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Names Hannah and please follow me here:
Tumblr: http://sickcurlsanduptightquiffs.tumblr.com/
I've got a story going on and I update everyday! I hope you all subscribe and I really wish that my writing skills are good enough.. Haha!
So, Things about me..
~ I'm usually shy at first but, I get weirder and crazier when you get to know me. =))
~I'm born and raised here in the Philippines.
~My first language is English and I can barely speak any other language. I know a little Mandarin, Filipino, Spanish, and French..
~I'm a Niall Girl! But, of course I love every single lad in One Direction because if perfect doesn't exist.. They're definitely the reason why, They're so close to perfect, it scares themso they stop for everyone's sake. :">
~My favorite number is 3 and my favorite color is purple but, I love a lot of colors..
~If you want to know more about me, just message me. I don't bite ;)

Love you all and please read my fanfics ;)
Stay perfect because that's nuff. =D <3


My Young Ones

My Young Ones

PG-13 Romance Drama Teen

The Sequel to The Party Of My Life; Read that first before entering this fanfiction about the boys' and their wives' young ones desperately finding out about love.


10.0 3 Votes
Going Up?

Going Up?

PG-13 Romance Drama Teen

Who would've thought good taste in music and an elevator ride could make things change so differently? (Niall Horan Fanfic)


9.9 24 Votes
The Party of my Life *COMPLETED*

The Party of my Life *COMPLETED*

PG-13 Romance Comedy Drama

Named the "High School Nerd" Hannah Hart's life wouldn't be a breeze, until that night came...the party that changed everything. (A Niall Horan Fanfic)


Completed ✓
10.0 22 Votes