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All As It Changes (Larry Stylinson{Mpreg})

Chapter 2

Chapter 2-

Louis blinked.


"I-I'm sorry, could you repeat that?"

"You're pregnant," Dr. Burton sighed with a nod.

"No. I can't be. It's impossible." He hopped off of the examination table, pacing around the tiny room. "Where are the cameras? This is a joke, right? I'm being pranked?"

She shook her head. "This isn't a joke, Louis. I'm being honest with you. You are in fact pregnant."

She sighed before continuing. "Have you been sexually active lately?"

Louis stopped pacing and mumbling to himself to look at her.

"Obviously if I'm apparently pregnant! I mean...how is this even possible? For me-a guy-to get pregnant?"

"It's the obvious answer. You have a womb."

"A womb...I'm half woman. That's just great. What now? Am I gonna sprout boobs?"

With a small laugh, Dr. Burton shook her head. "No. It's incredibly unlikely."

"Thank God," he breathed.

"Though leaking may occur."

That caused Louis to groan.

The room was quiet for a few minutes before Louis spoke up once more.

"Can you get my mum?"

Dr. Burton nodded and gave him a small smile before exiting the room.

Louis sat alone once again, but this time he knew what was wrong. He was pregnant. Louis Tomlinson, an eighteen year old boy was pregnant. He took biology, he understood it. Things like this didn't happen. Of course now, he was a mutant.

The worst part about it was that he didn't know who-

And then it hit him.

The party. Who had he gone with? Harry and the boys. Who had he gotten drunk with? Harry. Who's lips were attached to his? Harry's. Who had he gone back to his house with? Harry. Who had he hooked up with? Harry.

Harry. Harry. Harry.

Harry was the father of his baby. Louis' best friend. How was he supposed to tell him?

"I've just ruined our lives," Louis said to himself.

At those words, Louis broke down crying. He and Harry were seniors and heading off to college at the end of the summer. How were they supposed to handle a baby? Well, if Harry didn't want any part of it, he didn't have to help. But Louis wasn't getting rid of the baby. He would raise it. He wanted to. It was his, after all.

The door opened and Louis quickly wiped his eyes. When he saw his mum's face, it was etched with worry. Dr. Burton had told her. It was obvious.

"Oh, Louis..." Jay rushed over and hugged him. Louis, not knowing what else to do, cried into her shoulder.

"I'm sorry," he choked. "I didn't know..."

"Shh, Boo." She ran a hand through his feathery light brown hair. "It's alright. I'm gonna help you. Ok? I promise."

He nodded.

"But, Louis...do you know who the father is?"

He took a deep breath. "H-Harry."

"Harry," Jay repeated, shocked. "As in Harry Styles? Your best friend. That Harry?"

He nodded again.

"Lou...you have to tell him."

"I will," he sniffled, taking a deep breath.

"We should probably talk about your options," Dr. Burton inserted comfortingly.

"I'm not aborting it, if that's what you're implying," Louis interjected. "Or putting it up for adoption."

"Louis...are you sure?" Jay looked at him.

"The baby's mine, right? Therefore,it's my responsibility. Not someone else's."

A pause fell through the room.

"Well with that," Dr. Burton said. "a c-section will have to be performed for the birth."

Louis shook, swallowing dryly. He hated surgery. Who didn't? Yes, it can save lives, but the thought of being cut up...

"You'll be awake the entire time, but you'll be numbed. You won't feel a thing. I promise. I'm also going to prescribe some anti-nausea medication and hormone infusions as well. Possibly some iron supplements later on."

Louis nodded along.

"Alright, well if you follow me, we'll go and give you a quick ultrasound."

He followed her into another room, laying down on the table. He pulled his shirt up, Jay holding his hand. A thumping began in the room a few moments into the ultrasound.

"That," Dr. Burton began. "is the baby's heartbeat." She flashed Louis a smile.

"The..." Louis trailed off in awe.

"Heartbeat, yes. And I'd say you're about two months along."

He looked up at Jay in pure astonishment.

"And, Louis, if you see that little dot right there-" She pointed to the screen. "-that's your baby."

Louis blinked back tears that he wasn't expecting to get. His baby. His and Harry's baby-though unknown to him. A small dot on a screen that meant so much.

He made an appointment for one month from that day at an earlier time. The whole ride home, with one hand on his stomach instinctively, Louis looked at the sonogram picture. He was still taking everything in.

"You okay, Lou?"

He looked up and nodded. "Yeah," he said. "Nervous."

Jay smiled at him. "I was about your age when I had you."

Louis looked at her. He knew about it, she just didn't talk about it much.

"Other than being so young, you were the best thing that's ever happened to me."

He smiled. "You're being so mushy, Mum."

Jay smiled back and continued to drive home. When they pulled in the driveway, Louis got out and headed straight to his room. He put the sonogram on his night stand and headed into the shower. He finished up quickly before heading back downstairs. Jay had made them both tea and sat down across from Louis. He took a sip, his hands shaking.

"You're going to have to tell him. Harry, I mean."

Louis nodded, biting his lip. "I know," he said squinting. "I'll tell him tomorrow."

She smiled weakly. "Do you want me to be there?"

"No," Louis answered. "I have to tell him myself."

Jay mumbled an "Okay" before putting their mugs into the sink and kissing Louis' head.

"I love you, Lou."

He smiled at her tiredly. "Love you, too."

The next day Louis walked into school a nervous wreck. He was jumpy, he was shaky, and he thought his knees would give out at any second. Especially when he saw Harry. His eyes widened and he thought that he was going to get sick for the second time that day. (He hadn't picked up the prescriptions yet.)

"Hey, Louis," Harry smiled when he saw him. "Are you okay, you look really pale."

"Uh-huh. Hey, do you wanna come over later? I need to talk to you."

He nodded. "Sure. Uh...hey. You'd tell me if something was wrong, right?"

Louis gave him a small smile and nodded twice.

The end of the day, for once, arrived too quickly for Louis' liking. Two-thirty PM meant one thing: telling Harry. He soon found himself walking home, the curly-haired boy next to him. Louis didn't want to wait any longer once they arrived home. He just wanted to get it all over with.

"Harry...can you sit down, please?"

"Sure." He collapsed comfortably onto the couch. "What did you want to talk about?"

Louis closed his eyes and breathed in. "I went to the doctor last night," he said.

"What's wrong, Lou? Are you sick? Dying?"

"No. None of those. But it's life changing."

"Well...? What is it?" Harry leaned forward in his seat anxiously as he began tapping his foot.

Louis took the sonogram picture out of his pocket and handed it to Harry.

"I'm pregnant," he breathed. "It's not a joke, either. My name's programed in the bottom corner. See where it's printed?"

Harry looked at the picture, shocked.


"I have a womb, apparently. A whole female reproductive system."

Harry sat in silence for a minute. "Whose is it?"

Louis breathed in shakily. "Yours."

Harry looked up at his best friend in awe. His jaw could practically touch the ground if it went down any further.


He bit his lip. "The party. You woke up the next morning naked. We were both drunk the night before."

By the look on his face, Louis knew Harry remembered their night together.

"Oh my god...it's mine..." He ran a hand through his hair. "This is...wow."

He stood up. "I-I need some air. A walk, I need a walk."

Without another word, Harry was gone from the house, and Louis was left in the midst of tears.

This was all just perfect.


Please continue

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