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Going Up?

Chapter 6

Hannah P.O.V

I was letting my knuckles feel the contact of the wood as I started to hear... yells? Yes, yells coming from the other side of the door...
I quickly keep my phone and earphones.
"LET'S LET HER IN SHALL WE?!" I hear so clearly as the door swung open to reveal someone whom I wasn't expecting at all.
"You?" we both say in sync and raise our index fingers.
"What are you-" we're still in sync. "How is that-" again together, this is getting annoying.
"Wait, you two know each other?" Liam intervined.
"LIAM. HOW do you know HER?" the blonde guy from the elevator asks.
"What do you mean how does HE know ME? How does LIAM know YOU?" I question.
By this time I had entered the flat and the door was now shut.
"Just sit down you two." Liam demands as he rubs his temples.
"But, I wanted to sle-" before the Irish lad had a chance to finish, Liam had pushed both of us to sit down on the couch.
"First of all, Niall... How do you know Naomi?" Louis dictates, I guess Niall's his name..
"Naomi? Who's Naomi?" he slurrs, he's pissed drunk.. That's why his eyes were red...
"OMI? Did you lie to him about your name?!" City exclaims, I rise up and start to argue with her.
"NO I DIDN'T!" I yell.
We were in each other's faces screaming up until our professors pulled us off of each other.
"SIT." they both say, we did as told.
I hear the blonde- Niall- huff before he spoke.
"I know her from the elevator ride I just took.." he explains.
"So, why does it seem you know each other so well?" a curly green eyed boy stood with us, I didn't know he was there...
I guess he saw the confusion in my expression as he changed the direction of his gaze towards me with a hand held out, "Harry Styles." he smiles, I hear Niall grunt but I shrug it off.
"Anways.." Liam claps his hands, "I think it's time for a proper introduction.."
"Introduction?" we hear a voice and steps coming from the stairs, "Liam, what's happening?"
He had a dark complexion, looks a bit Asian like Pakistani or something but has a Bradford type of accent, kinda has messy black hair and he has loads of tattoos...
"Zayn! You're up!" Harry grins.
"Hpw couldn't I be? You're all so fucking loud, mates." he groans and takes a seat beside me on the couch, I hear Niall groan again.. What's up with him?
"So, lads.. This is Felicity Endicott, you can call her City." Liam starts, City grins and says a simple hello.
"And this is Naomi Winters, you can just call her Naomi." Louis chirps and I just awkwardly wave from my seat looking at everything but their eyes.
"Naomi is in my English class in the University of London." Liam includes.
"City and Naomi are in my Music class as well." Louis cheers.
"So wait, you brought two students to your home?" Niall asks quizzically...
Well, if you put it that way it sounds so much more guilty than it is..
Liam and Lou were dumbfounded as I was but, I soon found my words.. somehow.
"Students and professors can be friends. Actually, Li is the same age as us and there is no problem about it." I state, "Lou, you're a tad older so, sorry." I joke.
"Ow, that hurts Naomi." he clutches to his chest in fake pain.
"Anyways, continuing with proper intros with our erm... roommates." Liam says nervously and gives his friends a 'look'. Suspicious...
"I'm Harry Styles." the curly headed boy says again.
"Zayn Malik." the sleepy boy says and then yawns right after.
"Niall Horan." the guy from the elevator says grumpily, what's up with him? "So.. Now that's done with. Li and Lou, can I please go to bed now. I need sleep."
Liam and Lou seems stressed and they pull away Niall to the side while Harry and Zayn tries to make conversation with us.

Niall P.O.V

Liam and Louis had one last thing to say to me before going up, no surprise.
I just plugged out my earphones and shut of my phone, forgot it was still there...
"Niall, we're serious!" Louis whisper yells at me.
I nod, "Yeah yeah yeah, got it.."
"Got it? What did we just say?" Liam asks.
"Ermm.." I stuttered, busted.
"Shit, Niall. You've got to get your act together, mate!" Lou says louder.
"WHAT FUCKING ACT DO I HAVE LEFT?!" I yell, "I PUT ON AN ACT FOR THE FANS AND I CAN'T BE MYSELF INFRONT OF YOU GUYS?!" I could feel everyone's eyes on me, that includes the girls and the other lads.
"This isn't who you are, Ni." Liam says as loud as I did but he wasn't yelling.
"THE FUCK WHO I AM?! NOBODY CARES!?" I raise my hands up, "THIS IS WHO I AM. AND WHO I AM IS WHO YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH." I dash upstairs and bang my door shut.
I immediately find comfort from my dear friend, tequila. I take a swig out of the bottle and plop down my mattress.
I guess this is who I am from now on, just because of one night that nobody knows about...

Hannah P.O.V

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" City yelled, that was the sentence corrupting my thoughts.
Niall was so sweet and nice in the lift, what happened to that Niall?
"What happened to him?" I accidentally let the words slip out of my mouth in a whisper, hoping nobody heard it I quickly covered my mouth.
"Nobody knows what happened to him, Naomi.." Liam sighs deeply, I guess they did hear me.
"Nobody at all knows his pain?" I ask, I just need to fix this rubix cube which is Niall Horan.
"Pain?" Harry asks, "How do you know he's in pain?"
Everyone was all seated in the lounge and we were just silent for awhile.
"You can see it in his eyes.." I barely say.
"His eyes?" Zayn mutters.
"Yes, his eyes." I look up at everybody, "Can you show me a picture of Niall before he was like... this?" I pointed towards where Niall went.
Liam opened his iPhone and showed his lockscreen which was him and Niall.
Niall looked so different, so happy, so free.
"This was barely a year ago.." he smiles at his phone and returns it to his pocket.
"His eyes were bright and radiant blue, now it's all red and dull blue." I explain.
I sigh once more and stand up, that caused everyone to stand up and stare at me in confusion.
"I'm going up to him." I declare and start to walk up their staircase. "Ermmm, which door?"
"First one to the right." Lou advises.
"Be careful." Liam tells me.
"Careful of what? It's not like Niall would hurt me... would he?" I ask just to make sure.
A chorus of 'what' and 'no's come into place.
I wave my hand for them to stop, "Never mind I asked." I shake my head.
"It's just that there are a lot of bottles and some are.. broken." Harry mentions.
Oh, bottles and broken ones... do those remind him of himself?
I reach the top of the stairs and turn around the corner.
I am now right infront of his door.
Should I knock or should I just.. what?
"The hell with it." I say to myself and just open the door to a very dark room, the air stinks with alcohol.
It's just the beginning...


HI THERE! Sorry for not updating for 2 days in a row! I know, so mean of me. But, I have good explanations! Thank God I got today, nearly didn't since today is the wedding anniversary of my parents. :D


Please and thank you! Love you all and stay perf! ;) <3



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I Love Your Story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sure, sure. No problemmm!

Yea same
Holly_G_1D Holly_G_1D
This is really good! Personally I prefer the first person writing though.