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My Young Ones

Chapter 1

No P.O.V

The plane has landed and the time Nate dreaded is now here. "No going back." he thought, "Not ever again." Atleast his parents seemed happy about arriving in the city of London...

They had their bags in a cart which Nate has been forced to push as they awaited for their ride 'home'. Nate has plugged his earphones and started to blast music to drown out the clicks of heels, the chattering, and more un-usefulness to his misery. "And we will fade into darkness.." his old music by Avicii made him happier, he had his parents' taste in music, more of his Mother's though. His iPod was filled with the past genres and artists, he hated the mainstream music his generation had to offer, almost as much as he hated being where he was right at the moment.
He closed his eyes and silently sang to himself as he leaned his body onto the rail of the cart. It was about 8am here in London and he had some jet lag too, not the best mix either.
"Nate!" his mother yelled as she yanked his left earphone out, "We're going, say hi to your Uncle Harry and Louis first, as well as your Aunt Lily and April."
He sighed and pushed the cart near the entrance where he found a familiar set of curly locks and hazel brown hair. "NATEYYY BOYY!" his Uncle Lou screamed, he always loved his Uncle Lou's craziness. "Hey there, Uncle Lou." Nate smiled a bit and hugged his Uncle and Aunt.
"I haven't seen you in aaaageeees" Uncle Harry stated in his low voice as they hugged, Nate hugged his Aunt too.

"So, how've you been?" Lily asked Hannah.
"Alright, I guess." She replied with her now thick Irish accent that she had gotten.
"I guess?" Pauline noted again.
"It's just that Nate has been..." she took a sip from her tea cup.
"Moody?" April questioned as she closed the fridge.
"Aha, Moody is an understatement, darling." Hannah gave a crooked smile.
The girls just wrapped their arms around her.
"Okay okay, get off now. Ya choking me." she laughed and so did the others, just like the old times.
What the group of women didn't know was that young Nate was just sitting on the staircase listening to their conversation quietly as he could but, couldn't help but sniff a bit as he shed a tear.
Nate got up and went to his new unfurnished room and lied down on his mattress.
He just stared at the ceiling and noticed the glow in the dark stars that were stuck when he was a child. He remembered looking at the same consolation with Violet, his childhood bestest friend who he was soon to meet again only they were meeting up almost as if they were complete strangers now.. actually, they practically were. They haven't seen in each other for so long and he didn't even know how she looks like anymore.
The stars started to glow and he noticed it was now dark. His eyes started to become heavy and he couldn't take it any longer, he just shut the world out as the dream world came to life.


I am so so so terribly sorry for not updating! I have been sick and busy with school. I will seriously try posting more, I swear.


Love you all and stay perf! ;)<3


Aww thanks, I hope you have a wonderful day to

REALLY? AWWH Now I feel terrible for updating so late :(( ASJDVHBKVA STUPID SCHOOL AND BROTHERS FIGHTING OVER THE LAPTOP. Ugh. Thanks for sticking around, love. :) I hope you have a wonderful day.

Eeek yay I don't care how long it was that I had to wait you updated and that's all I car about!!!! Your fics were some of the first I read on this site and I love them so much!!!!!!!!!

Of course! I always try my best! Will seriously update soon.
I hope you feel better @sickcurlsanduptightquiffs!!! But could you please just try to write a little bit whenever you had time, instead of giving up one day of your life to write it???
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