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Breaking All The Rules (Larry Stylinson)


Rival gang members Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have had run ins with each other since they joined their gangs. They were told to stay away from anyone but the other members of their gangs but that’s not always the case. A secret love affair between the two nearly costs Louis Tomlinson his leading role and Harry Styles his life.


Brittany Taylor

Brittany Taylor

An attention seeking fake blonde. Louis treats her like his personal slut and she lets him even though she's cheating on him with two other guys. Can't leave the house without wearing at least three tones of makeup and drowning herself in a bottle of cheap perfume. Works as a barmaid

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Harry is loyal to his gang leader, Jason. Follows every rule, does as he's told. He kills whoever he's told to kill and beats and threatens anyone who posses a threat to his gang hoping to be elevated to a higher status in the gang. But when he meets Louis he can't help but fall for him. But can they ever be together?

Jason Gareth

Jason Gareth

Jason is the leader of Louis rival gang. Harry is one of his gang members and Jason thinks he might be suitable for his right hand man. That is until he realises that Harry is hiding something from him, and when he realises what it is he will stop at nothing to kill Harry

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

Leader of Harry's rival gang. He takes his position very seriously and never takes no for an answer. He enforces the gang rules, including no hanging around with members of other gangs. But when Louis meets Harry, will he be able to follow the rules? And will he be able to keep another gang member, Max, from taking over his role as the leader?

Max Garza

Max Garza

Louis' right hand man and next in line to be leader. He takes orders from Louis and does his best to complete his tasks without any problems. Max has no problem being second in command but when he finds out what's going on with Louis and Harry, he's determined to take over his position as leader.



Please update

onexdirection onexdirection

Harry what the fuck are you doing **face palms self**

this fic is so amazing I love it

Brilliant! I love it so much i cry!. Update soon, please?

update soon

xrightnow xrightnow

Holy fuck Jesus holy shirt mutherfucker! I'm crying I want larry back! Holy fuckkkk I can't even control myself.. Update!

HazzaBear2010 HazzaBear2010