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Behind Closed Doors {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 29


“Hazz! You have to see this!”

I sit in my bed, on top of the covers. Harry and I just took a lovely shower and I still haven’t gotten dressed completely. Harry is brushing his teeth when he appears in the doorway with a towel draped low around his hips. When I see him, I almost forget why I called him in here.

“What, Lou?”

I snap myself out of it and look back at my phone, laughing once again when I see the email.

“Jason saw the video.”

I smirk at Harry and his lips curl into a devious grin. He holds his finger up for me to wait a second as he turned back to the bathroom. I hear the faucet run and he spits a few times before re-appearing. He hurries over and flops on the bed excitedly, his towel opening enough for me to get distracted again.

“Okay, let’s read this.”

I shake my head again, trying to focus my attention on something besides Harry’s dick. I look back at my phone and grin as I start to read it aloud.

“Dearest Larry,”

This is already hilarious.

“Could you please stop being pains in my ass and sticking to just being a pain in each other’s asses? I see you’ve gotten started on that. However, your fucking fans hack everything, so could you please keep your fucking dicks in your pants in my building? Leave it for the privacy of your homes. Don’t make me regret this shit.”

Harry is currently rolling in laughter and I’m having trouble finishing the email. Jason’s never sounded so unprofessional.

“Enjoy your weekend because Harry will be in in Milan for a week starting Monday. We’re waiting to hear back from Cara on her availability and if she’s unavailable, we will find someone else to send with you. Don’t forget about your meeting with Armani on Friday at noon. I’m going to go wash my eyes with soap now. Thanks for that.
Insincerely, Jason.”

The laughter receded a bit when I read the part about Harry leaving, but it picked back up when he mentioned washing his eyes. Harry smiles at me and pecks me on the cheek.

“I think we’ve accomplished something grand.”

“I agree.”

I lean over and rest my head on Harry’s chest as he plays with my damp hair.

“How about we have the guys over tomorrow night for dinner? We haven’t spent time with them in a while.”

“Are you cooking?”

I know he’s being sarcastic, so I just laugh.

“Well, you’re at least helping, Lou.”

“You’ll have to convince me.”

He hums and I feel it vibrate through his chest.

“I’d love to.”

Before I can even sit up, he flips himself over, rolling onto me. His bare chest on mine causes my thin boxers to get tighter. I reach down and in one motion rip the towel off of him, tossing it to the side and it lands on the edge of the mattress.

“Hold on, let me text the lads before we get carried away.”
He sighs and allows me to move ever so slightly to reach for my phone. I create a group message.

*TO: Niall; Zayn; Liam
We would like to cordially invite you to dinner tomorrow night at my place. 7 pm work? Okay, turning my phone off. Don’t bother us ;)
<3 Lou & Hazza*

I place my phone back on the nightstand after ensuring its silence. I roll over and push Harry onto his back, rolling onto him to take over. He grins and lifts his head up to kiss me. His lips move against mine and I groan in anticipation as I feel him harden under me. He brings his mouth to my ear, hissing gently.

“You just can’t get enough of me today, can you love?”

“Never can, Harry.”

I dig my hips into his and the friction is heavenly.

“I want you to ride me, Lou.”

I guess it is time to give his bum a break. I like bottoming on top. It makes me feel in control and submissive at the same time.

“I like when you tell me what you want, Hazz. Such a turn on.”

I kiss him again and reach over to the nightstand on his side, pulling out a small bottle of lube. He snatches it out of my hand, breaking our kiss. He sets the bottle down on the bed and tugs at my boxers. I prop myself up on my knees and he pulls them down my thighs and I lift one leg at a time to remove them completely. Once I’m free, he takes my length in his hand and starts to slowly stroke it.

“Oh, god.”

I moan loudly and he quickens the pace, sitting up and kissing me as he does. His other hand holds my cheek softly, brushing my almost dry hair behind my ear.

“Tell me how that feels, Lou.”

“Feels SO fucking good, Harry.”

I groan again and start to roll my hips again into his large fingers. After another minute, I stop him by holding his wrist and pulling his hand away. He gets my intentions and grabs the bottle of lubricant, pouring a decent amount in his palm. He rubs it between both hands and with one, he strokes himself, lathering his member generously. With his other hand, he reaches around to my bottom, pulling my cheeks apart and slipping one finger into me. He spreads some of the gel around me and doesn’t take very long prepping me. I don’t mind one bit.

I sit up farther and position myself over his throbbing length and he holds it in place as I lower myself onto him. He’s big. I haven’t had him inside me since... well, since that awful night last week. This time, though, I look at the softness in his eyes and I know I have nothing to worry about. He brings both of his slick hands to my hips and guides me as I slowly pull myself up his long member and back down. He fills me completely and there’s still plenty of him to go. I start to bounce and is hands easily slide up and down my body, making it slimy with the lubricant left on them.

“Oh, Jesus Lou. Fuck. You’re so tight.”

I try to speak, but only moans emit, followed by gasps and hissing.

I rest my hands on his chest and lower my face to meet his, kissing him softly. I let him sink into me deeper and once I feel his thighs touch my ass, I keep him there, focusing on his lips. I rock back and forth, feeling his member massage my prostate and I start to lose my mind. I sit back up and continue to ride him, holding his hands on my hips. He wriggles one free and holds my length in his hand, pumping it roughly as I quicken my pace. Soon enough, I feel myself reaching my climax and he starts to ram his hips upwards. I can tell he’s close as he moans my name over and over, cursing under his breath.

“Shit, Hazz, I’m gonna come!”

I warn him so he has the choice to stop me from exploding on his chest, but he pumps me more vigorously and I feel his release inside of me as I scream and spill over in his hand, cum sliding down his arm and onto his chest. I rock back and forth a few times before dismounting him and collapsing in his arms.

“I think we’re gonna need another shower.”



I already regret sending Louis to the store in my place. His voice booms through the phone speaker.

Harry! I don’t know what that is!

“It’s an herb. Go to the spices and look for Tarragon.”

He’s silent and after a couple minutes, I hear him speak again.

Ohhhh. I found it. Is that the last thing you need?

“Yes, that’s it. Thank you, Lou. Get your pretty ass back here.”

Yes, sir.”

I chuckle and hang up, returning my attention to the stove. I stir the rice and check on the chicken. I didn’t feel like baking, so Louis is bringing back a pie. I hope it’s good; I’m not too confident with his grocery shopping skills. I reach for the salt and pour a bit onto the vegetables. I set it on the counter, but it spills everywhere.


I grab a plate and start to push the salt off of the counter with my hand. I small line of white crystals is left on the granite and when I notice it, unwanted thoughts rush through my mind and my skin starts to itch. I haven’t even thought about cocaine since I got it out of my system. Why now? Why do I want it? I scratch my arms anxiously and sit on the floor. The feeling has completely overtaken my body and I start to shake. It seems like hours, but after a few minutes, Louis walks into the flat. He runs over to me and kneels at my side.

“Harry! Are you alright?”

I look into his eyes and try to bring myself back to reality.

“J-Just craving.”

He looks at the counter and sees the spilled salt.

“Harry, listen to me. You’re fine, alright? You don’t need that! You have me. Look at me; I’m right here!”

I listen to every word he says and hang on to them as I feel my breathing balance out. I stop shaking and reach my arms out to him. He collects me in a tight hug and I feel tears stream from my eyes, blurring my vision.

“God, Lou. Why am I so fucked up?”

“You’re not, Harry. I’m proud of you for getting out when you did. It’s okay, love. I’ve got you.”

I sob on his shoulder and hold him close.

“I don’t deserve you, Lou.”

“I love you so damn much, Harry. Nothing could ever change that.”

I force a smile and he pulls away, wiping the tears running down my cheeks.

“I love you more than you’ll ever know, Louis.”

He smiles kindly and looks back at the stove.

“C’mon Hazz. Let’s finish dinner. I did promise you I’d help.”



*knock knock*

Louis appears at the door and hugs each of us as we walk in.

“So good to see you guys again.”

I smile and his eyes shift to meet mine nervously. I could guess that he didn’t want me to bring up this weekend.

“Yeah, it’s been too long. We haven’t seen either of you in forever!”

I walk over to Harry, who is leaning against the kitchen counter looking a hell of a lot better than the last time I saw him. I hug him and whisper into his shoulder.

“I’m so glad it all worked out.”

I pull away and he’s grinning uncontrollably.

“Me too.”

His glance shoots to Louis and I can tell that everything is okay.

“So, what’s for dinner.”

Harry rolls his eyes and walks over to Niall, hugging him as he responds.

“Sit down and you’ll find out.”

He hugs Zayn and walks back to the kitchen as we sit at the table, which is already made. Plates are set out for each of us,
napkins and utensils next to it.

“I made the table.”

Louis looks proud of himself and we all chuckle. Zayn gives him a high five.

“Good for you, Lou.”

“What are we drinking tonight?”

Harry calls out from the kitchen.

“Wine! I have a bottle that’ll go perfectly with the food.”

He appears again, balancing two large dishes in his hands.

“Unless you guys want something else.”

We all shake our heads and Niall answers.

“Wine sounds good to me.”

Once Louis has retrieved glasses and Harry has the wine and food set out, they both sit down. We pass the bottle and pour a bit in each of our glasses. We each take a piece of chicken, some rice, and vegetables on our plates. We make conversation as we eat.

“Really good, Harry.”

Louis looks offended and shoots a glare at Zayn.

“Hey, I helped!”

Everyone chuckles and Louis eventually joins.

“So, Louis. How was France?”

Louis’ gaze moves from Niall to Harry and back to Niall.

“Hasn’t been the best month of our lives. Glad I’m back though.”

“We are, too. Harry was quite the grump.”

Niall doesn’t realize what he’s doing, but Harry looks embarrassed. Zayn seems to notice the awkward looks exchanged and I
see his curiosity peak. Thankfully, he looks at me before speaking and I subtly shake my head in disapproval. I decide it’s a good time to change the subject.

“We should do something fun next week!”

This doesn’t seem to change the mood. Harry looks at Louis and Louis speaks for him.

“Harry here is now an underwear model. He’ll be in Italy.”

Everyone exchanges glances now and Zayn ignores my pleading looks advising him not to speak.

“What’s going on exactly?”

Harry drops his fork and runs his fingers through his hair.

“I have a cocaine addiction.”

Everyone looks around awkwardly and Louis holds Harry’s hand in his own. Niall looks completely shocked and Zayn rests his
hand on Harry’s shoulder.

“I could tell you’ve been acting strange.”

That’s really not helpful, Zayn.

“Well, I’m getting through it now. With Louis’ help. And Liam’s.”

“What the hell? Liam knew, but Zayn and I didn’t?”

“Hey, I only found out the other day and I just cleaned up his flat.”

Harry grins at me solemnly.

“You did more than that, Li. Thank you.”

I nod and turn back to my food as Louis speaks.

“He’s not doing it anymore-“

“No, but I started craving it today and I’ve realized it’s going to be harder than I expected. I’ll need you guys’ help and I don’t
know why I didn’t tell you sooner. You probably could have done a lot more than I did for myself. I’m sorry if I acted like a dick.”

“It’s alright, Hazz. We just figured you missed Louis.”

“I did, yeah. I just handled it the wrong way.”

He takes a sip from his wine and I can see that his hand is shaking. He didn’t want to tell them because he didn’t want everyone to be as disappointed in him as he is in himself.

“Harry,” I pause and wait for him to look at me, “I’m proud of you.”

“We all are.”

Niall smiles and continues looks at his empty plate. Harry smiles and for a second, I think I see a glisten in his eyes; probably a tear. He sniffs it away and stands up smiling.

“Who’s ready for dessert?”


Hello!! <3 Hope you guys liked this chapter! :D Poor Hazz :( If you guys haven't already, check out my new Niall fic, Mistake! :D I'm only done with three chapters, but I really like it so far! I think you will, too ;)

What do you think will happen when Harry goes to Milan? Will he be alright without Louis?

AHHH look at this picture. Larry <3


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