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Going Up?

Chapter 9

Naomi P.O.V.

I woke up and sneaked out of Niall's arms.
How did I get here?
I asked myself as I picked up my beanie from his bed and placed it on the bedside table instead. That's when I remembered.
Niall's story, his past, how he became broken, how he can't heal.
I brush my fingers through my blonde hair and sigh.
What should I do now?
I looked at his clock and it was 12 am, everyone's probably asleep or something... Wait, Why didn't City wake me up?
I gently closed his door and quietly went downstairs into their kitchen.
I am starving and I need some food, right now.
I open their fridge and see some milk, hmm.. I hope they have cereal.
I check their cupboards and finally find some Cheerios, my favorite.
I grab a bowl and pour my midnight snack into it along with the milk after.
Spoon, spoon, spoon, spoon, spoon. I say to myself as I search the drawers. No spoons.
I grunt in utter defeat and turn around to find someone chuckling at me, probably watching me in frustration the whole time.
"How long have you been watching me suffer there?" I ask with my eye brow cocked, I had crossed my arms too.
He chuckled slightly as he rubs the back of his head, "Enough to see you can't find the spoons."
"DUH. Where the hell do you keep the spoons 'round here? I found forks, knives, and other utensils except the spoon." I whined.
"Naomi, Liam's afraid of spoons. Thought you'd know about that." he laughed.
"And how would I know about that when I've only known him for a day and he is my professor." I look at him bluntly.
He seemed surprise as his blue eyes has widened, "Oh right, you don't know.." he barely said and looked towards the ground, good thing I have hearing like a hawk.
"What, Lou?" I ask.
He seemed uneasy and shifted his gaze everywhere but mine, he rolled his neck around before he finally looked at me.
"The spoons are here." he brushed by me and opened a secret drawer on the side that was in disguise of it being apart of the wall but becoming a drawer.
"THAT IS SO COOL." I whisper-yelled since people are probably asleep.
"Shhh." he still said but he smirked afterwards.
I playfully slapped his arm and grabbed the spoon from his hands and dug into my cereal.
Moaning as I chew and letting my eyes close so I can taste it more.
"You really love cereal, don't you?" I saw him sitting on the counter and drinking water.
I nodded , "I'm a cereal killer." and winked.
He just laughed at me as I continued to eat.
"What are you doing up?" I finally asked.
"I was watching a movie with El in my room." he shrugged.
"El?" I asked in curiosity, I haven't heard that name before and was pretty sure none of the boy's I had met today could've been nicknamed with El.
"My girlfriend." he smiled widely.
"Ohhh." I nod and stand up to put the dishes in the sink.
"You're done already?" he says in shock as he also puts his now empty glass along with my bowl.
"I eat fast." I wink and walk out the kitchen with him.
"Would you happen to know where City is?" I say confused, realizing that I had fallen asleep accidentally.
"She's in our guest bedroom because you slept upstairs with Niaaallll...." his eyebrows wiggled up and down.
I slapped him hard on the arm this time on purpose.
"Shut up, Lou." I say angrily but felt a blush creeping, he noticed and had to point it out.
"OooOOoooOoooh. You're blushing." he taunted like a child, even though he is 2 years older than me.
This time I had smacked his head from behind like how Gibbs would smack DiNozzo's in NCIS.
He whined and pouted at me as I laughed harder than I should've.
"What's going on here?" I heard an unfimiliar woman's voice come out of a room from the left.
"Oh Nothing, El. Just teasing Naomi for sleeping in the same bed as Ni." I smacked him again, I didn't care if his girlfriend saw me 'abuse' him.
But, she gave me a reaction that I wasn't expecting. She laughed with me at Louis' misery.
"See, Boo. That's what you get when you piss off a girl." she smiled at me. "I'm Eleanor Calder, you can call me El." she brought out a hand to shake and I shook it.
"Naomi Winters, nice to meet who tames this kid." we both laughed at the pouting Louis again.
"Hey, we should all go back to bed." Louis suggested after we both stopped laughing.
"Yeah, I guess I'll go back to Niall's so he won't be worried or something.." I said shyly and brushed my hair with my fingers again, it's a habit when I'm nervous.
"Wearing that?" Eleanor asked as she gestured to my outfit, "That's uncomfortable, you can borrow some of my Pj's." she pulled me into their room before I could protest, I glanced back at Louis who shrugged and followed us.
"Here." she handed me clothes and panda slippers.
"These are adorable!" I squealed at the slippers. "Thanks for lending them to me." I smiled.
"No problem, whoever can make Niall let his walls down is a part of the family." she smiled sweetly back at me.
"Night." I waved.
"Night." they responded and I went out of their room.
I passed by another room but it seems like someone was already asleep inside.
I crept up the stairs and went inside Niall's room that still smelled like death but, only less of it.
I went inside the bathroom and quickly changed into the clothes.
"These are absurdly short." I whispered to myself as I tugged on my shorts and cardigan, desperately trying to cover my skin.
Eleanor sure picked some short pajamas for me to wear.
I walk out and quickly get under the covers. The cardigan helped me to get warm on my upper body but, my legs were freezing since it's 1am in London.
Suddenly, a welcoming pair of muscular arms wrap around me again and our legs found to be in the tangled mess as it was before.
"Mmm.." I hear Niall moan in his sleep, I tried not to laugh and just turned around so I faced him.
I looked up a bit and saw Niall's features, he looked like an angel sleeping. He looked like he had found peace and comfort.
I smiled as I drifted off nuzzled into his chest that rose as he breathed, making a rhythm acting as my lullaby singing me to sleep.


I hope you like this chapter and sorry if it's pretty uneventful cause it's kinda a filler but, next chapter will be better. I swear!


Please and thank you! Love you lots and stay perf! ;) <3



Holly_G_1D Holly_G_1D
I Love Your Story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waiting Waiting
Sure, sure. No problemmm!

Yea same
Holly_G_1D Holly_G_1D
This is really good! Personally I prefer the first person writing though.