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My Young Ones

Chapter 3

Violet's P.O.V

I woke up earlier than usual today, even before my alarm clock.. No matter, I did my daily routine.
Go to the bathroom, shower and those usual things. Then, change into my clothes for school- the first day of school if I might add, is today.
After that, go downstairs and eat my cornflakes while I wait for mum who begged to drive me to school even though I have my Beetle in the garage for me to use. Guess my mum is just overly excited for me and I didn't want to dampen her mood if I disagreed to her offer so, now here I am just on the bar stool eating.
"Morning sunshine." my father waltzed into the kitchen which I could see from the bar right in front of me. "Excited?"
"Ehh." I said with the gesture of half and half.
"Hmm, Okay." my dad grinned at me as he poured his orange juice into his cup and waited for his toast, I returned the smile. "Remember, youll have to look for Nate."
My throat closed for a moment and my eyes bugged at the back of my dad's head at the sound of his name. Nate, Nate Horan. I had forgotten that he moved here with his family again for the reuniting of my dad's old boyband.
I quickly closed my eyes and rubbed them so my dad wouldn't notice the bug eyes and just continued eating to help my throat out.
"mhmm." I said, I didn't trust my voice enough to speak, afraid it would squeal or hint something.
"Mooorning!" my mom shone as she walked into the kitchen as well, kissing my dad on the lips while I'm there making a disgusted face just to laugh it off with my parents. "Ready?" she asked me.
"Yup." I nodded after chugging my water. "Bye, dad. See you later! Good luck!"
My father was going to meet up with his old bandmates to discuss the new album and I was happy for him.
"Don't need it!" my dad joked and my mom glared, "Thanks, honey. Bye, love you guys."
I was on my way to my bag as my dad reminded my mom to meet them up later and said their personal goodbyes.

"Bye, mum."
"Bye, Darling." I smiled at her and shut the door. "Say hi to Nate for me!" she called out halfway.
I turned and nodded as she sped off.
Shit, forgot about him... I don't even know how he looks like for Christ's sake!
I pushed the steel doors and it did its usual creaky sound as I saw a group of people surrounding and chanting some lame comments like 'ooh's and 'oww's.
I was about to check it out but, I didn't really care enough to do it so I quietly pushed my way in the side of the crowd, earning some bumps from people but, I never minded it.
I got a peek of the people inside the small crowd of people and saw Henry, the jerky jock, and another guy... Mesmerizing and took my breath away... I noticed his melting Irish accent which gave me more unusual feelings inside of me.
But, I knew I was being unlogical so I brushed it off and made my way to my locker which had a picture of a pie engraved on it.
Bunch of jocks, Henry included, thought it was funny to name me 'Vi Pie' cause it rhymed and they said I at too much when I was younger. See, I was only a bit chubby when I was young and since my parents and uncles and aunts are celebrities, I was too. My picture from birth was everywhere and they took it as an advantage.
Just because your parents are celebrities, and you practically are too, it doesn't mean you get to be the top shot popular kid in high school. It's a whole different story and I was the joke of it.
As I shoved my textbooks from yesterday in and got my notebooks that I needed, I heard the vacant locker on my right become... Not-so-vacant.
I peered through the slits in my locker door enough to see the guy I saw awhile ago looking at his locker confused.
I closed my locker quietly, hoping not to be seen but, that failed and I was stupid to think it would work.
"Hey," the guy said, "can you help me open my locker please?"
He was having trouble with his locker? How... How... How adorable.
I nodded shyly and asked for the piece of paper that he held, seeing numbers on it and making a intelligent guess that it was his locker code. He handed it to me and stepped aside just enough for my shoulder to touch his chest.
"There you go,," I said as the locker clicked and opened ajar, handing him his locker code back. The slight touch of my fingers on his rough hands startled me a bit, making him chuckle which made me blush. "I'll be going now." I quickly said, my gaze on the floor. I made the run for it just before he could say anything further.

Nate's P.O.V

I was just about to ask her where the History room was located but she was gone when I looked back and the place where she was standing was replaced with a blonde haired girl instead.
"Uhmm, Hi?" I questioned, this girl didn't look old enough to be in high school.
"Nate." she said, sure of who I am- How does she even know who I am?
Somehow knowing the confusion on my face, another girl only with dark brown wavy hair appeared by her side but, this time I knew exactly who it was.
"DARCY!" I yelled a tad too loud but, who cares?! "Mum is gonna be happy to know you study here too!" I hugged her tight as she did too, laughing in the process.
"Hey there, Nate. Nice to see you again, it's been about..."
"2 very long years." I emphasized.
"I had camp, you know that!" she playfully punched my arm but, got hurt instead. "Oww, you got buff."
I smirked then asked, "And who is this?"
"How dare you forget about Clarity, Nate. Shame on you."
"Clarity?" I questioned the blonde haired girl, "Uncle Lou and Aunt April's Clarity?"
"The one and only." she smiled, I hugged her and she did the same.

After the little reunion we had, Darcy and Clarity explained to me that all of my Uncles and Aunts' children went here except for the younger ones who were still in elementary. We also had the bell ring loudly on us and we had to say our goodbyes until we would see each other during the breaks as we promised to eat with each other like our other 'relatives'. There I would see the rest of the people my parents said would help me live my life here and would help me adjust.
Their words, "Just a moment to adjust and you'll be wanting to stay here forever."


Guys, I AM SO FREAKING SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING FOR ALMOST TWO WEEKS! Just because, school and no time to write since I'm either busy or too tired, I'm terribly sorry and I hope this chapter will make you happy nuff to wait for the next one next week. But, in other news... NEW FANFIC TOO! xDD too many ideas, too little time. :/


Please and thank you! love you lots and stay perf! ;) <3


Aww thanks, I hope you have a wonderful day to

REALLY? AWWH Now I feel terrible for updating so late :(( ASJDVHBKVA STUPID SCHOOL AND BROTHERS FIGHTING OVER THE LAPTOP. Ugh. Thanks for sticking around, love. :) I hope you have a wonderful day.

Eeek yay I don't care how long it was that I had to wait you updated and that's all I car about!!!! Your fics were some of the first I read on this site and I love them so much!!!!!!!!!

Of course! I always try my best! Will seriously update soon.
I hope you feel better @sickcurlsanduptightquiffs!!! But could you please just try to write a little bit whenever you had time, instead of giving up one day of your life to write it???
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