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London love

My neighbor

Me and lily hurried and made it to the air port it was 6:25pm are plane leaves at 6:30pm we got on are plane and sat down. I was so exhausted I fell a sleep as soon as the plane left. I wake up to a pilot saying we will know be arriving London in just 5 minutes I look over at lily and she sleeping I decided to wake her but then I thought she made us move to London make me tired and pressured and didn't even get to tell anyone we left California. Then I think maybe I should scare her to wake her up. I get a lip gloss throw it on her and said theirs a spider on you lily wake up knowing lily hates spiders. she woke up screaming no I hate spi..... I covered her mouth since she screamed so loud I look and see every body looking at us like we're crazy. We both start to laugh at each other. Before we knew it we arrived at London and I called a cab to pick us up to take us home. The cab arrived and me and lily got in the cab. I told the cab driver are address and her drove off. Then like 15 minutes later he says we have arrived. Me and lily are so excited we jump out the cab I pay the driver and he drove off in the distance. Me and lily go in the house excited it was big in a gated community it had 4 rooms one for me and one for her one for the game room and a spare one. I tell lily we should make the spare room a guest room. Lily: guest room we don't even have friends . Oh ya. We both stat laughing. Lily: speaking of that I'm leaving to go explore and look for cute guys. Really when don't you think of boys I say to lily. She leaves in a cab when I realize we left are suit cases out side great now I have to take all of them in the house. I sigh. Knowing me I didn't want to make two trips in and out so I decided to take everything in one trip. I grab all the things even thought I cant see In front of me when all of the sudden I fall back and land on my but with all the things landing on me of course this happens to me. Then I hear "okay their love " I say yes fast as I was embarrassed some one saw me fall I turn and see a gorgeous guy with long curly hair and a British accent he helps me up. I get up and look him in the eyes he has amazing green eyes I say "WOW" out loud but thought I said it in my head but of course i didn't I have such bad luck he smiles and says like what you see and chuckles making me blush. So can I help he said I said ya if it didn't bother him he said of course not love. He smiles at me. He puts the stuff inside I say thanks and smile he then says oh by the way love I didn't get your name oh Rosie ...... Rosie Lopez.. Well nice to meet you Rosie I'm Harry ....... Harry styles. I say nice to meet you harry. Harry looks at me confused like if would know who he was. I smile at him because his face looked cute confused he then smiled back. Harry: well nice meeting you. I will see around. He gave me one of his signature smiles and I smile and say by as he starts to walk out the door he quickly turns and it scared me and like always I fall but this time on top of him were both on the floor my cheeks blushing and were so close are lips only away by a little bit he then smiles and says sorry love didn't mean to scare you I just wanted to tell you before I left that I'm your next door neighbor my cheeks blush again and say oh. Then all of a sudden we hear the door open it was lily she had a shocked face. Me and Harry both shocked staring at her. Lily: What the fuck!


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Please update?!

xo_caitlin_xo xo_caitlin_xo

Please continue

Louis'lolies Louis'lolies

Thank you im gonna update the story very soon and i love rosies hair

this book seems awesome! i really like the beginning, please don't stop writing it!
btw rosie's hair color is AH-MAZING