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Going Up?

Chapter 8

Niall P.O.V

I just had to tell her no matter how harsh the memories are.

*Flash Back*

This was just early last year and we had just gotten a break from the Up All Night Tour. It was the most fun I have ever experienced in my life. Despite the fact a large percentage of our fans still didn't want me or thought I didn't deserve to be in One Direction. Of course, I would shrug it off and just live life to the fullest like I usually did, no biggie at all. But one day, I just drowned.
I was on my way to just get some chips from the nearby grocery. I had lost the bet against everyone else so I was practically forced upon the task but, nevertheless it was food and that was enough for me to walk about 4 blocks away from our complex.
When I left the gate, management wanted me to have a bodyguard with me but, I declined and urged them to stay since I saw not a lot of fans nor paparrazzis were outside. Only about 8 girls had papers or posters in their hands awaiting just a glimpse of us.
"OHMYGOD! THEY'RE OPENING THE GATES!" A girl screamed as I walked out. "Oh." I heard the disappointment in her voice as a girl approached me.
"NIALL! I'm your biggest fan! Will you please sign this?" She was about 7 years old and had brown curly hair which were tied into pigtails, I saw her mother was waiting by the lamp post patiently.
I grinned down at her as her grey eyes twinkled and her crooked teeth shined.
"Course, love. What's your name?" I ask as I get the marker and poster of me from her. I bend down as she whispers, "Rebecca."
"Well, Rebecca. You are truly beautiful, remember that." I tell her and sign her poster with 'Rebecca, Don't let anyone let you down. You're perfect just the way you are. -Niall Horan <3' and my signature. I hand it to her as she just giggles. I watch her trot to her mom and wave her goodbye.
"EW. THAT LITTLE GIRL DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO PICK A GUY." A snotty little girl says when she's out of sight.
I scoff and just cross the street and make my journey to the store.

I had bought two bags of groceries, not my fault I'm hungry and plus, that's what you get when you leave me alone in a place stocked with food.
"NIALL! NIALL!" Flashes burst out when I exit the store, I cover my face and continue to walk.
In these types of situations, I would have to lure them away so they won't follow me inside our house but, there was another factor.
There were now a group of teenagers who had posters all about hate, towards me.
I quickly darted from the paps and got away but, those 'fans' didn't budge, they followed me everywhere I went. Around the bend, into alleyways, and up the streets. These weren't your typical 'fans' with soft paper poster, they had posters with wood attatched to them like they were ready for a riot and they brought guys with them. Probably their brothers or something, I couldn't care less actually. I just wanted to get away from them.
I turned around a corner and actually lost them a bit but, I could still hear them coming. I looked everywhere but couldn't find a way out of here except down the street which wasn't an option, I was too tired and would most likely get trampled or beaten.
"Come here." I hear a girl's voice say and pull me inside some place.
She pushed me downwards so we could crouch down, I couldn't see her face properly but, as soon as those 'fans' passed and it was clear. She opened the lights and revealed herself.
She had red hair, gold eyes, pink lips, freckles upon her flushed cheeks.
"Hi." she made me snap out of my reverie. '"Name's Sam."
I smiled awkwardly, she jsut caught me staring at her.. How friendly, "Niall." We shook hands.
"Oh, I know who you are." she giggled, she was Scottish. I could tell by her accent.
"Oh." I said disappointedly, I mean I love fans but the ones I've just experienced were enough for the day, don't ya think?
"Oh, not to be rude or anything but, I only know who you are because those girls were screaming your name." she said nervously and tried setting her gaze somewhere else, mine snapped right back up to her beautiful face.
"OH." I said more excitedly, "Well, thank you, Sam for rescuing me."
"No problem.." she smiled, "But, why were they chasing you anyways?"
"Erm.. Long story.." I huff, might as well tell the truth since she's your heroine.
"I've got time." and we sat down on her staircase leading up to her apartment apparently.

"THAT MUST BE SO CRAZY!" She exclaimed after I finished my story.
"Yeah, and annoying." I sigh. "Well, I think my friends will be looking for me.." I stand up.
"Oh, Okay." she sounded as bummed out as I was, I didn't want to leave my new found friend. I haven't met a girl like her ever before.
"But, we can hang out sometime?" I ask, I saw her lit up right before my eyes.
"Sure." there goes her blushing again, she's so adorable.
"Can I have your number so I can text you when I'm free?" she nodded and handed me her phone and I handed mine to hers.
"There." we exchanged our mobiles back.
"See you around?" she asks, I shrug as she walks up her stairs.
"Never know, you might just save me again." I wink, she went red again. Gosh, I can never get enough of her blush or her striking eyes or her red hair that she flicks of carelessly.
"Maybe, never know." she winked back. We waved at each other one more time and I was back on the streets of London.
It was almost dark and I had left the complex around 3pm. God, how will I escape from this?

"So, You just got bomboarded with paps and fans? That's all?" the lads asked once again, I nodded my head furiously.
"For the hundredth time, yes." I huffed. "That. Is. All."
"Okay." Zayn nodded as we all ate chips and watched Coach Carter play on HBO.
"I love this movie." Liam said.
"Really?" Harry asked.
"Yeahp, Samuel L. Jackson is a great actor." he said.
"Yeah he is but, you loved him in The Avengers, Li." Zayn laughed, we all did.

So, months passed without the boys knowing I was with Sam. We made it official just a month ago but, just between us and not anyone else.
I gave her a necklace and she gave me a bracelet with each other's initials engraved on them for our anniversary gift.
"I love you." was first said to each other when she said yes to becoming my girlfriend. It was real love and it felt so good without anybody knowing about us since we were super secret about it. Not even the paps knew because we chose the right times to sneak out and see each other.

Today, I was supposed to sneak out to see her near midnight. We were all going clubbing tonight so it was perfect, I could just meet her outside when everybody was drunk or oblivious of everything else.
"See you later in the alley of Gizmo's" I ask her in the phone while we were getting ready.
"Yup, see you later babe." she says.
"See ya." and we hung up. I was just wearing http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=84250648 I've always worn the bracelet and never took it off unless I hop in the shower.
It was almost like it was a part of me, if someone took it away, I would almost feel like someone tore out a part of my heart. Yeah, sounds cheesy but, the heck with it.
"EVERYBODY READY?!" I hear Liam yell from the living room.
We all shuffle out and I added in a thumbs up. Dani, El, and Per were able to join us tonight which was superb. But, another girl came tonight... Taylor. Yeah, Harry and her are dating. I and the lads have been urging him to dump her already but, he has a thick skull.
"Let's go!" Taylor squealed, she was so happy all the freaking time but, it was all fake. She is a total bitch when Harry disappears. One time she called Louis an 'immature manchild' and Eleanor almost punched her face but, Harry came into the room while Taylor became the 'innocent little angel'.

"PARTY!" Harry yelled while he clutched Taylor, she never liked clubbing but she did everything she could with Haz.
The boys and their girlfriends danced on the dance floor while I got their drinks, I never really minded because I would be able to see Sam soon.
An hour passed and everyone was pissed drunk except Liam, Taylor, and me. Liam had to make sure Dani wouldn't tip over every second and had to take care of everyone else while Taylor made sure Harry only had eyes for her and not any girl. She never understood that what the news say were complete bullshit but, no she was too paranoid and too far gone to crazy land to bring her back.
I had to act drunk so Liam wouldn't notice me though, that was pretty hard since I never really paid attention on how I get drunk.
"Heyyyyyyyyy Liaaaaaaaam. Immmaaaaaaa dannnnncccceee, kaayyyyy?" I slurred and acted my drunken self.
"Be careful, Ni." he had a couple a shots and drinks but, he still seemed sober. Lucky guy.
I shrugged and went outta sight of the V.I.P section and maneuvered my way outside into the alley way. It was exactly 12 and Sam was already there. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=84252754
I forgot to mention she was the type of rebelious girl who didn't care what people thought on how she looked like and dressed, you would call her rocker chick or a punk girl but, no matter she was beautiful to me.
"Hey, babe." I hug her.
"Hey, Ni." she whispers and we give each other a kiss.
"Wanna go inside for a drink?" I ask.
"Nah, let's go to the park?" I nod, I love the park at night. I get to gaze at the stars and at her. Call me a cheeseball if ya like.
"I'll just tell the lads I'm going home." I say quickly, she nods and waits a block away from Gizmos.
I run inside the club and collect myself.
"Heyyyyy guyyysss. Immmm goiinnnnn hommmme." before anyone could speak I was off to my girlfriend.
"Hey, Sam!" I yell as she crossed the sreet towards the park, she turned around and smiled midway on the street.
She waved and I grinned. She looked so elegant in the moonlight.
She pointed towards me and made her fingers dance to gesture for me to come to her.
I was almost close to her but suddenly, I heard a car swerving. You could tell because you heard the distinct sound of the tires screeching and it burning.
We both looked around and before we knew it, Sam wasn't standing a few feet infront of me. But, her body lied on the street and a car had stopped infront of it.
"SAM?!" I yelled, she didn't wake up nor move.
A drunk driver stumbled out of the broken car and run away, I didn't care for him right now but only for my girlfriend.
"SAM." I yelled at her and cradled her lifeless body, all bloody and cut up but still perfect to me. "Please please wake up."
I didn't know what to do but, call Paul.
"P-p-paul. P-p-please c-c-om-me." I stuttered as my hand wouldn't stop shaking.
I told him what happened and he said he called an ambulance and would be right there.
I waited for 2 minutes, an ambulance arrived and took away Sam's body. They wouldn't allow me to come aboard because I wasn't family so, I sat on the sidewalk while I waited for anything; anyone.
"Niall?" I hear infront of me.
I slowly look up to see Paul, he was in a black coat and came out of his car.
My face must've looked completely horrid and broken because Paul kneeled infront of me and hugged me. I don't know how long that hug lasted but, he was there.
On the way to the hospital, I begged for him not to tell the lads and just keep it to himself and management, he promised he wouldn't but he wouldn't lie to them either so, if they asked. They had to tell them, I agreed to his terms.
"Sam O'Cohen" I say to the front desk where a nurse on the computer typed in her name.
"She's in room 210, the doctor might want to speak with you." she said nervously.
I nodded and Paul followed me to the respected room. I opened the door and saw a body covered with a white blanket over it.
"That's not Sam, this can't be the right room, Paul." I already started to break down.
"Ni, I'm sorry." Paul hugged me tight again.
"Are you the relatives of Ms.O'Cohen?" a doctor asked from the hallway holding a clipboard.
"Uhm, No." I wiped my face and tried to look decent, "Her parents died and she has no other relatives except her aunt and uncle in Scotland."
"Ahem.." he cleared his throat, "Well then, I won't be able to give out information about her then." he started to walk away.
"No! Please tell me." I begged him, he sighed.
"She had too much blood loss and brain damage that when she came here, she died. I'm very sorry for your loss, sir." and I let him walk away while I broke down in the hall. Paul tried to help me but, I just couldn't.

"Niall, you're going to Mullingar and will stay there for a week, okay?" Paul said to me, we got home and he had to drag me to my bed. I was done with the first stage of grief. Letting all emotions out that includes rage and sadness. Now, I was numb. Well, not fully since people have called me depressed.
"Okay." I mumble into my knees, I had just hugged my legs on my bed and sat up as Paul called people and made plans for me to get better on my desk.
"Your plane leaves at 8 in the morning later." It was already 3am and I couldn't sleep.
"Okay." I said again.
"I've packed your stuff." he said.
"Thanks." I say, I only said one word at the most for the past hour we've gone back.
I suddenly heard the door shut and people laughing.
"Guess they're home. I'll tell them you'll leave for Mullingar later, okay?" he says standing up.
"K." I simply stated.

A week has passed and not even my mum or dad or brother could help me. Paul had rang them the night it happened and told them my 'situation'. Coming home was supposed to be my cure but all it did was make me detatched from the outside world. I stayed in my room and only went out when it was time to eat. My mum tried to help me but, I just didn't budge.
I was stuck and I was stuck in this mode for about a month then, I flipped it on...my emotions. But, the only emotion I let out was anger and hatred against all humans because they weren't able to catch the culprit who killed Sam, I could've caught him but I was so selfless.
I started to cut myself in that numb state but now that I turned on my rage, I began to drink. I loved drinking at first but now, I drank whenever I could.
I only listened to Paul when he said I could get fired if I didn't try smiling infront of fans and in interiews, blah blah blah.. publicity.
So, I did what I had to do to keep my job because I truly love music but. I was- I am forever broken.

*Flash Back Ended*

I had shed a few tears but, Naomi would wipe them away with her soft thumb.
She gently pushed my chest down to make me lie down, I pulled her down with me so I could hold her in my arms.
"I'm here for you now." she whispered to me. "And I don't want to let you go."
I kissed her head and we slept in each other's arms and entangled legs.
I had a person who still believed I could change, still believe that Niall was still here, somewhere.


HI! Took me forever to think of what to write! But, when I started... It just clicked! How do you like it? Please tell me!


Please and thank you! FEEDBAAACK IS MUCH APPRECIATED! Love you all and stay perf! ;) <3



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I Love Your Story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is really good! Personally I prefer the first person writing though.