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My Young Ones

Chapter 2

Nate's P.O.V

Great. I slept through dinner. I thought I was just taking a nap but, my sleep took over too much. I was supposed to unpack my stuff so that I could settle in more nicely. Was about to panic when I woke but, I noticed my room was like the one back home in Ireland, I guess my parents unpacked for me... Thanks? I don't really know since I was asleep on my bed the whole time and wasn't able to hear a thing, I think? Ehh.
And another great thing that added to my problems was that today is my first day of school. Yes, one day in and my parents wanted me to attend school as soon as possible so, I could make friends and stuff. Yeepee.. Not.
I noticed it was 6 in the morning, feeling so jetlagged I wanted to creep in my duvet that my mom probably just draped over me last night but, I knew I needed to go to school.
I stood up and went for the bathroom.
After several minutes of showering, I came out and locked my door to change.
I felt good about what I wore, It's what I used to wear in Ireland as well and I have no idea what the 'in thing' is here since it's kinda fashionable, right? Oh, who really cares?
Anyways, I was done fixing my bag with whatever I think I needed, basic stuff like pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, and stuff. I guess I'll get my books and list of things I really need later when I go to the admin and office.
"NATE! YOU READY YET?" I heard my mum yell from downstairs.
I yanked my bag over my shoulder and shoved my phone down my jean pocket and ran downstairs.
"Yup." I jumped at the last 2 steps which caused my mom to jump a bit, I laughed and kissed her cheek. "Mornin'."
"Mornin'." She smiled at me, "Time to leave, just grab a quick snack or sandwich from the table if ya want."
I nodded and headed for the pantry and grabbed a bar of Snickers.
"I didn't mean that!" My mom glared at me playfully, I pouted at her after I bit into the candy bar.
"But, I bit already.." I quivered.
"Nice try, you little rascal." she laughed and looked at me again, "Fine. Only because you have your father's eyes which I simply cannot resist."
I chuckle and smirk then, bit the bar once more.

It was a short ride to school since it was only around the corner, my mom smiled at me before I left the car.
"Good luck, but I don't think you need any." I smiled at her, "Just be yourself." I nodded at her advice and waved goodbye.
When I took a few steps towards the school, I could already hear all the British accents filling my ears as London-ers talked. I huffed, was I the only different one here? Help me, God.
I swiftly put my earphones and played dad's friends' band. It's called 5 Seconds Of Summer and they were-are- good. They're actually touring the world right now, it's like their 5th one already. They came out with new albums and stuff but, I loved their old songs like Heartbreak Girl and Try Hard.
Right after I stepped on the stairs, a bunch of jocks, I assumed, bumped me harshly. I mean, I was a jock but a kind one at that and these jocks were just douches and probably picked on every kid here. So, I bumped one of them hard enough to make them stumble which made a domino effect of all of them to stumble.
I had a smirk on my face as I pushed through the doors entering the hallway. Since my music was so loud, I hadn't heard one of the jocks scream out some foul words at me so, I continued to make my way to what seems the office.
Up until they all blocked my way in a straight line of arses, all crossing their arms like big buff guys which all of them weren't. And one of them, probably the leader, pulled out my buds.
"What the hell?" I said.
"Oh, an Irish one I see." the leader said as his posse laughed.
"What, are ya racist?" I cocked my eyebrow, the crowd that I didn't notice that formed just echoed 'ohhh's and 'burn's.
"Racist-wha-no." the leader stuttered, "But, I'm pretty sure it ain't your lucky day, leprechaun."
His friends high fived him and praised him for his 'come back'.
"Leprechaun, how original. Too bad they don't exist, unless you still believe in the tooth fairy or like Santa perhaps?" I shrugged as the people said the same comments as before.
The leader seemed pissed but, who cares? I can't help to stick up for me people, it's in the Irish blood to have pride in where you came from and that's what I was doing.
"So, if ya mind. I gotta check into registration if you don't mind." I smirked a bit as I pushed my way through the wall of jocks. People clapped for me even though I didn't ask for this and wasn't suspecting it.


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Aww thanks, I hope you have a wonderful day to

REALLY? AWWH Now I feel terrible for updating so late :(( ASJDVHBKVA STUPID SCHOOL AND BROTHERS FIGHTING OVER THE LAPTOP. Ugh. Thanks for sticking around, love. :) I hope you have a wonderful day.

Eeek yay I don't care how long it was that I had to wait you updated and that's all I car about!!!! Your fics were some of the first I read on this site and I love them so much!!!!!!!!!

Of course! I always try my best! Will seriously update soon.
I hope you feel better @sickcurlsanduptightquiffs!!! But could you please just try to write a little bit whenever you had time, instead of giving up one day of your life to write it???
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