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All As It Changes (Larry Stylinson{Mpreg})

Chapter 1

Chapter 1-

You could say that just about no one has a normal life. Some kids had physical issues, some had mental issues, some could run fast enough to be in the Olympics, and some could have a weird talent or ability. And, there's always someone who says that they're "normal."

But, if you think about it, "normal" is practically nonexistent. Even the most regular, bland, boring human being isn't "normal." People are unique, flesh and blood creatures who, if they didn't exist would still, in some way, have an effect on mankind.

Let's use an example here: Louis Tomlinson. He, like any and all other people are different. But, like some, he hasn't figures out exactly how. Currently, Louis sat in his room, the music on his iPod blasting despite not paying attention to it. School was rough and-well, not rough, only the people in it. Louis was about halfway through October of his senior year. Late October, that was.

Louis had a pile of books next to his bed along with assignments that he should in fact get started on, but procrastination and laziness had overtaken him. He was propped up against the headboard, his ankles crossed by the foot of his bed, and his phone not far from his face as he played some useless game.His mum was still at work and wouldn't be home till late. She had given him extra money to order a pizza, which there was a nine of of ten chance that he would get.

He hadn't noticed that he was dozing off until Louis' phone buzzed and he gave off a lazy yet surprised jump. He looked at the new message, which read:

'Harry: Me and the lads are coming over. Movie night. Brace yourself!'

He laughed and got up, slipping on a beanie over his ruffled "Ten Second Sleep Hair." He would be ordering that pizza after all. Walking downstairs, Louis found the number and ordered, waiting for the boys and searching for a bundle of movies.

When the boys arrived, no knocking, they walked in, Niall immediately sprawling himself out on the couch. Liam took the cushioned chair sitting on it sideways , Zayn on the other one on the far side of the room. Harry took a seat on the floor in front of the couch just as Louis popped in the selected movie. Just as he sat down, the doorbell rang, and he got up to get the pizza.

"Finally," he said, sitting down after another five minutes. "I can relax now."

Harry chuckled. "Knowing you, you probably went up to your room and did nothing since you've been home."

He pouted. "Shut up, Styles."

He laughed and pulled a blanket off of the ouch, covering them both. Louis naturally snuggled into the younger boy's side, resting his head on his shoulder. Harry and Louis weren't dating, though they often gave off the vibe that they were. They had admitted to sharing a few drunken kisses, but nothing more. In fact, this past New Year, they shared their Midnight kiss together.

As funny and sometimes "tough" as Louis was, he was very cuddly. Especially around Harry. He was resting his head on his shoulder when he felt Harry rest his on Louis'. His eyes were plastered to the television screen, resting his hand atop Harry's large one as they laced their fingers.

"Hey, guys." Niall sat up, looking at his phone. "Party at Chris'. Should we go?"

Louis nodded, along with everyone else, Liam volunteering to be the designated driver.

Niall ran out to the car, hopping in shotgun, Liam in the drivers' seat, and everyone else jumping into the back. Louis knew these parties; loud music, drinking, dancing, and hook-ups. The type where your heart pounded with excitement.

As they pulled up to the house, Louis could hear the bass in the music, and he took off his seat belt. The moment the car pulled to a stop, he raced off towards the front door. Harry met up with him, trying to catch his breath. He opened the door and walked inside, a smile on his face. There were more people than he could count, and mostly everyone had a drink in their hand. You could smell the alcohol from down the road if you concentrated. Then again, Louis knew he'd go home smelling like it.

"Want a drink," Harry asked. "I'm getting one."

Louis nodded. "Yeah, whatever you get, I'll have."

Harry nodded walked off, coming back a few minutes later explaining he was trying to escape a few girls who were hitting on him. Louis laughed and took his drink, bobbing his head to the music, not caring if it looked strange. He danced a bit oddly after finishing off his first drink, walking away only to get another. He looked over at the doorway that exited the kitchen, immediately regretting doing so when he saw the one person he hated more than anyone:

Alex Williams.

He groaned, sipping his drink and turned away. Even just an eye roll could set the kid off. He was that dangerous kind of guy who no one saw as dangerous. He was popular. Alex was popular. People loved him, and it pissed Louis off to no end because, in everyone's eyes, Alex Williams was perfect.

"Hey, Tomlinson! Did you just show up here or what?"

Louis turned sharply on his heel. "We were invited, you arsehole. Unlike you, who probably just showed up thinking you're the God damn kind of the world."

Alex chuckled and put down his drink, walking over. He leaned in close to Louis' face.

"Do you really want to start this right now, Tomlinson?"

Despite being shorter, Louis leaned in, gritting his teeth. "You think I'd even want to bother with you?"

Louis pushed away and walked out of the room. He downed his drink in frustration, grabbing another one soon after. He downed that, too. He saw Harry from across the room and stomped over. Harry turned from a conversation he was having with someone and squinted at Louis.

"You okay, mate? You look pissed."

"Just get me drunk," he answered stiffly.

Harry blinked at him, practically drunk himself, and gave him his drink. Louis swallowed half of it, then returned the drink to the curly haired boy. After about four more drinks, Louis was too drunk to mumble a coherent sentence. Too drunk to decipher the people and his surroundings.

At around the hour of eleven, Louis found himself with his lips attached to someone else's in the middle of a heated make out session. He was in such a buzz, he hadn't noticed he had been making his three way walking-journey home with Harry stumbling next to him.

They were laughing about something stupid, and despite being drunk, Louis was exhausted. Yet not. He fumbled with putting the key into the lock, giggling deeply. As soon as the door swung open...the rest of the night was a blur...

The next day...

His head pounded and throbbed. The soft rustling of bedsheets irritated the dull ache in his head. The sun was too bright for his liking, and he buried his head into his pillow. He smelled of sweat and alcohol. Sitting up, Louis was completely sore. he got out of bed, naked to add, and trudged into the bathroom turning on the shower.

He let it get scorching hot, the steam feeling good. He stepped into the shower, the water soothing his aching head and body. After a good half an hour of artificial rain hitting him, Louis got out, wrapping himself in a towel. He walked back into the bedroom and looked to the side of his bed and saw Harry on the floor, holding his head with the duvet over his lap.

"Hey," Louis greeted.

"Killer hangover," Harry mumbled.

"Take a shower. I'll go make us some tea."

Louis helped Harry up and noticed he was naked as well. His suspicions were confirmed when he saw the thermostat which had the head blasted. He continued on downstairs and filled the kettle with water before setting it on the stove. Once finished, he poured the water into two mugs before adding the teabags.

Harry came into the kitchen with one of Louis' over sized shirts which looked small on him, and a pair of sweatpants. Louis looked at him sympathetically, knowing exactly how he felt. He slid Harry his cup of tea, taking a sip of his own. Louis grabbed an aspirin for both him and Harry.

"Feeling alright?"

Harry merely nodded, taking the aspirin and dry swallowed it. He cringed a bit at its sour taste, resting his head on the cool table.

That day proved to be a lazy one, and no hangover vomiting, thank God. Louis had eventually passed out after finding and reading a note from Jay saying that she was called into work again. Harry went home around four in the afternoon, muttering something about squishing his face in a bunch of pillows.

Days passed, followed by weeks which turned into months. Louis woke up groggily on a Tuesday morning. He rubbed his eyes and got out of bed, walking into the bathroom to change. Once finished, he walked downstairs.

As soon as he entered the kitchen, the smell of eggs hit Louis' nose and his stomach churned. he pursed his lips and rushed to the bathroom, just making it. He got sick, releasing his dinner from the previous night into the toilet, resting his head on the cool porcelain when he finished.

He flushed, getting up and splashing water over his face, and quickly brushed his teeth. Louis walked back downstairs and grabbed his bag.

"Mum! I'm heading to school. I'll get something to eat on the way."

"Alright! Have a good day, Lou! Love you!"

"Love you, too, Mum."

He opted to walk to school, meeting Harry and the rest of the boys at their lockers. They talked for a few minutes before heading to their first class. Louis sat behind Harry, Zayn in the front of the room, Liam and Niall in two other classes.

"Have any food," Louis asked as Harry passed a book back.

"Nope. Why? You didn't eat?"

He shook his head. "No, I was rushing."

Harry nodded.

The day passed by rather slowly, and the only highlight was lunch.

"You alright, Lou," Liam had asked. "You look exhausted."

He shrugged. "I got sick this morning...made me tired."

At that, Niall backed up five feet from the table, his chair scraping against the tile floor.

"Then what the Hell are you doing here," he asked Louis. "I don't wanna get sick."

Everyone laughed, and Louis rolled his eyes.

"I'm not contagious, Ni. Don't worry. If I have to get sick, I'll get sick on Zayn's lap."

Zayn scoffed. "Hey!"

In response, Louis just smirked, Harry clapping him on the shoulder.

The end of the day finally came around, Louis happily rushing to his locker to get his things. He began his walk home, enjoying the nice weather, although crisp. Finally making it home, he unlocked the door, Jay in the kitchen.

"Hi, Boo. Good day?" She kissed him gently on the cheek.

"Yeah, just long," he responded.

"I'm making chicken for dinner." She pulled out the uncooked cutlets from the fridge.

"Good, I'm-...Oh, God..."

Louis covered his mouth. One look at the raw, pink meat and his stomach was in his literally in his throat. Without a word or warning, he had bolted up to the bathroom, falling onto his knees. He let out the contents of his stomach, a headache immediately following the vomiting.

Jay had followed Louis into the bathroom, seeing her son hunched over the toilet. She wet a cloth with cool water and placed it on the back of his neck, rubbing his back and kissing his head. She ran a hand through his hair.

"Louis, are you alright?"

He coughed and flushed the toilet. "Mhm..."

"I'm going to make you an appointment for the doctor-"

"Mum," he cut off with a groan.

"You're ill, sweetheart. You're going."

Louis groaned again, watching his mother rush out of the room, only to return a few moments with her hand outstretched.

"Come on," she said. "Dr. Burton can take you in an hour."

She pulled Louis up and escorted him out to the car. They drove half an hour to the office, Louis' nerves working up the entire time. It was the only place he hated more than school. And his doctor happened to be located in a hospital. Even better.

After filling out forms and waiting for a few eternal-like minutes, Louis was called back. He told Jay to stay in the waiting room and that he'd be fine before following the nurse. The nurse took his temperature, height, and weight, recording it before leaving.

Louis had been lost in his own world when a knock sounded from the door.

"Hello, Louis," Dr. Burton greeted, stepping in. "How are you?"

"Sick, if I'm here," he smiled weakly.

She chuckled. "Still haven't lost that sense of humor, I see. Can you tell me how you've been feeling?"

"Weird, honestly. I got sick twice today, and a few times last week. I've also gotten bad headaches from time to time, as well."

Dr. Burton jotted something down. "Well, I'm going to run a few tests; blood pressure, heart rate, etc. And a blood test."

"No, no, no. No that."

"Well, it's either that or a urine sample."

"Peeing in a cup it is," he said with fake enthusiasm, happy to be dodging having blood work done.

Dr. Burton ran the tests, Louis doing what he needed into the cup. Once everything finished, she furrowed her eyebrows.

"Hm...I'm going to bring these to the lab. Sit tight, I'll be back shortly."

And then, Louis was alone. In a small, sterel white room with bright lights, nervous and in the dark about what was wrong with him. Was it serious? Nothing at all? He breathed out shakily, couting the seconds.

Dr. Burton returned shortly.

"This is...well...odd." She sat down.

Louis paled. "What? Wait-am I sick?"

"No. A colleague and I have dealt with this situation once before, but it's rare..."

He groaned. "Stop the suspense. I can't handle it...please tell me."

With a sigh, she placed the paperwork down on the examination table and looked up at him.

"As strange as this may sound...you're pregnant, Louis."


Please continue

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