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Directioner Imagines


I've seen others doing some of these and thought I'd give it a shot. So all you have to do is give me some info about you. Name, Age, Personality, Hobbies, Fav 1D guy, and it would be great if you also tell me what kind of a story you want. Did you just meet them or were you always friends with them? Love story or fight? You give me the outline, I fill in the details!

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Message me guys!


Hey guys! New Idea! So here is the list of Imagines we will be doing in order. This way, you guys can keep track of when we will be doing your imagine. Hope this helps :)

~ Liam Imagine for Sammie
~ Louis Imagine for Lily
~ Liam Imagine for Helen
~ Niall Imagine for Hannah

~ Niall Imagine for Chelsea
~ Harry Imagine for Nicole
~ Harry Imagine for Destiny


Harry Styles

Harry Styles


Liam Payne

Liam Payne


Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson


Niall Horan

Niall Horan





Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik



  1. Example Imagine: Zayn

    This is and example :)

  2. Aloha!

    Louis Imagine for Haley

  3. Angel

    Louis Imagine for Chantelle

  4. Secrets Revealed

    Niall Imagine for Rachel

  5. Surprise

    Niall Imagine for Bea

  6. Concert

    Niall Imagine for Bea (Part 2)

  7. Overreacting

    Zayn Imagine for Charlotte

  8. First Concert, Best Concert

    Zayn Imagine for Amy

  9. A Giant Twist

    Harry Imagine for Chanel

  10. Carnival

    Niall Imagine for Tori

  11. Grocery Mishap

    Niall & Liam Imagine for Kirsten

  12. One Thing

    Harry Imagine for Jessica

  13. Two Day Triple Date

    Liam Imagine for Charlotte

  14. Dance Outfit Drama

    Harry Imagine for Kirsti

  15. Boyfriend to the Rescue

    Zayn Imagine for Alyssa

  16. Best Welcome Home Present Ever

    Niall Imagine for Valerie

  17. Surprise

    Harry Imagine For Brooke

  18. Last Day of Despair

    Louis Imagine for Andrea

  19. Last Minute Changes

    Liam Imagine for Sammie

  20. Home-Wrecked

    Harry Imagine for Lindsay

  21. Simply Friends... Maybe?

    Harry imagine for Mackenzie

  22. The Frog Prince

    Louis Imagine for Julia

  23. We're Late!

    Niall Imagine for Kelliegh

  24. Interruptions

    Niall Imagine for Teresa

  25. Before You Leave

    Harry/Niall Imagine for Keely

  26. Locket

    Harry Imagine for Chloe

  27. The Perfect Family

    Harry Imagine for Andrea

  28. Best Friends Forever... Maybe

    Harry imagine for Tali

  29. More Than Friends

    Zayn Imagine for Camryn


My is Lily
I am 18
I am sometimes quiet I can be very shy at times I am sweet, caring, loving and kind
My hobbies is reading, listening to music dancing, singing and drawing
My favourite member is Niall Type I want a cute one not a dirty one
What I want to happen is I am in a clothes shop going clothes shopping when suddenly I bump into a boy when I look up it's Niall Horan I eventually become his girlfriend in the future cus I fall in love him and he falls in love with me too cus he sees something me that is special

MrsLilyHoran MrsLilyHoran

Name: Belle.
Age: I'm not twelve, but could you make it that age? So it would be something cute...
Personality: shy, altruistic, and studious.
Hobbies: writing, reading, performing (dance/sing/act) and volunteering.
Favourite Member: Louis.
Type: since the characters are younger could you come up with some cute plot, please?

taptomusic taptomusic
Can I have one?
ThatBlondeGirl ThatBlondeGirl
Hi can I have one about Louis and I?
so I am shy and I don't really talk to any one, one day I got bullied to much and I kill myself. Louis is my boy friend and right when I kill myself, he walks into the same room as me.
And the rest is Louis POV and how he is trying to get over it but he can't. So he try's to kill himself but the boys stop him, please? Thabks

Hi!! Can you do a fan fiction about Harry and Nicole? Nicole is younger than Harry like in her 14-15 and Harry falls for her at his concert by seeing her in the 11th row. Nicole got invited to the concert by her friend. She is 5'4 dirty blonde blue eyes curvyish. Make it like a drama teen romance and make the conflict be that they want to hide their relationship because Nicole is only 14ish. Harry falls for her at the meet and greet after the concert as she takes pictures with him