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As I let go him, the empty feeling in the pit of my stomach returned. The warmth of his arms around my body had disappeared, but there was a part of me that knew it would return soon. A smile appeared on my lips then.

But then I turned around when I was close to the exit. His arm was slung around her, that smile I adored so much was present. My heart sank at the way they just fit together so well. He loved her, not me.

I needed to remember a few things.

1. He was straight.

2. He had a girlfriend.

3. He only wanted me around when he wanted a good fuck.

That’s all I was. Harry Styles, the boy Louis Tomlinson called whenever he was feeling a tad lonely and needed someone to satisfy him. Every touch, kiss, breath… It was fake.


  1. Drawn.

    "No straight man stares at another man the way you stared at him.”

  2. Found.

    “I’m not going to have any part of you freeze to death.”

  3. Awkward.

    "You have no idea how much this means to me.”

  4. Deal.

    “Just tell me to stop and leave you alone."

  5. Realization.

    “I’ve been told that I’m verbal as well.”

  6. Alone.

    “Moan my name, Harry.”

  7. Complicated.

    “Louis, I’m paid to satisfy sexual needs and desires.”


This is a great story! Would you please update?

omg, my friends and i love this story!! PLEASE UPDATE!

LarryLover4 LarryLover4

OMGGGGGG update I love ittt

We are commenting and we are subscribing so fucking update omg....

You don't ask girls from around the corner to cuddle. Just. No matter How cute you are.

Carrie Carrie