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Going Up?

Chapter 7

Hannah P.O.V

I entered the room and shut the door quietly.
I turned around and took in the sight of the room. It was dark like a vampire lived here, bottles scattered, dim light from a lamp on a desk where a whole shelf of bottles were. Then there was Niall, he was just lying down on his bed with no shirt on, just sweats. One hand held a bottle and the other draped across his chest, I was able to see hsi toned abs. I shook all thoughts of his body and just stood there.
Suddenly he started to sing, not the kind of singing in the elevator where we were just messing around.. No, even though he was drunk, his voice is so angelic and the song made me in awe.

"If I’m louder, would you see me? Would you lay downIn my arms and rescue me? ‘Cause we are the sameYou save me,When you leave it’s gone again,"

I was not seated on his couch facing him where I could just listen to him sing.

"And when I see you on the street, In his arms, I get weak, My body fails, I’m on my knees, Prayin’,"

I closed my eyes so I could hear better, so I could listen to the rest of the song so intently.
By the time the song was done, there was silence that came afterwards.

"What are you doing here?" I hear, I open my eyes and jump off the couch.
"Erm.. I wanted to check if you were okay." I patted my head while fixing my beanie.
He chuckled and stood up, he took a sip straight out of the bottle.
"I'm always okay." he laughed, I walked towards him and his drunken smile faded.
"I know you're not okay." I whisper, we were less than an arm's length but still gave each other space.
"How would you know? You don't know me." he whispered back, I cringed and tightened my eyes from the smell of alcohol and because his words hurt me. You don't know me. So cold.

Niall P.O.V

I lied down and just had the bottle in my hand. I didn't know what to do and I didn't feel tired enough to fall asleep. I was tired of my life, I was tired of always being angry, I was tired of me.
I thought I heard my door and footsteps but I guess I was just drunk and imagining things.
Music always helped me escape from my problems and the lies. So, I decided to sing one of my favorites songs from our albums, More Than This.
I started with my solo and just sang my heart out in the rest of the song.
When I finished I didn't notice that a few tears rolled down my cheek while I was singing so, I wiped them and was about to go to the bathroom to wash my face.
But, there was a girl on my couch sitting and closing her eyes.
I think it's Naomi but, its too dark in here to see properly. Plus, my drunken mind playing tricks on me.
"What are you doing here?" I ask the shadowy figure who had stood up.
"Erm.. I wanted to check if you were okay." It's Naomi for sure, she's fixing her beanie.
I chuckled and grabbed my bottle. The glass touching my lips and the liquid burning my throat, it gave me sensation, I don't know why.
"I'm always okay." I replied with a laugh, suddenly she started to walk towards me and I became serious.
"I know you're not okay." she whispered to me, we were close but not close enough.
"How would you know? You don't know me." I whispered back, I saw her flinch and shut her eyes for a moment, like she was in pain. "Nobody knows me." I barely say, I set my gaze on the floor.. finding it interesting now.
"It's because you won't let anybody know you anymore." she says in a hush tone and I feel her soft finger tips on my bicep.
I looked at her and the faint light from my lamp was able to show me half of her face.
Her greyish blue eyes were boring a hole into mine, the space that was once there was gone, only a gap between our lips. We were now chest to chest, I knew she was breathing heavily, so was I, because our chests would rise and touch. The feeling of her clothing touching my bare chest almost drove me crazy, her touch drove me crazy.
"Please let me in." she barely said, I looked at her lips and I was trying my best to resist her touch. But, every breath just makes me want more.
The fuck with it.
I slowly leaned in, hopefully getting a response from her, and I did, she was leaning in too.
"I don't want to mess this up." I whispered, our lips were inches a part, it was killing me.
"Then, don't." she muttered and shook her head slowly.
I finally closed the gap between us and it was electrifying. I never felt like this before, I haven't felt feelings for a long time.
Our lips moved in perfect sync and this went on for what seems like forever.
When we pulled a part we were breathing heavier and we stared into each other's eyes.
"I'll let you in." I whisper to her.
We both sit down on my bed and I set down my bottle.
"I became..." I gestured to all of me. "broken.. That one night.."


HI THERE! So sorry for not updating yesterday! I know, you hate me :"< But, I hope this makes up for it. Plus, CLIFFHANGAAAAH! XD


Please and thank you! I would love feedback and your honest opinionsl. :D Love you all and stay perf! ;) <3



Holly_G_1D Holly_G_1D
I Love Your Story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waiting Waiting
Sure, sure. No problemmm!

Yea same
Holly_G_1D Holly_G_1D
This is really good! Personally I prefer the first person writing though.