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Silent Laughter (Louis Tomlinson) [BOOK 3]


Winnie's POV

"Where should we go? Back to the hotel or-"

"Nah man. I'm always there. Fucking sick of it already." Louis answers his fellow band member.

I just remain seated in the back all by myself with a stack of napkins on my lap as well as a black pen.

Back at the ward, I kind of threw my board on the ground like an overly dramatic buffoon without even thinking, so yeah.

No board today and since my very trusting mother confiscated all of my devices, thinking I might try to contact Coop or Izzy in any way, I don't even have my Ipad, nor my phone.
I was originally going to bring a journal or something for communication purposes, but all the journals we possibly obtain in that house hold, either contain notes about psychology or many numbers that most likely are numbers that my mum wrote down to track the income and expenses of the center.

I'm already in deep as it is with my mum, I don't want to take something that's most likely very important and risk even losing it or damaging it, so Sylvia just handed me a stack of napkins and a pen.

It looks like I just robbed all of Mc Donald's inventory of those plain paper squares.
Oh well.

"Well then; where do you all want to like go then?"

"I don't know, man. There's like nowhere to fucking go in this place."

Zayn stops at a red light, the traffic seeming pretty lengthy and time consuming most likely due to the very cloudy weather and the fact that people always have somewhere to be in England.

He then turns his head to the back to look at me, his smile welcoming.

"You live here. So is there any like cool place to hang out?" He questions, Louis remaining silent from the passenger seat beside him.

I look into his light brown eyes for a second before turning my attention towards the window, hardly being able to see anything due to the very tinted glass (Most likely put there in the first place so no one can recognize them).

The clouds are still very big and close together I see.
I mean today is going to rain and that place is always so perfect when it rains.
But it's kind of my place...

But then again, I know Izzy would've wanted me to do this.

She would've told me to do this.

I know she would.

If she could be here with me right now, she would connect our arms together like we did when we were kids, and she would just nod her head in that charismatic way.
I know she would.

"Um are you okay I me-"

I look over at Zayn again, who is now beginning to be honked at by many cars behind us who are waiting for him to actually go.

I just nod and give him a small smile before grabbing my pen and showing it to him.
He raises an eyebrow in confusion.

"I don't underst-"

"Fucking drive already! I hear shit heads beginning to get out of their cars!" Louis interrupts him, nudging his shoulder in a violent like way.

Zayn just looks at me one more time before turning back around.

"Okay. Fuck. I'm fucking going. Shit."

The car begins moving again, and I just begin writing down the address on one of the napkins, trying to write as neat as someone who is in a moving car can.
I click my pen closed and tap Louis' shoulder.

He just makes a 'Hmm' noise before catching my gaze and gaping at the piece of paper I'm trying to give him.

"Okay." He says simply, his eyebrows furrowed together in concentration as he grabs the paper and turns back around, reading it.
My hands just hold each other in patience.

"Hey. She wants us to go here." Louis states, tapping Zayn's shoulder again, but this time more calmly.

Zayn mumbles something under his breath before grabbing the paper, his eyes going from the road to the napkin back and forth quickly.

"Alright then. Just put that in the GPS and we'll be on our way." He announces, his voice sounding cheery and curious all at the same time.

I just nod, knowing that no one can possibly see me.


The secluded and quiet environment makes my heart feel more visible to me, and my excitement just rises with each second.

The grass is not perfectly green, but is also not dead looking.

It's just normal; having some ant piles, weeds, empty dirt blotches, and everything else that to me makes a home.

I quickly unbuckle my seat belt, my things being held tightly in my grasp as I open the door quickly and practically run out. My smile grows widely and I just take a deep breath before realizing that I came with other living and breathing human beings.

I stop in place and turn myself around, trying to calm myself so I won't freak them out.
Their eyes begin scanning the whole place, none of them as giddy as I am.

"Where did you take us?" Louis questions when they both finally catch up to me, Zayn still observing everything.

I just continue smiling, Louis seeming kind of taken back for some reason.

"This isn't like a drug farm or anything right? Please tell me you're not some kind of drug growing farmer Winifred." He adds, seeming one hundred percent serious.

I quickly shake my head, before laughing a little, relief spreading all throughout his face.

"Then what is this place? And why are there so many plants and shit everywhere?"

I feel my mood drop slightly, my smile disappearing.

'This isn't shit.' I mouth, Zayn's eyes narrowing as I do so.

He quickly looks at Louis and opens his mouth, but quickly closes it once he sees my own confusion.

What is he so freaked out about?

I just roll my eyes before clicking my pen again and writing, handing it to them once I do so.

Their eyes scan my words.

"So this is your family's summer home, huh?" Louis announces and I just nod.

He nods, and Zayn just continues staring at me as if I'm some weird species of the sort.

"Well it's obvious you're rich, but I didn't think you were this rich." Both Zayn and I glance at
Louis who seems to look impressed for some reason.

I look back down on yet another blank white napkin.

'I am wealthy for many things, but the money part I do not consider to be one of them.' I write, and Louis just kinda brushes his hair back with his dainty fingers before taking a deep breath and crumpling the piece of paper in his hand, along with the other one, holding them in his fist.

"You're being a real stick in my ass, you know that right."
I open my mouth to say something, now angered but instead say nothing as he places his arm around my shoulders, looking down at me.

"I'm only teasing. Just show us around already and you can tell me more about wealth and the low relevance of currency to you." He says, softly, his feet beginning to move as well as my own with Zayn strolling right behind us.

My eyes roam over Louis' face in confusion, before I finally just huff and roll my eyes, shaking his arm off of me and walking past both of them to lead them the way.


This house is smaller than the one I actually live in.
It's like a cottage. One that you would find in the land of Snow White, with it's beautiful dark red brick chimney and matching roof, it's tall and dark auburn brown wooden doors that look as if they were made in the medieval ages since they are so perfectly yet non perfectly crafted, still having their dents and scratches that tell stories of themselves in a past life.

The beige crème colored walls are slightly stained, adding to the vintage effect, along with the giant windows that show people their own view of the world when you look outside them.
Even when it's dark and gloomy outside, these windows help you find a glow hidden within the dark shadows of complete desolation.
I found myself here.

"The fireplace here is like super sick." Zayn comments as he walks to one of my favorite areas in the house, his hand touching the bricks.

"Yeah. It's a nice place. Kinda seems like a house in a murder flick, but it's nice."
Zayn and I both look over at Louis who is now sitting in one of the blue striped couches. Zayn scowls at him before turning his head towards me.

"Don't listen to him. That's just like how he compliments."

I nod my head, forcing a grin before he just nods as well.

"Whatever, man." Louis responds, receiving an eye roll from Zayn who walks to the couch seat beside Louis, sitting himself down.

"So, Winnie right?"

I saunter myself to the couch area as well, sitting right next to Louis.

I nod again and he smiles.

"Do you come to this place often?" Zayn adds.

I lean my body back against one of the couch cushions.

'Yeah. A lot.' I mouth.

His eyebrows furrow in confusion again, his eyes going to Louis for a brief second.

He forces an awkward chuckle.

"Don't be afraid to talk to me you know. I get nervous too when I meet like a famous person or whatever, but we don't bite."

Um what.

He does know I can't talk right?

I mean Louis must've told him.

I just shake my head a little, my own eyebrows knitting together.

'I can't talk.' My lips form for me.


I turn my head to the right at Louis, seeing how he's texting someone.

"Why are you staring at me?" His voice speaks, his eyes still on the device.
Is he serious?

Is this guy even fucking listening to the conversation?

"Louis! Bro!" Zayn practically yells, making Louis jump a little and finally look at us.

"What?! What the fuck is it!"

He sounds irritated, but I don't really care.

"It would've been nice to mention that she can't talk, so I wouldn't make an ass of myself."
Zayn comments, looking quite embarrassed.

I don't think he made an ass of himself.

"She can fucking talk." Louis defends, taking me off guard.

What the fuck.

Zayn and I both make the same face of disbelief.

"Am I deaf then? Am I the only one in the world that doesn't hear a voice? Or do you have
some like extreme hearing ability, because I don't hear shit. No offense, Winnie."

'None taken.' I mouth, and he nods before glaring back at his friend beside me.

A little offense taken.

"Look, mate. You see, she can talk. She has opinions and thoughts like you and like me. There's a difference between talking and vocal ability."

I feel my stomach drop, my mouth completely shut as well as my mind that's trying to process his words.

"Well why didn't you mention her 'vocal' inability?"
He shrugs.

"Didn't cross my mind."
Is this even happening.

"It didn't cross yo-"

Zayn takes a deep breath before getting up from the chair, taking a deep breath of frustration.

"I need a smoke." He announces before walking to the end of the room to the nearest window.

Louis just rolls his eyes before staring at his phone on his lap, his eyes seeming bluer than usual.

They're really blue, huh.

His words just replay themselves in my head, and I feel myself smile before writing again.

'I thought I was the over thinker.' My words form, his eyes grazing over them when I place it on his lap.

My smile remains evident as he just closes his eyes for a brief second, his lips releasing a chuckle before forming into a genuine smile.

We then look at each other, both of us smiling like idiots.

He just shrugs and I just shrug back as the room begins to hold a scent of tobacco.


"Do you have any food?" Zayn asks as he takes another breath of smoke.
I nod my head before writing down the list of snacks that are in this house and their location before handing it to him.

He nods and gives me an appreciative smile.


I nod back and he just looks over the list again.

"Um, I don't want to seem you know like rude or anything, but this is all you have?" He adds, biting his bottom lip in this guilt like way.

Yeah, since I don't really come here to eat, all this place has are popsicles, lettuce (bad I think), microwavable burritos, and a jar of half eaten peanut butter (guilty).
He begins to scratch the back of his head, Louis returning from the restroom.

"What are you guys chit chattering on about?" He says as he enters, fixing the bottom of his white with medium length black sleeved Monday t-shirt.

I like how he has so many t-shirts. They're always so cool looking and it gives him this sense of simplicity and self assurance. Like he just doesn't care what people think about him. If someone doesn't like how he dresses, he just ignores them and wears another t-shirt the next day.

I respect that.

"Trying to see what she has to eat." Zayn answers.

Louis nods as he sits right back next to me like before.

"Oh. Cool. I'm hungry anyway. What is there?"

He looks over at me with this calm and relaxed smile I have never really seen before on him and I just shrug before pointing to the list that is now in his friend's hand.

"She has microwavable burritos, nutella, lettuce, popsicles, and peanut butter."

Louis then looks at Zayn, waiting for him to continue.
When no one says anything else, his eyes widen a little.

"That's it?"

Zayn and I both nod in unison.


His eyebrows raise in surprise.

"Well, I guess we're getting KFC today. What do you want, Winifred?" He asks, standing up from his place and strolling himself over to one of the small table near the front door where their car keys are.

Zayn just begins to laugh.

"You're really stupid if you think I'm going to let you drive this car." He states as he walks over to Louis, placing his hand on his shoulder.

Louis turns around, his eyes narrowed at Zayn with the keys now in his clenched hand.

"Um I am fucking driving, mate. You're really stupid if you think I'm not going to drive this car."

Zayn stops laughing.

"Bro, this is fucking Garett's car."


"And, you suck at driving."


Zayn's eyes widen at Louis' response, and I hide my own laughter as I can see the amount of frustration that's on his face.

"You aren't going. I am. I'll get the food."

Louis' lips scrunch up together and his eyes look up at the roof dramatically.

"How about no."

"How about I'll kick your ass."

Louis chuckles and rolls his eyes.

"Please, you can't even swat a fucking cockroach."

"That was one time, Louis and it had like wings and everything. I didn't see you swat it either!"

Louis opens his mouth, but quickly closes it, Zayn smirking in victory.

"Whatever. I'm still driving."

Zayn's arm lunges forward and he fails in his attempt to get them.

"Louis! You're going to wreck the car again! There's major traffic and you know how you get when someone honks at you!"

Louis shakes his head.

"Excuses. Excuses."


Louis then sighs.

"Fine. Fine. I won't bust your balls much longer. Here."

Zayn's face almost immediately relaxes when the metal of the Garett guy's keys touch the skin of his hand.


"A thank you will suffice."

I roll my own eyes at Louis' response.

He has some attitude, that boy.

"Fuck off."

"I love you too, dear."

Zayn releases a chuckle and gives him the finger before looking over at me.

"I'll be right back. Just tell Louis what you want and he'll like text it to me. It's probably going to take a while since it's probably going to rain in a few."
I smile and mouth an 'okay', before he smiles back and whispers something into his friend's ear.

He seemed serious about whatever he said since he need recognition from Louis.

"Alright. I won't. Fuck, just go already. And get extra chips."

Zayn says one more goodbye to me before finally leaving, Louis and I now being the only living things in the house.

Well except for the mold that's most likely on that lettuce.
I should probably throw that out.
But then again, this couch is so very comfortable.

"Mr 'I can drive better than you' over there told me not to be mean to you."
I raise my eyebrows, not really knowing what else to say before he plops himself in the same exact spot as before, even though the other available seat is now vacant due to it's last visitor's sudden leave.

"And well I'm guessing you heard what I said, so yeah. I won't."
I nod.

"Well, since he's gone we can finally make out in peace now."

I bite down my lip as I try to contain my laughter, writing on yet another napkin.

'Oh yes, definitely. Been waiting for this all day.'

He just nods as he reads the paper, moving himself closer to me.

"Is that so?"

He raises an eyebrow in teasing mischief and I grab my napkin back from his hands, writing right beneath my older message.

'Yup. Even brought my lip gloss with me.'

He smiles a little, and I keep a straight face.

"Me too! Mine is pineapple flavored and everything."

I close my eyes shut for a few seconds, as I try to keep my composure to continue playing along, but I think he notices.

He clears his throat evidently.

"You know. The flavor of man."

I nod and a few laughs escape my lips accidentally, him smiling wide as I do so.
My hand moves the pen again.

'Of course. Pineapple is a very manly flavor.'

"It truly is. And what may I ask is the flavor of yours."

I feel my lips scrunch up with one another as I try to think of a witty thing.
I smile to myself when it hits me.

'Coconut.' I mouth.

He nods and sticks out his bottom lip slightly, impressed.

"We're going to make a pina colada then. I can dig it." He says, winking.
I wink back, before neither of us can hold back any longer.

We just begin to laugh, his hands even going over his stomach in the way that people in movies and shows do when someone really makes them laugh. I've kind of always wanted to make someone like this. Laugh that hard for something we both find humorous and now I can check that off my bucket list.

Even though I didn't really want or think of that person to be Louis, I don't mind it.
He's such a different person all together when he's like this and when his eyes open completely, his chest beginning to move up and down normally again as his breathing goes back to a standard pace, I just smile.

"Haven't laughed like that in a while and I'm surprised it was by you too."
I lift my legs on the couch, bringing them to my chest as I quickly wrap my arms around them, the napkins and pen now laying on my lap.

'What do you mean by me?' I question.

He shrugs, before mirroring my actions.

"I don't know. I just kind of met you and to be honest if I did that to any other girl, they would have probably taken me seriously and slapped me or something... But you're different."
The right side of his mouth curves up into one of those soft smiles that make him look very attractive and I kind of frown.

'I'm not different.' I mouth.

And I'm not.

I'm normal.

I'm a normal person.

He shrugs, most likely noticing my change of mood.

"Maybe. But like I said before, I just met you. That's just my impression of you for now."
I feel more tranquil at his words and I shrug.

He shrugs as well.

"So why don't you tell me more about yourself?"

My eyes narrow in concentration and confusion.

He chuckles.

"Yes, someone wants to know about you. Unless you know, you don't want to talk and actually do want to make out... I mean I'm all for that t-"
I hit him with one of the pillows before he could finish and I snicker some more.
A few hairs fall over my eyes from my loose side braid and I place it behind my ear, now smiling again.

This boy makes me so bipolar sometimes, that I just don't know what to feel around him.
He smiles again too.

"So tell me." He whispers.

I nod.



We've been talking for a few minutes now. About twenty, and Zayn still hasn't returned.
Louis finally texted him our food orders and Zayn just texted back with an 'Okay.' as well as adding how the traffic is even worse than before due to the weather.

My assumptions were right and now it is pouring heavily, thunder playing in the background like a soundtrack for this wondrous storm.

"You got your wish." Louis comments, the lights beginning to flicker on and off like the lightning itself.

I shrug and he chuckles.

"I just still don't understand why you like rain so much, I mean-"

I take out the last blank napkin and I begin to write.

"Oh, another long explanation huh. You know with all of these papers, you can just write a book about the meaning of life." He jokes.

I kind of ignore him for a second as I continue my action.

"Look, I didn't mean that. I was just joking. I like your explanations. I mean I don't think I'm going to look at socks the same way again an-"

He hushes when the soft, written on material touches his fingertips.

'Do you have a cigarette?' Is what I wrote down.

If he doesn't understand, then I'm going to show him one of the reasons why.

"Um, yeah I do actually."

His eyes go from the paper to the pocket of his jeans, sitting himself correctly before sliding out a pack.

"Zayn left them by the window so I grabbed them. I don't think he'll really mind as long as we don't use them all."

'I just need one.' I reply, and he nods when he finally looks at me.

"Okay." He states seriously before taking one out and handing it to me.

He then tangles his fingers in his hair.

"But um sadly I think he took his lighter with him."

I sit myself correctly before getting off the couch and walking to the drawer of that little table where Zayn's keys were.

I open and close it, grabbing what I need.

I shake the box of matches in my hand when I turn to Louis and he smiles a little.

"Well okay then. What are you going to do though, I mean you can't go outside since it's raining and if you do it in here, the whole place will smell up."

I motion him with my finger to follow me, my feet leading to the closest window in this place.

The sound of his footsteps grow louder and louder as he approaches and when we're both standing in front of the beautiful aperture, I open it.

Some droplets hit the both of us as the wind blows them in our direction, but Louis doesn't complain or even say anything. We both just step a little back and I begin to light up one of the little wooden sticks to light up the white, tobacco filled one.
His eyes are on me and me only and I just mouth a 'watch.' before handing him the box of matches and placing the cigarette in my lips.

He looks confused as ever and when I release it from my mouth, the smoke escaping, I feel my insides brighten.
The smoke begins merging with the rain and my mouth just drops a little in awe.
It's so beautiful.

So tragically, infinitely, and ironically beautiful.

"I don't understand, Winnie. Explain to me. Please." He mutters, beside me, the burning cigarette laying between my fingers.

I just nod before turning completely around and beginning to walk so I can grab the napkin again.


I feel my free wrist being tugged and I flinch a little.

It's nothing, Winnie. He's not going to do anything to you.
He's not like that.

I stop and turn around to face him again, him immediately releasing me from his hold.

"I want you to explain to me, Winnie. Not in that way though. Talk."
His arms have a few droplets hanging for dear life and I just look back at the window before nodding.


He nods too and we both walk back to our places from before.

I put the cigarette to my lips again, doing the same action as before and watching the same symphony play in front of me for the second time.

'A story.' I begin, my eyes meeting his.

His hands are in his pockets and I feel myself smile for the millionth time today.
That's just with this house does to me I guess.

'Of two outcasts.' I continue.

His head tilts slightly to the side.

'Smoke.' I point to the cigarette and then to the outside world.

'And rain.' I try to mouth as clearly as I can, hoping he's understanding me perfectly.

'They do not belong together. Since they are both so hated by people and they are so different from each other.'

His lips separate a little and he walks closer to me.

"But they come together anyway." He says, catching on.

'Yeah.' My lips form, before I turn my head back to the view, taking another blow.

'And look how happy they both are.'

I hear a soft, tranquil chuckle escape his lips.

"They do look happy together."

Our shoulders now touch one another as we stand side by side.

"Can I try?"

His voice is soft and comfortable like the smoke and I couldn't nod any faster.
This is only one of the many reason why I love the rain, and I wish I could explain it all to him, but I'm fine right now with just this.
The smoke leaves his lips and he smiles widely before passing the cig back to me.
And that's what we do for a few minutes.
Sharing that one stick and watching happiness right before us.

"Can I see you again tomorrow?"

I blow the smoke before passing it back to him, my eyebrows furrowed.
Why would he want that?
I shake my head.

'I'm sorry, but I-'

I feel my mouth open, trying to say something. Anything, but instead I just remain there in shock.

I can't have a friend.

I have too much baggage.
He already has enough troubles of his own and we're making these two elements coalesce together and dance merrily together and I don't know what to respond.
He sighs.

"At least bring me my lighter back tomorrow."

My mouth closes and my eyebrows raise.

'Okay. Before therapy or after?' I mouth.
He smiles a little.

"At lunch."



Thank you so much! :D And I will rn! Sorry! Just have been busy lately :p

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Please update! I love this story so, so much :) Please please please please please please please please please please update! Yeah, that's how much I love this story! You deserve so many more followers and subscribers for your work because it is so fricking awesome! :)

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@XOMalina TomlinsonXO
Thank you!!!! :DD I'm glad you do!

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