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London love

Here we come London

It was one sunny morning when I hear my room door open slowly and see my cousin lily with a big smirk on her face. She ran to the bed were I was then she jumped on me luckily i pushed her before landing on me. She falls on the floor. Ouch! Lily said loud. I look at her on the floor she looks at me and before we knew it were laughing at each other. So whats up lily. Well I have a surprise. Surprise I say while looking at her with a suspicious face and squinting my eyes. Yup I bought a ....... A what I say to her? I bought a bakery lily said. A bakery i say with a confused face. Why? Lily: well I worked in one for 2 years and I decided to buy one to become my own boss. Also I hear her mumble in a low voice. Also what? Lily: don't get mad but .......the bakery's in London. I jump off the bed and look at her with a mad face and yell London! Lily Ingrid Lopez why would you by a bakery in London. Lily: let me explain .......... The room goes silent did you use my full name. Yes I did . Lily: don't do that you know I hate my middle name. Oh ya so I was saying I really wanted a bakery and found one that was at a good price and it was really cute and it's located in London so I bought it. Why would you buy it with out telling me. Lily:sorry but you know me if I want something I have to get it. So? Lily:so what? How are you gonna manage a bakery in London when your in California. Lily: ya about that I was wondering if we could move to London? Move to London ! Lily: ya London please pleeeeeeease pretty please. Then lily started to do her puppy dog eyes. Dam it ! She knows I can't say no to her puppy dog eyes. Fine I say and sigh. Well let's get packing then lily. Lily Smiled at me her smile was so big it looked like a little kid who was just given candy. Lily: thanks. Hurry along and go pack I tell lily. Lily went to her room to go and pack. I look at places to live and fine a nice place close to the bakery so I bought it. I also started to look at plane tickets. I bought 2 tickets for London in about 2 hours. We're leaving in 2 hours lily. I hear he scream 2 hours! That such little time I know just hurry .


Sorry this chapter is boring just need to build up the story before I get to the good parts sorry and if you can please vote subscribe and comment . I will update soon trust me I will.


Please update?!

xo_caitlin_xo xo_caitlin_xo

Please continue

Louis'lolies Louis'lolies

Thank you im gonna update the story very soon and i love rosies hair

this book seems awesome! i really like the beginning, please don't stop writing it!
btw rosie's hair color is AH-MAZING