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Behind Closed Doors {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 28


Louis and I sit in Jason’s office, waiting for him to show up. I tap my foot on the floor nervously until Louis rests his hand on my knee, calming me immediately.

“Hazz, what are you nervous about? It’s gonna be fine.”

“I don’t know. I’m just afraid he’s gonna change his mind.”

“Even so, the worse that can happen is it goes back to how it was.”

I force a grin and finally look into Louis’ eyes. He looks anxious too; he’s just better at hiding it.

“I guess so. I just want things to be how they should be.”

“Well, that’s not gonna happen until our contract’s up. You know that.”

I sigh. I do know that. I think about it all the time. However, I can’t help but to fear that prospect at the same time. I want to be with Louis more than anything. I would rather die than to live a life without him. I just can’t stop wondering how people will react. Louis is fearless. I admire his courage so much. I really do have to admit to myself that it’s really just my dad holding me back. I know we aren’t the closest of people, but I still look up to him in a weird way and he doesn’t know about any of this. I know I need to tell him. My mum says he’ll support me, but I’m skeptical. The thing is, when I ask myself if I’d rather lose Louis than face my father, the answer is obvious. The opening of the door snaps me away from my thoughts. Louis squeezes my knee as Jason appears in front of us, walking behind his desk with a cup of coffee.

“Hello, boys. How are my favorite closeted gays?”

Louis scoffs. I really hate Jason.

“Can we skip the pleasantries, Jason? Or un-pleasantries in your case?”

“Oh, wow. Harry, I don’t know if you’re in the position to call the shots.”

He grins widely. He’s too happy. His mood is too light. This is what I feared.

“Get on with it.”

Louis pulls his hand back from my leg and rests it on his armrest, his leg shaking restlessly now.

“I’d like to show you guys something I gathered from the security office.”


“I think you’ll find this interesting.”

He turns his computer screen towards us and turns the volume up to a deafening level. It’s the camera in the lift. The picture is fuzzy, but you can clearly see Cara and I walk through the open doors. Static consumes the speakers, until the doors shut. My mind races, trying to remember what Cara and I said in the elevator yesterday. I don’t remember. Then, it hits me, but it’s too late.

“I’m nervous-“

“Shhh. Me too. I just hope he doesn’t realize it’s fake.”

Shit. I see the two of us standing there, laughing nervously as we wait to reach Jason’s office.

“Here goes nothing.”

. Louis looks at me and then we turn our gaze to Jason, who is sitting proudly with his arms crossed.

“So, you thought you could trick me?”

We sit in complete silence for a few seconds and I try to hide my shock. Suddenly, it hits me.

“Why does it matter if it’s coke or not? The picture exists; You thought it was real until that conversation. You think the media wouldn’t go crazy with it?”

Instantly, his face falls. He looks defeated and I feel relief sweep over me.

“Fine. We’ll proceed.”

He tries to hide his disappointment, but it’s written all over his expression. I reach over and grab Louis’ hand, letting them both fall into his lap.

“I have new contracts here as a revision of the original.”

He slides two pieces of paper across the desk, but mine looks a hell of a lot longer than Louis’.

“Why are they different?”

Louis looks puzzled as he sits up to get a better look. They’ve always been the same.

“Glad you asked, Louis. Harry’s has some extra stipulations. We will help you if you play along.”

I pick up the paper and hold it between Louis and I so we can read it together, but I mumble the important bits under my breath.

“... required to attend one weekly event... monthly appearance with Cara...temporary modeling contract with Armani? What’s that for?”

Jason folds his hands and rests them on his desk. What does modeling have to do with any of this?

“To keep a heterosexual image.”

“By modeling? How does that work?”

Louis scoffs and lets his eyes shift between Jason and my pending contract.

“He will be modeling underwear. With women.”


Louis and I speak at the same time and I feel my blood pressure rise. I give him an answer immediately.

“No way, Jason. The womanizer image is quite enough; that’s just overboard.”

“Harry, be reasonable. You don’t have that much leeway here. Sure, the picture, but we agreed to work together on this. I don’t think it’s too much to ask. It’s not like you’re sleeping with these women. They’re models. It’s their job.”

I refuse to do that to Louis. Surely, he’s still not comfortable about what Cara and I did; hell, he will never be comfortable with it and neither will I. Pictures of me posing in such a way will only make that worse. Doesn’t that collide with the idea of them helping us.

“No, Jason, I wo-“

Louis cuts me off, putting his hand on my shoulder.

“It’s fine.”


Jason is grinning, but I can’t hide my shock.

“Harry, it’s the only way. It’s just modeling. You have to see me kissing Eleanor all the time. This will be the same.”

I can’t believe what I’m hearing. I don’t want to do this and I know it won’t be healthy for Louis and I.

“Louis, it’s worse, though. I-“

“Harry, just sign the contract.”

He looks upset, but I know that he’s right. It is the only way. Without Jason’s help, we’ll hardly see each other. This is just the next best thing. Louis picks up his contract and we read them both over multiple times, making sure to read all of the fine print. It’s the usual: full access to social media, ability to speak in their behalf, permission to schedule interviews with whoever they please. These things are really difficult to get around, so we really have no choice. After several minutes, Jason calls in a witness. Louis takes the pen off of the desk and scribbles his name on the dotted line, after which the witness signs and stamps the proof of her presence. I raise a shaky hand and do the same, signing to things I don’t agree with, as always. The woman takes the paper and does the same as she did with Louis’ and hands them to Jason. He signs both, ensuring that he will hold up his end of the deal and the witness signs the papers again to acknowledge his signature.

“Alright. That’s it. Don’t fuck it up, or I can make your life a living hell.”

He always likes to end our meetings by inspiring fear, as if we forget that he can ruin us. Louis
and I stand up without saying a word and walk to the door. We continue to walk as he calls out to me.

“Harry, you have your first meeting with Armani on Friday!”

Can’t wait.

Louis’ hand brushes over mine inconspicuously as we wait for the lift to arrive. Once it does, we step through the doors and wait for them to close. I lean against the wall and take a deep breath as Louis presses the “Lobby” button. We start to defend and as we approach the eighteenth floor, he presses the “STOP” button.

“Louis, what are you-“
He cuts me off with his lips. They move against mine desperately, his body pinning me against the wall roughly.

“He likes to watch surveillance, yeah? Let’s give him something good to watch.”

My face goes pale as he attacks my neck, resting his hands on my hips before snaking them behind and squeezing my bum. I moan at his touch and let my lips curl into a devious grin. This could be fun.

“Oh, Harry!”

So, I guess we plan on being extra vocal today. I’m fine with that. I grab his belt loops and turn him around, slamming his against the wall and kissing him as I feel him through his pants. He groans again and I hum against his lips.

“I want to taste you, Lou.”

I really just wanted to freak Jason out, but now I need Louis. I lower myself onto my knees and pull at his shirt with my teeth as I unbutton his pants, yanking them down with his boxers. I hold his half-hard length in my hand and start to stroke it gently as I maintain eye contact. He looks at me longingly, begging me with his eyes.

“Do you want me to suck you, Louis?”

“YES, suck me hard! Please!”

The raspiness in his voice has already made me hard and i don’t plan on wasting much more time. I bring my lips to his member, running my tongue across the tip, gathering pre-cum to lather over the entirety of his length. I wrap my lips around him and hollow my cheeks as I bob my head down, taking him to the back of my throat. He whimpers as I feel his body shake. I moan against him, the vibrations of my voice making his breath hitch. His hand finds its way to my head, his fingers plunging into my hair, guiding my mouth around him. I suck as hard as I can every time I pull back before roughly taking him in again. He tries to breathe, but only panting escapes. Suddenly, he pulls me off of him and tugs on my hair until I return to standing. He pushes me against the wall, my chest hitting it harshly and my palms rest on the rail below me. He pulls my pants down and lets them fall to my feet. He bounces his hand back and forth between my legs and I spread them as far as possible with my pants constricting my ankles.

His lips rest on my back as his right hand trails to my mouth. He slips two fingers between my lips and I suck on them, making sure to leave behind as much spit as possible to make it less painful for me. He pulls his fingers out and brings them straight to my ass. As soon as he starts to massage around my entrance, I push back into his touch. He slowly slides one finger in, stretching me before entering the second. I push back more letting him know that I’m ready for the real thing. He pulls his fingers away and holds onto my left hip as he guides his member to my bum.

“Hold on tight, Harry.”

I grip onto the railing even tighter than before and my knuckles go white as he slowly pushes
into me. He enters me wholly and stays there for far too long.

“Dammit, Lou. Move. Please.”

I beg with the side of my face against the cold metal wall and he doesn’t disappoint. He pulls back and slams into me. I can tell the difference in not having lubricant, but the raw desire makes me not care one bit.

“Shit, Hazz. You feel so good. You’re so hot.”

His hands are now both gripping my hips and his fingertips dig into my side. I can feel bruises forming and I have to admit that it feels good. He lets go on the left side, snaking his arm around to grip my throbbing length. He holds his hand there as his thrusts push me into it. The movement of our bodies is fluid and rough. His teeth prod into my shoulder blade and I feel skin tear under his bite. I yell out in delight as he slows his thrusts, making each one count as he pulls back and hammers into me. He curses into my ear under his breath and I feel a building in the pit of my stomach as he starts to really pump his hand up and down around me. All of the sudden, his hand is gone and he focuses on burying himself into me. After a few more thrusts he comes undone, my name spilling out of his mouth uncontrollably. As soon as he’s done, I feel his breathing slow and he pulls out, not waiting a second before flipping me around and kneeling in front of me. I can’t even move my arms. They dangle at my sides as I lean back against the wall. He takes me into his mouth, immediately sucking and bobbing quickly up and down my length.

“Ohhhhh, god. I’m close, Lou.”

He finishes me off in less than a minute and I explode in his mouth, screaming loudly through it. He gulps loudly and pulls away, standing up again and pulling my pants up, followed by his. I still can’t move as he buttons and zips my jeans. He walks over and presses the lift button again and within seconds, the elevator jumps, moving down once again.

“They’re just lucky I didn’t let you come on the floor.”

He winks at me and as soon as the doors open, he flicks off the hidden camera and pulls me by my arm to the exit.


Here you all are <3 I had some people they were excited about the next chapter, so I hope I didn't disappoint ;)

What do you think will happen now that their contracts have changed? How will this modeling deal affect Louis and Harry's relationship?

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! I really hope we beat the VEVO record... I really think we did. We should find out for sure SOON!!! :D xx Got my eyes on twitter ;)


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