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All As It Changes (Larry Stylinson{Mpreg})

Chapter 3

Chapter 3-

Louis sat there crying for about ten minutes before wiping his eyes. Damn hormones. He hated crying. Absolutely hated it. But now that he was in fact having a baby, and that Dr. Burton would be giving him frequent hormone injections, he'd have to deal with it. He just sighed and sniffed.

With a heavy heart and a now stuffy nose, Louis got up. He grabbed his zip-up and threw it on, walking out to the front garden, cutting through the grass. The sun shone through the trees as he continued on walking. Louis just let his feet do the thinking, not really paying attention to where exactly he was going.

After a while of walking, Louis realized where he had ended up. A park a few blocks from his house. And, looking around, he saw a curly-haired figure sitting alone on a bench, his back facing him. Louis walked over cautiously and gently tapped Harry's shoulder. He jumped in surprise before turning around to face him.

"Oh...Hi, Lou." Harry looked up at him, green orbs meeting blue-grey.

"Hey." Louis took a nervous breath, eyeing the vacant spot next to Harry.

"Sit," he encouraged. There was a hint of a smile on his face.

Louis sat, a silence taking over. He pursed his lips slightly, drumming his fingers on his thighs, trying to gain the courage to speak.

"So," Harry broke the silence. "I...I'm sorry for walking out. I really just needed some air. I wasn't expecting that. No one our age does. Especially in our situation. I mean...you're-"

"A guy. Yeah...some genetic mutation, I'm guessing." He let out a breath. "I really am sorry. I've ruined your life. And I understand if you want no part of the baby, but I'm keeping it. I can raise it myself if I have to-"

"Louis, what are you talking about?" Harry looked him in the eye, placing large, gentle hands on his shoulders. "You didn't ruin my life and there is no way I'm letting you raise the baby alone. It's my responsibility, too."

Louis stared at him, his mouth slightly ajar.

"What? Really?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah. Really."

Louis smiled and hugged him. "Thank you," he said, burying his face into his chest.

"'Suppose I have to tell Mum, now..."

"Yeah. Mine was with me at the appointment, so she heard it from my doctor. And she was kinda my shoulder to cry on...it was a little scary..." He smiled weakly.

"I could expect. You don't hear news like that every day. How was she with all of that?"

"Supportive. Which really wasn't surprising. She had me when she was about our age, anyway. And it's been just us for as long as I could remember. Considers me her best friend...you know?"

"That's how Mum is with Gem and I," Harry smiled. "Will you be there when I tell her?"

"Of course. How do you think she'll react?"

He shrugged. "No clue, honestly. Hopefully not badly."

"And the boys...?" Louis watched Harry's face pale.

"Kinda forgot about them...hopefully the same: supportive."

Louis nodded, feeling his eyes grow a little heavy. He rested his head against Harry's shoulder.

"That's alright," Harry chuckled. "Just make yourself comfortable."

Louis smiled, feeling Harry grab his hand. He sighed to himself contently.

The following week, Louis became more cautious of his belly, being careful not to rest his hands there. At least not as often. He also became aware of his jeans growing tighter and that his morning sickness-which didn't like to stay just in the morning-was starting to die down.

In between his class before lunch, Harry had met up with Louis to walk to the canteen. They had decided that a week was a long enough wait and that they were going to tell the boys today. They were also going to tell Anne later on after school. Kill two birds with one stone; drop the bomb twice in one day. Just to get it over and done with.

They walked into the canteen and sat down, greeting the boys.

"We need to tell you guys something," Louis said, a hint of nerves on his breath.

Niall's eyes widened. "Are you two together?"

Louis blushed. "No! Seriously, we need to talk."

"You're scaring me, Lou," Zayn said.

He nodded and took out the sonogram picture, passing it over to the boys.

"A sonogram," Liam asked. "Why?"

"It's mine," Louis answered. "I'm pregnant."

Liam looked up at him. "What?"

"I am. See my name typed up in the bottom corner?"

Zayn looked up at him wide-eyed. "But...how?"

And then Louis went on to explain. About the mutation, about having a womb and being "half woman," which Niall snorted at.

"Who's the father, " NIall asked seriously after calming himself down.

Louis just looked at Harry.

"Oh my god," Zayn breathed. "You two...you-"

"Yeah. Two months ago. At Chris' party."

"I-I'm not sure whether to congradulate you both or continue to question you," Liam said.

Louis gave him a small smile, picking at his thumb.

"What are you two going to do?"

"Keep it," Harry said.

NIall looked at them and asked, "And you two aren't together?"

"No," they replied in unison.

The conversation turned into small talk when questions were answered. Though, the baby was brought back every so often.

Louis was about to answer a question Niall had asked when his stomach churned. He shot up out of his seat and ran to the toilets. He closed the stall door behind him and vomited, happy no one else was in the bathroom.

He heard the stall door open, and a gentle hand rested on his back. Lips touched his head gently, Louis closing his eyes at the gesture. Knowing it was Harry, Louis leaned back into his hold.

"Come on, Boo," Harry's deep voice echoed. "Wash up a bit."

"Boo" was a name that only his mum and Harry called him. Harry using it when he was comforting Louis or when he wasn't in his best of moods. Jay using it almost all the time, ever since Louis was little.

Louis allowed Harry to lead him out of the stall and over to the sinks. He splashed a fair amount of cool water onto his face, patting it dry with the sleeve of his jumper.

"Do you feel any better, Boo?"

Louis sniffed and shook his head. He buried his face in Harry's chest and cried.

"I ha-ate this," he choked.

"Sh...I know. No one likes getting sick."

He pulled away, allowing Harry to run a hand through his feathery hair.

"If you're feeling alright, let's head back to the table."

Louis sniffed and nodded. "Ok."

They walked back towards the canteen, Louis rubbing his eyes. Just as he looked up, he bumped into someone.


"Watch where you're going, Tomlinson," a familiar deep, irritating voice warned.

Just ignore him, Louis thought.

Alex pushed him against the lockers, a hollow metal bang sounding when Louis hit them.

"Hey!" Harry stormed over and pushed Alex against the lockers.

"Don't you dare touch him," he warned with a clenched jaw.

Alex just smirked. "Overprotective of your boyfriend, Styles?"

Harry let out a low growl deep in his throat, Alex forcing him off as he began walking away.

"He's not worth it, Styles. He's a fag!"

"Get the fuck out of here!" Harry grabbed Louis' wrist and pulled him back to the boys.


Louis nodded. "I refuse to listen to him. It's not gonna help me in any way."

With a nod, Harry smiled and guided him back into the lunch room.

Later on that day, Louis went with Harry to talk to Anne about the baby. Harry was shaking, visibly shaking. You could tell he was nervous. He stuttered with almost every word, trying to detour as much as he could. He even began wringing his hands, concentrating on that. Anne was completely confused when Harry finally got to the news. Even after they showed her the ultrasound picture. By then, Louis had taken over, explaining everything that she needed and or wanted to know.

"How far along?"

"Two months."

"Are you keeping it?"


"Harry's the father?"


"How did Jay react?"

"Mum was supportive."

"Did you know that this could happen."

"No. Not at all."

"I'll help you both. I'm not leaving either of you in the dark for all of this."

"Thank you, Anne."

"You're welcome. What about school?"

"I'll keep going as much as i can the rest of the year. Then, for college, I'll take a few online classes."

Anne nodded. "Alright. Would you like to stay for dinner, Louis?"

"I don't wanna intrude," he said shyly.

"You know you're always welcome here. You're not intruding."

"Then I'd love to," he smiled.

Anne smiled and headed into the kitchen to start on dinner.

"Lou...I know we're kinda young to be having a baby, but I'm actually...a bit excited," Harry nervously admitted.

Louis nodded slowly. "Me, too. But I'm still terrified."

"There's nothing abnormal about that," he said.

"I know...one person's allowed in the operating room when I have the c-section...will you be there with me?"

"Absolutely," Harry promised with a smile.

Louis was about to thank him when the alarm on his phone went off. He sighed and grabbed the small black travel case from his bag.

"Are you a diabetic, Lou?"

He shook his head. "No. Hormone injections. Because I lack the hormones needed to carry a baby, I need to inject myself twice a day."

"Oh," Harry breathed. "Where do you...er...inject yourself?"

He lifted up his shirt. "Belly button."

"Ouch...Have you done it before?"

"Started yesterday. The first time my doctor did it, though."

"Do you...need help?"

He shook his head. "No. I'll, uh, I'll be fine."


Louis got up and walked into the bathroom. He unzipped the case and pulled a small vile of whatever and a syringe out. He placed the needle on the syringe and filled it with the hormones from the vile. His hands shook as he pulled up his shirt. Louis pinched the skin at his belly button and closed his eyes. Gently, he eased the needle in, pushing the pump at the top. He flinched and pulled the needle out, cleaning everything up.

If this is what it felt like now, how would it feel when he had a swollen belly and a baby kicking him or pressed right up against the inside of his belly?

He walked back downstairs and sat with Harry for a little while before dinner was ready.

Robin had arrived home around that time, Harry and Louis explaining everything once again. He asked them mainly the same questions Anne did and promised to help them as well. He then asked if they were together, which they responded with a no. Anne had then stated that the two didn't need to be because they were already "attached at the hip." That caused Louis to blush.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Harry said after driving Louis home.

"Yeah," he smiled. "It's only seven and yet I'm exhausted."

"You're pregnant. You're supposed to get tired early."

He nodded. "Yeah."

"You're pregnant...I don't think I'll actually get used to saying that..."

Louis chuckled. He went to get out but stopped. "Wait-I have an appointment two weeks from today. You'll come with me, right?"

Harry smiled. "Of course."

"Cool. I guess I'll see you tomorrow, then."

"Ok-Wait." He grabbed Louis' hand and tugged him close. Harry's soft lips touched Louis' cheek, making him blush furiously.

"See you tomorrow."

Louis got out of the car after saying goodbye and placed a hand where Harry's lips had just been. His cheek was warm.

What was with him?

A little lightheaded, Louis walked into the house and kissed Jay's cheek.

"Did you have a good day, Boo?"

He nodded. "Yeah. I got sick during lunch, though."

"Oh, Boo...did you take the anti-nausea medication this morning?"

Louis slapped his forehead. "Damn, I forgot!"

Jay laughed. "Don't forget next time," she chuckled.

"I won't. I definitely won't."

"Good. And your injections?"

"Took it before dinner," he answered proudly.

"You forget the pill but not the injection. I'm shocked," she joked.

"Thanks for being oh so encouraging and kind, Mum," Louis responded in a sarcastic tone.

"You are, in no doubt, my son."

"And you're stuck with me."

"But you know I love it."

"Yes, I do."

"Of course. Now, head up to bed. You look like oyu're about to fall asleep standing up."

"I am. G'night, Mum."

"Night, sweetie."

Laying down on his bed, Louis rested a hand on his currently flat stomach.

"You're going to have and amazing family," he whispered to the baby. "I promise you will."

Soon after, sleep overtook Louis, and he sunk into dreamland.


Please continue

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