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Behind Closed Doors {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 30


“It’s going to be alright, Harry. I promise.”

We stand by the front door holding onto each other, not wanting to let go. Harry’s suitcase is sitting against the wall and every time my eyes shift in its direction, I feel my stomach turn. I can’t tell Harry, but I’m really nervous about him going to Italy. I talked him into this and if I show him how scared I am, he’ll be even more worried than he already is.

“I really don’t wanna go, Lou. I don’t want to leave you.”

“I know, love. I don’t want you to leave me either. But, it’s only a week and I’m going to plan the
most wonderful date when you get back.”

I pull away from our embrace and raise myself up on my toes to kiss his forehead.

“I love you, Harry. It won’t be that bad.”

“I love you, Louis. So much.”

He leans down and pulls me close to him as he kisses me, interlocking our lips in a desperate act. I can’t say that I like the idea of him and Cara in Italy for a week, but I trust him more than I thought I would. I’ve seen in the past week how much he regrets what he did and I’m really not concerned that he’ll sleep with Cara again. It was a fluke. He’s promised me so many times that it won’t happen again.

“Be safe, Hazz. I can’t wait until you’re back.”

I leave one last kiss on his jaw and open the door for him.

“Bye, Lou. I’ll call you before I take off.”

I watch as he pulls his suitcase out the door and makes his way to the car waiting outside. He waves as he climbs in and I close the door as soon as he’s out of sight.
I walk over to the couch and bury my face in my hands. This just feels like the worst time for them to take him from me again. That’s what they want though. No matter what Jason says or does, he’ll never be accepting of our relationship. I turn on the telly and search for something to distract me. I settle on a football match, pulling out a beer from the fridge before sitting back at the couch.

About an hour into the game, my phone buzzed repeatedly.

“Hey, love. You about to take off?”

His reply is soft and almost nervous.

“Uh, yeah. Cara isn’t coming though.”

I’m shocked, but I can’t say I’m as disappointed as he sounds.

“That’s too bad. So you’ll just be alone?”

“Well, that’s the thing Jason wants it to seem like I’m there with friends, partying and stuff.”

“So, you’ll be with some other model or something?”

I don’t know what’s more comforting: Cara or some girl I don’t know.

“Well, not exactly.”

“I don’t get where this is going, Harry.”

“It’s Grimmy.”


He knows how I feel about his friend, Grimmy. Hell, everyone knows how I feel about him. I don’t like him. He’s always been jealous of what Harry and I have. Who knows what he’d do to have Harry to himself.

“Louis, I know he isn’t your favorite person, but it’ll be alright. I promise.”

“I don’t know...”

Maybe I’m overreacting. Nick hasn’t done anything to earn my complete hatred, but I don’t trust him with Harry.

“I wouldn’t have picked him if I had any other choices-“

“You picked him? Really, Harry?”

“Louis, who else is there? Why would any of the lads would want to go to Milan for a fashion
shoot? That’s right up Nick’s alley! It just makes sense.”

“It just irritates me that you would plan for him to go to Italy with you and not call me first.”

“Louis! I’m on the phone with you now! I just got off with Jason and he finalized the plans. It’s
not like I’ve been planning this behind your back all week.”

Has he? Why else would he say that?

No, I’m just freaking out for no reason. I think.

“Harry, I just don’t trust him.”

“Why? He’s never done anything. He’s my friend, Louis! You’d really rather me be all by myself over here than to have Nick come with me? That’s pretty selfish of you.”

What the hell? Everything has been great for me and Harry the past few days. It only takes one phone call to ruin everything.

“I’m not being selfish! After the month we’ve had, I’m just a little on edge! I think I have every right to be!”

“Louis! I’m not going to do anything stupid. I promise. I love you!”

I trust him. I do. I’ll just have to suck it up for the week and just keep tabs on him.

“I’m sorry, Harry. I’m just- I don’t like him.”

“I know, Louis. I would bring someone else if I could.”

“I know. I love you, baby. I hope you have a good flight. Is he with you already?”

“No, he’s meeting me there in a few hours.”

“Alright. Call me when you land.”

“Of course-“

I hear the speakers through the phone interrupt him.

“Okay, I have to turn my phone off. Love you, Louis.”

“Love you, Hazz. I’ll talk to you soon.”

I sit back on the couch as I hang up and just stare at my phone. I so badly want to call Jason and tell him off. That wouldn’t help anything, though. But, maybe if I say something to Nick...

*TO: Grimmy

Heard about your little getaway. I just hope you know that even though Harry trusts you, I don’t. If you lay one hand on him, I will seriously fuck you up. If you have an ounce of decency in you, you’ll respect our relationship. I won’t hesitate to beat your ass if you try to take what is mine.
And Harry is mine.*

I hit send before Harry’s voice of reason can creep into my thoughts and tell me not to. I stare blankly at the TV and await his impending snide reply. About a minute later, it arrives and he does not disappoint.

*FROM: Grimmy

Ah, the jealous boyfriend. It’s quite funny because if you had any ownership of him, wouldn’t you be the one boarding a plane to Milan right now? Oh, yeah... You can’t be seen with him. I can, though and we are going to have SO much fun. ;) Don’t worry, we’ll send you a postcard! Arrivederci, bitch.*

That bastard. I toss my phone aside and take a deep breath. He makes me want to punch things. He has such nerve! What gives him the right to say shit like this to me? I don’t understand why Harry lets him get away with it, too. He always laughs it off and says, ‘oh, Lou... He’s just joking. Stop taking everything so seriously’. Harry can be so naive sometimes. There’s no way Nick is just messing with me. I see how he looks at Harry. He wants him so badly, but I’m almost always around to stop him from making his move. Now, I’m stuck on my couch while he galavants around Milan with my Harry.

I consider texting him back, but I know it won’t get me anywhere. It’ll just make things worse. Instead, I decide to post a vague tweet that will be like a stab in his chest.


“Louis, meet Nick.”

An intoxicated Grimmy extends his hand to me and I take it reluctantly. I’ve met him before briefly, but not informally like tonight.

“Nice to meet you.”

He smiles and pulls me away from Harry’s side into a one-armed hug, almost spilling his drink on me.

“The pleasure’s all mine, Lou! Can I call you that? Lou?”

“Uh, yeah. Sure.”

Harry is standing there, laughing at his idiot of a friend as I pull away. I feel Harry’s hand skim over my lower back and chills travel through my body. I didn’t want to come to this stupid party, but as always, anything for Harry. So, this is the guy he’s been hanging out with. I don’t like him. Sure, we’ve only been together for about a year, but we’re definitely exclusive and I don’t like the thought of him running around with an openly gay man when we aren’t together.

“So, Harry. When are you going to take me up on that night of partying you promised?”

“Oh, I don’t know Nick! What are we doing right now?”

Harry chuckles nervously and looks at me.

“This isn’t what I meant!”

He playfully pins Harry against the wall just behind us and Harry stops laughing.


“Harry, just kiss me. Just once.”

I look around at the few other people on this side of the room, but none of them seem to notice
these events. Just as I move to pull Grimmy away from my boyfriend, Harry pushes him away.

“No, Nick. I h-have someone.”

“What? You’re single, though!”

Harry walks over to me and wraps his arm around my waist. My anger is obvious at this point. It
takes Nick a moment to realize what Harry meant, but he finally does and scowls at me.

“What the hell, Harry? Why him?”

“Because we’re in love.”

“Oh, so this has been going on for a while, has it?”

He doesn’t seem to feel any better about it, which pisses me off more. He acts like he was around first, when nothing could be farther from the truth.

“Yeah, it’s really great to have something everyone else wants.”

I wink at him and take a sip of my drink, locking eyes with the irritated man as he looks between Harry and I.


“Yeah, Nick. I’m sorry. You weren’t supposed to find out. We kind of have to keep it a secret.”

“Well, yeah, I’d imagine so.”

His expression softens a bit, but I’m still angry about the move he made on my Harry.

“Your secrets safe with me.”

Sure it is.

Present Day:

*@Louis_Tomlinson: It’s really great to have something everyone else wants*

I don’t even care how much of a twat this tweet makes me look like. People will say what they want about it, but only Grimmy and Harry will know exactly what I mean. I post it and close the app before my phone goes ballistic and freezes from the likes, replies, and retweets.

Harry is going to kill me.


UH OH! UGH I'm soooo sorry I took so long to update! This weekend was crazy with school and stuff. So I sincerely apologize.. Thank you for your patience and lovely comments <3 xx

So, how do you think Harry will react when he sees Louis' tweet? Will Nick tell him about the texts? Does Louis have any reason to be worried?

ILY guys!!! I really have to get some sleep. I can't wait to read your comments!!! <3


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this should be made into a book !!!

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