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Hi! I'm a huge One Direction fan. My fav is Louis.


Song Artists: Imagine Dragons, One Direction, Breaking Benjamin, Mercy Mercedes, Toto, Train, Katy Perry, Gotye, Kelly Clarkson, Maroon 5, Martina McBride, and lots of others.

TV Series: Power Rangers, The Secret Saturdays, NCIS, and Avatar the Last Airbender are all tied for first.

Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, Homeward Bound, The Lone Ranger, and 101 Dalmatians.

Other things you should know:

A 15 year old girl holds hands with her 1 year old son. People call her a slut. No-one knows she was raped at 13. People call a girl fat. No-one knows she has a serious disease which causes her to be over weight. People call an old man ugly. No-one knows he had a serious injury to his face while fighting for our country in the war. Repost this if you're against bullying and stereotyping. 95% of you won't.


I've now got an Instagram and twitter. Twitter is @Madzises and Instagram is the same. Pls follow me!!!!!


It Hurts

It Hurts

R Romance Tragedy

Three girls from London scrounged up enough money to move to the U.S. After their parents died, everything changed.


10.0 6 Votes
Directioner Imagines

Directioner Imagines

PG-13 Fantasy Teen Autobiography

Guess What? You can star in your own little fantasy with the 1D Guys!


9.6 25 Votes
I Promised Myself I Wouldn't Fall For You Again

I Promised Myself I Wouldn't Fall For You Again

R Romance Tragedy

Louis Tomlinson is from boy band One Direction. Mikyla Summers, better known as Mikey, is a famous singer. They knew each other. Once...


- 1 Vote