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London love

Surprise before a party

Lily looked right at me. i was on top of harry. I could only think shit why do awkward things only happen to me. Then me and harry both stand up and look at lily. Lily: so i guess you made a boyfriend when i was gone . Your such a whore rosie lily said in a sarcastic voice. Im not a whore Lily. Lily: i know i know im just kidding. Harry reaches his hand out to Lily and says hello love im harry styles. Lily: hello im lily lopez. Harry: oh so rosies your sister. Lily: no shes my cousin. Harry: oh okay oh ya im sorry you had to meet me this way.Lilys eyes turn huge she smiles and says what way all ready knowing what way but just wants to make harry say it out loud. Harry: um..............um...... on top of your cousin. His faced look very shy when he said it and he blushed to. Lily: its okay rosie needs a boyfriend any way. Lily shut up me and harry just met i dont even know if were friends i turn and look at harry. He smiles at me . Harry: of course we're friends and lily were friends too. Lily: thanks we need friends since we just moved here. Harrys face lights up with a big smile. Harry: in that case would you both like to come to my party and meet my friends. Lily: i will go if rosie goes. He turns and smiles so he says. Sure i say and smile back. Harry okay so heres my number i I will text you guys the information it starts at 7:30pm. Harry: well nice meeting you ladies but i have to get going to work bye. Me and lily say by. As he walks close to the door he turns and says remember to wear something hot and winks at us. Causing me and lily to blush. Lily : so you like harry. No i dont. Yes you do lily says. No i dont like him but he is cute. Lily: so did you fan girl over him because i sure did hes way hotter in person than pictuers but i had to keep my cool and not try to scare him away. Why would i fangirl over him. Lilys mouth drops open. Lily: you didnt fangirl over harry styles from one direction. What is one direction. Lily: only the best boy band out there. Oh thats why harry looked confused when he told me his name i guess he expected me to know him. Lily: no shit hes famous. Me and lily talked for a while until. Lily: dont think i forgot how i saw you and harry on the floor together. Oh i sliped and fell on him it was my fault. Lily: okay . She smiled at me like i was lieing. Then all of a sudden my phone vibrates it was a text from harry. Lily: whats it say. It says that when we go to the party just open the door and go in the elevator the party is on one of the floors. Lily: well its 6:00pm lets go get ready. Okay. We both go get ready. Later were both done getting ready i was wearing a dark purple lace dress just above the nee with no makeup and grab my hair in a bun. Lily was wearing a black dress lace and a flower crown with red flowers to march her hair and no makeup too. We both decided to not wear makeup so we could be noticed as pretty but naturaly not plastered in make up. We go next door to harrys house its 7:30pm. We walk in go in the elevator and see a dail pad with the numbers 1 through 6. Lily: which floor is it. I dont know the text didn't say. Lily: well time to explore again. She hits the number 3 she then pushes me out when we make it to the 3 floor. Lily: you get this floor and i will get the 5 floor so lets see who gets to the party floor first. The elevator door closes and the elevator goes up. I see a door in front of me i open it even though i should of knocked. When i walk in i see a boy with a towel over his hips showing just his abs he had blue eyes sexy messy hair he was so hot. It looked like he just came out the shower. Then i noticed him starting straight into my eyes. He pushes his wet sexy hair and says what are you doing in my house with a smirk on his face. I blush. I was so in shock i couldn't say anything. He grabs his phone and says your probably a fan that snuck in. I'll take a picture with you but security gonna have to take you out my house after. He was mean yet nice. Oh sorry i was looking for the party didn't mean to come in your house plus why would i want a picture with you its not like your famous. Oh i've never seen you around here thats why i didn't know you were looking for the party. Im your new neighbour i tell him. The partys on the 6 floor. Thank you i start to walk out the door when all of a sudden something grabs my wrist. He pulled me close to him we were so close face to face almost kissing. Sorry love just wanted to now your name before you left. Oh its rosie. Well nice to meet you rosie im louis tomlinson. We realize that were to close then he lets go of my wrist. I start walking out the door then turn and say by. Louis: by love see you around and winks. I walk out the door in shock did......di..did he .....just..wink at me . I walk in the elevator and call lily on her phone. As i wait for her to answer I think maybe living in london isn't so bad after all.


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Please update?!

xo_caitlin_xo xo_caitlin_xo

Please continue

Louis'lolies Louis'lolies

Thank you im gonna update the story very soon and i love rosies hair

this book seems awesome! i really like the beginning, please don't stop writing it!
btw rosie's hair color is AH-MAZING