to explain it to me, Louis. I love you the same.”

I smile and kiss him again, slowly pulling out. I quickly slick up the plug before I forget and hold the camera in my other hand. I snap a few pictures of Harry in his completely ruined state before capturing his fluttering hole with bits of my come dripping out. I replace the emptiness inside him with the plug and he hisses from the sensitivity. I put the camera down and lay next to him, collecting his larger body in my slim arms.

“Can’t wait to see those shots. You look gorgeous.”

I kiss his forehead and rest my hand on his chest, which is still sticky.

“I’m gonna get a towel to clean us up and then we can take a nap. How’s that sound?”

Harry’s eyes are already flickering shut, but he smiles and nods faintly. I kiss his chest briefly before retrieving a damp washcloth from the bathroom, simply replaying the past hour in my mind.

This weekend is going to be flawless.

The rest of my life with him is going to be flawless.


Hello guys <3

Sorry I've taken so long to update!!! Please forgive me :*

Anyway there isn't much to say about this chapter in ways of story plot lol. It was just a sexy filler ;) Hope you enjoyed!! x

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Here's Harry's lingerie ;) ;)


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