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Good morning/afternoon/evening/ whatever time it is wherever you are!

I have an obsession with both chocolate milk and Nandos- no, I have no idea where either of them came from. I was six years old, walked into a Nandos and was just, like, YOU HAVE MY LOVE AND SUPPORT FOREVER!

I like to talk. Which is one of the reasons this bio is going to be so long.

I hate the thought of somebody giving me flowers. Why give me something that's dying? I'd rather have a rock, something that I can keep forever.

I have never met One Direction (I've just realised you probably don't want to know anything that I'm writing in here but oh well).

I love Canada. It is my favourite place on earth. More specifically, a place in Canada called Mill Lake. Which is kind of strange really, considering I live in England.

I want to move to somewhere in southern Ireland someday. Mainly because I just love the accent but I went in the last holidays and loved it.....so yeah.

I have no idea how to put gifs into stories. I've tried but they aways go wrong- technology has it in for me.

I love Disney. Anything Disney related and you'll have me enraptured.

You can find me nowhere else but here. I'm not an antisocial person but I don't have Twitter. Mad right? I just don't like it. I did have it once, a very long time ago.

You can feel free to message me or whatever. I might like all things MARVEL but I won't go Hulk on you! You can talk to me about anything- err, well, I guess some topics are off limits if I don't know you but they won't be eventually! :)

Oh, before you go, I also love football, yoga and Ernest Hemingway. I'll see you later alligator and check out my story if you have the energy! Bye!


Maps Of Our Hearts

Maps Of Our Hearts

NC-17 Romance Action Mystery

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


10.0 3 Votes
The Night It All Went Down

The Night It All Went Down

NC-17 Romance Mystery Crime

Even the darkest depths of our minds were not prepared for this.


10.0 21 Votes