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Behind Closed Doors {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 11


"Dinner was delicious, thanks!"

Cara wraps her arm around my waist and I drape mine over her shoulder, trying to convince the loads of paparazzi gathered around the restaurant as we leave. The flashes are blinding and I can hear very few of their questions.

"Was it just a fluke, what happened with you and Louis?"

"Were you guys just drunk?"

"Was it all a joke?"

"Are your girlfriends a joke?"

They are trying to get a reaction out of one of us but we continue walking until we reach the night club, pretending to be unaware of their presence. Once we reach the door, the bouncer immediately lets us in, either recognizing us or seeing the cameras following us. We walk back to the VIP section and sit down in a booth, Cara next to me and Eleanor next to Louis.

"Can we please dance?"

"How about you two go dance!"

Eleanor looks at Cara in response to Louis' comment and she nods in agreement. The two girls walk run out to the dance floor, Eleanor pulling Cara by the hand. Louis and I don't dare to move seats so that we are next to each other, but lean over the table instead. The entire meal, Louis was outlining hearts on my thigh underneath the table, working his way up my leg, making me so hot for him. I was really growing impatient by the time we reached the club.

"I really wish we could get out of here."

"Oh, me too. I'm gonna fuck you so hard when we get back, Hazz."

He whispers through gritted teeth, making me hard on the spot.

"You can't do this to me right now, Lou. I can't think straight when you talk like that."

He smirks, considering continuing but deciding against it, obviously knowing it won't help. A
scantily clad woman walks up and says something in French but when we look at her with confused looks on our faces, she translates.

"Can I get you two something to drink?"

"Oh, yes please. I'll have a sex on the beach, and Louis here will have a martini. Top shelf. Extra dirty."

I wink at Louis after my last request and the woman walks away.

"Yeah, I'll show you extra dirty. You just wait."

There he goes again. When we're in public, it's like he can't help but to give me a boner. I don't know if he finds it amusing or if he just gets really horny. Either way, it sucks. The woman returns with our drinks and Louis immediately eats the olive in his. I sip mine quickly, so that it's halfway gone when I pull away the first time. We've been drinking the whole night, but I was going to need more if I was going to dance, especially with Cara. We finish those drinks and call for another round just as the girls return.

"We want something to drink too!"

"Just order when she brings our drinks. After we get a little more wasted, we're going to come grind on you guys for a bit."

The girls giggle at my matter-of-fact tone. Louis does, too. When the server returns with our drinks, Cara and Eleanor order cocktails before she leaves again. I suck down this drink even faster than the first, really feeling drunk by now. Louis is half-way done with his martini and looks out of it as well. Perfect. Once Louis downs the rest of his drink, I pull Cara out of her seat and drag her to the crowded dance floor.

"Let's get this over with."

I know that a lot of gay guys act just like girls and would love to go dancing with their female friends. But, I'm not like that. I hate to dance, first of all, and I'm terrible at it. I also don't like grinding on Cara while Louis is right next to me, doing the same. Maybe if I could dance with him, I'd feel differently. I can't wait to get back to the hotel.


"Thanks for taking us dancing; it was a lot of fun."

Eleanor kisses Louis on the cheek and I see cameras flash immediately, exactly the way we
wanted. I take advantage of their presence and push Cara up against the wall, my arms balancing me against the brick as I lean in toward her, whispering in her ear first.

"I'm going to kiss you and we're going to act like we like it."

She giggles and nods lightly. I place my lips on hers, grinding my body against hers, hearing the cameras clicking non-stop. She breaks away and points at Louis and Eleanor, who are waiting at the curb to cross the street.

"Yeah, Cara. I can't wait to get you home!"

I make sure to say this loudly as we rejoin Louis and Eleanor, almost back to the hotel. I lean over and whisper into Louis' ear.

"That should hold them over for a while."

He chuckles lightly and grabs Eleanor's hand as we cross the street.

Once we reach the hotel, the girls find their way to Louis and Eleanor's suite, which is just down the hall from the one I reserved. When Louis and I are on the other side of the door, all of the pent-up sexual frustration from tonight is unchained.

"Louis, I want you so bad."

He answers by moaning into my neck and quickly unbuttoning the top buttons on my shirt. He gives up half-way down and pulls it over my head instead. I'm thankful he's wearing a t-shirt because I can easily take it off, making it possible to reach his pants quicker. As soon as I un-do the button, I kneel down on my knees as I pull his pants down. He leans his back against the wall to steady himself as I fondle his package through his boxers. As soon as I feel him harden under my lips, I yank his boxers down, leaving them at his feet as I grip his length with my hand. His head rolls back as I take him into my mouth, sucking sharply as I pull back and take him in again.

"Fuck, Harry."

He grabs my hair and thrusts himself into my mouth roughly, pulling my hair to guide himself in and out. I know that he's about to climax because his thrusts become sloppy and forced. He moans loudly, losing control of his movements so I take over, placing my hand back at the base of his member, matching it with my mouth's movement. He hits the back of my throat so that I gag a little and my eyes water but I continue. Within a couple more minutes, he comes in my mouth, his release falling down my throat which I welcome gladly. As soon as I lick him clean, I stand up, balancing him by pressing my body against his.

"Now, I'm going to fuck you against this wall."

He is still unable to speak but I turn him around roughly and slam him into the wall again, leaving him there as I walk into the room to get the lubricant. When I return, he's still panting against the wall and I pull my pants down, lathering my length with lube. I walk over to him and position myself behind him.

"Be good for me, baby."

I thrust into him roughly, entering him completely right away. He groans deeply, probably in pain, so I stay there for a minute, allowing his body to become accustomed to my size again.

"Are you alright, Lou?"

"Better than alright. You should dominate more often."

I see him grin from the side and I bite my lip in desire. I pull out slowly and push back into him, harder this time. It's my turn to moan, my hips hitting his ass. I get into a rhythm, nibbling on his neck and ear. I grit my teeth, losing my breath as I start to feel my orgasm overcome me.

"Almost there, Lou. I love you so much."

He reaches back and pulls my mouth to his, gripping my hair violently.

"I love you, Harry. I want to be with you forever."

It's moments like this that make our relationship worth it, even through all of the shit we put up with. Knowing deep down that we are going to love each other forever makes our being a secret for the time being seem miniscule in comparison. I feel my body convulse against him, holding myself deep inside him as I come viciously. I can't control my screams so I bury my face into his neck to muffle them. When I pull out, he turns to face me and grasps my face in his hands.

"Seriously, Hazz. You need to take over more, babe. That was incredibly sexy."
He pulls my face closer and kisses me before I have the chance to answer. He's right. That felt so good.

"Maybe I will, but I still like when you top, Lou."

I raise my eyebrows to him, hinting for him to take action.

"Babe, let's just go to sleep. We have all day tomorrow."

He winks at me and pulls me into the bedroom. We lay down and he spoons me under the sheets as we drift off into a deep, peaceful sleep.


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this should be made into a book !!!

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